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  1. 51 minutes ago, MixerDave said:

    I just checked out Sabatini's menu - Did not see the beef cheeks -

    Sorry!  It's not called beef cheeks but that's what I call it!  LOL


    Here it is...


    Buckwheat Pappardelle wide ribbon pasta, celeriac, nebbiolo-braised beef cheek


    Here's a pic...




  2. 1 hour ago, jondfk said:

    Oh my gawd, our last cruise I discovered the French Martini (Grey Goose, Chambord, pineapple juice).  A lovely purple color and a definite hint of raspberry flavor.  I fell in love and by the end of our cruise, I kid you not, close to 50% of the pre-dinner cocktails in Crooners had ended up being French Martini's.  It was hilarious.  


    Can't wait to get on Royal in September to repeat the experience (I rarely drink when home and never go to the trouble of making myself a martini).

    I must try this in February!!!  Not sure how I missed it last year!!!!

  3. We were on the Grand with my 12 year old niece last July.  She had no interest in the kids club.  She also slept til 11 or so each day we weren't going into a port!  LOL  The pools were cold so she never swam, but we did play games that we borrowed from the library.  We sat on the deck quite a bit looking for whales.  She ate off the adult menu in the MDR and we did Crown Grill (she loves steak) and Sabatini's.  She had the soda package so she enjoyed several fruity non alcoholic drinks!  She went to the theater to watch The Greatest Showman with her mom one afternoon.  She played trivia with us almost every afternoon.  She said she had a great time and she can't wait to go again in February! 


    There is a lot to do on board for the kids.  One afternoon on a sea day they had the piazza all set up for kids to do activities, there was face painting, and other stuff (I wasn't paying attention 100%).  But the kids were having a blast.

  4. I've only been n one Princess cruise so far but these were my faves...


    Beef Cheeks at Sabatini's (that's not the name of the dish, it's a pasta dish with beef cheeks but I can't ever remember the name).  I dream about this dish and cannot wait for Feb 2020 to have it again!!!


    Goat Cheese Souffle in the MDR


    The pizza from the lido deck.  I can't tell you how many times we ate there for lunch and snacks!  LOL


    Rum Raisin Ice Cream.  Soooooooooooo yummy!

  5. Hi all,


    For those of you that have been on the 10 day to Mexico, do they have any kind of Mexican food in the MDR during the cruise?  Taco night or something like that?  My cousin is a huge mexican food fan and she is really hoping they have some type of mexican on the cruise!


    If anyone has menus from 10 day on the Grand that would be awesome!




  6. My parents just renewed in July on the Grand for their 50th. I bought them the package (something like $229) and wasn't sure what to expect and it was AMAZING!!! It was a full on ceremony with beautiful flowers for my mom and boutonniere for my dad! The captain performed the ceremony and the photographer was so great! It was so much better than I ever could have imagined for them!!!

  7. I was on the Grand July 5-15 this year! It was my first time to Alaska and on Princess and I can honestly say I had the time of my life! We did the one sailing of the season that went to Hubbard Glacier and it was spectacular! The Grand was a great ship! The crew was amazing. We enjoyed the food, and I personally thought the best meal I had was at Sabatini's! The Crown Grill was great too! I never once felt that there were 2100 people on the ship! It really is a great experience and I would highly recommend it!

  8. I thought it might be fun to see what everyone’s favorite thing is about Princess Cruises. For me it’s the MUTS (movies under the stars) with fresh baked cookies, popcorn and blankets.



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    We were looking forward to popcorn when we watched the movies on our recent cruise and there was none to be found :(

  9. good afternoon! We’ll be arriving on to Victoria Island on a Friday evening from 1700-2359. I’ve booked a tea time at The Empress at 1745 (hopefully we can make it) and would like to do a carriage ride afterwards. Have any of you done an evening carriage rides? Any particular companies like Tally Ho or routes you could/would :D recommend? Anyone know how much time to anticipate spending for tea time? Thank you kindly in advance!


    We did tea last week at the Empress. Our time was 11am and we finished paying and left the table at 1215pm. I remember because we had to be back to the shuttle stop by 1245 so I was looking at the time constantly!

  10. Tina in Pinole,


    Are you saying that the Maitre D' allowed passengers in shorts, t-shirts, and track suits in to Formal Night ? On the Grand ?


    Who was the Maitre D', and who were the Head Waiters? (They all wear gold name tags just below their left shoulders).

    Can you reply and verify your report?

    If passengers on upcoming Grand itineraries pack only track suits, shorts, and t-shirts, they may be surprised on Formal Night when they get to the MDR.


    Track suit was not on formal night. Shorts, yes. I do not know all the names of the waiters, just reporting what I saw. Definitely jeans too. I noticed it because I thought it was odd. The one time my niece wore shorts we were worried they would make her change, but apparently no one was paying attention.

  11. Just got off the Grand on Sunday and I'm pretty sure Princess does not care what people are wearing. On all nights, including formal, I saw shorts, t-shirts, jeans, concert shirts, sun dresses, track suits etc...all the way up to super fancy couples in tuxes and glittery sequined from head to toe dresses.


    I was surprised! I had never been on Princess and my parents told us all about the dress code in the dining room and I stuck too it, although I wasn't dressed super formal on the formal nights, just a nice dress each night. I never wore jeans, shorts, or a t-shirt, although my nieces did a few times. I don't know if them being kids made a difference. My sister also wore flip flops a few times.


    I didn't pay too much attention to how anyone else was dressed except on formal night because I thought it strange some men were in jeans and a concert t-shirt.

  12. You mean a specialty ice tea' date=' right? You can get a plain ice tea (with lemon and sweetener if desired), at no charge--they are happy to brew a cup of tea using the premium brands at the IC and pour it over ice for you...or at least they were in the past. I can't see why it would matter to them whether you had a cup of hot tea or had it poured over ice.[/quote']


    Sorry yes, I meant the specialty iced teas!

  13. Can anyone tell me if the brewed or specialty coffees that Princess offers are actually any good? Is it equivalent to a Dutch Bros.or Starbucks sort of place or just better than the reconstituted stuff in the buffet?


    I just got off the Grand on Sunday and had the coffee package. I was not a fan of the specialty coffees and really wished they had cold brew as an option. My go to ended up being a red eye, which is brewed coffee with two shots of espresso and then I added cream. I like dark roast coffee and found this option was the closest to that. This was nothing like Dutch or SB, in my opinion.


    Their teas are good though, both hot and iced. I didn't think I would use all 15 of my drinks but I actually went over and had to pay for a few because I liked an iced tea in the afternoon! LOL

  14. We were also hunting for a mug on our Princess cruise a few weeks ago. Before we got on a bus or taxi to the Safeway in Ketchikan, we found a souvenir shop (Orca Corn) that was selling both the old and new versions. They charged about $5 more than Starbucks, but it was worth it to us to avoid the taxi or bus fare and not waste time, as we only had about 5 hours in port.


    This is fantastic news! Thanks!

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