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  1. I don’t think the will round us up at this point. We are past the 14 day incubation period. We have already been contacted by Princess and by our county health departments on what to do if we have symptoms.
  2. From what IV’e read they were told to wait while their luggage was removed from the ship and once it was ready they could leave to go get it.
  3. We have been notified by Princess via email with the embarkation instructions and sail away time!
  4. Right? On our last cruise my sister bought a small bottle of sugar free vanilla and added it to her lattes!
  5. I loved the afternoon tea on the Grand! The only thing I wish they would change is I wish they would add the option of different teas. That's one of the things I love about tea houses is trying new flavors. But the food and service are great and it is "included" as my dad calls it! LOL :)
  6. When I saw this post I had to go right to the menu to make sure my beloved beef cheeks were still there and they are!!! LOL One of the best dishes I had on the whole cruise!!!
  7. Yes I paid for it a few months ahead of time on my credit card!
  8. My parents did the vow renewal last July on the Grand. My sister and I paid for it and it was the best $225 we ever spent! The ceremony and flowers were beautiful. We had a private ceremony, I think because we had about 40 people attending, but right before their renewal three brides and grooms exited the chapel, so I assume they had a group ceremony. The photographer was great. He got so many great pictures. My parents ended up buying a ton and they never said how much they paid, but did say it was a pretty penny!
  9. FYI Bingo was not $59 for one card, but one of the princes for multiple games on an electronic device. There are lower prices. I paid $30 for paper cards for the whole session. On our cruise there was trivia, zumba, different arts and craft classes, wine tasting, more trivia, bingo, game shows at night, music trivia type games at night, singers in the lounges, and much more. We had an amazing time on our 10 day cruise!!!
  10. Sorry! It's not called beef cheeks but that's what I call it! LOL Here it is... Buckwheat Pappardelle wide ribbon pasta, celeriac, nebbiolo-braised beef cheek Here's a pic...
  11. We loved Sabitini's and can't wait to eat there again in February! The beef cheeks were to die for!!!
  12. This is the parpadelle with beef cheeks. It was the very best thing I ate on the entire 10 day cruise I was on! It is also one of the best things I've ever eaten. It was just so delicious! If it is not on the menu when I go back in February I may cry! LOL
  13. I must try this in February!!! Not sure how I missed it last year!!!!
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