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  1. We always had our water bottles with us when we into a bar to play trivia or bingo or whatever. Not an issue at all.
  2. It's 20% deposit. 6 nights or more final is due 120 days before. 5 nights and less finals is due 90 days before.
  3. We did the Palo brunch for the first time a few months ago and it was amazing! Totally worth the $45 to us! Loved the food and the lasagna was the best lasagna i have ever had!
  4. Oh yes it is! I bought three small ones for our door then couldn't believe some of the stuff I saw on others as I walked around the ship! Some people really go all out!
  5. I know for ours there were lots on the website that they said they offered yet when it was time they were not all there. So I guess on their website it's just an idea of what might be available???
  6. Is there shopping and/or places to eat right at the port? Thanks,
  7. Is there shopping and/or places to eat right at the port in Tortola? Thanks,
  8. I used the app and had no issues.
  9. Yes! i was on the Dream a few weeks ago and their was a child from the audience as chip!
  10. Yes! I was on the Dream a few weeks ago and they had kids from the audience as the 7 dwarfs! It was so cute!
  11. Do you have a link for the little pill things in the above picture?
  12. Check out Disney Cruise Line Blog! They have the menus there!
  13. We're renting a car after our cruise and the cheapest I found was through Costco at MIA. So we are going to uber to the airport to get the car. There are several places in downtown Miami you could rent from but I found them to be more expensive.
  14. I got some cute sun dresses from Old Navy last year on clearance for $10 each. I plan to wear them on the ship and on excursions and Castaway Cay!
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