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  1. I collect the SB You Are Here mugs and would love to get one or two in Alaska.


    I see there are two in Juneau, one at a Safeway and one at Fred Meyer. In Ketchikan there is one at Carr's. Has anyone actually been to any of these? Can I take an Uber or a cab to get there from the ship? And do they even have the mugs?


    Any info would be appreciated!!!

  2. I love this thread! I am leaving for Alaska in 31 days and not sure what I am taking yet. I sell bags/purses so I have a ton to choose from!


    I want to use my phone as my camera and not all of my clothes will have pockets so I am thinking of using a small crossbody I have. I'll use it on the ship and for excursions and sightseeing. I'll probably bring a tote too for going to the pool/lounge chairs!

  3. I hope this isn't a dumb question! I have only been on two cruises and it was a while ago, when I used credit cards and now I don't.


    Anyway, once my cruise is booked, can I begin to add money to my S&S account online before I go on the cruise? I would rather have it all on there ahead of time instead of giving them my debit card.


    Any help/advice would be appreciated!




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