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  1. That sucks. Hopefully NCL follows through on the 90 day window. Good luck.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Just out of curiosity, did they have an explanation as to why you lost? Did you already go the refund route through NCL and then call Citi?
  3. Just call Amex. My dispute was settled in 2 days and check was in the bank in a week. Just be up front with them. Since you went through the NCL process though (I didn't, I panicked when bankruptcy was being reported), they may tell you to hold tight the remainder of the 90 days. Good luck and be well.
  4. If you are going to tout that stat perhaps consider there are approximately 80,000 multi resident buildings in NYC. New York Public Housing alone has 325 properties with 400,000 residents. Each sharing the same entrance/exit, stairwells and elevators to get groceries etc.
  5. Except local and federal governments will care. You can forget about a cruise ship leaving a New York port for a while, at least until there is a reliable vaccine. Perhaps other cities will make an attempt at it, regardless it is going to negatively impact the industry. I'm rooting for them to succeed, but I don't think I'll be planning another cruise for quite a while. Really bummed because I should be on day 2 on the Encore for Bermuda at the moment.
  6. Call them and make sure that it is truly closed before you consider cancelling the account. I showed a credit to my card online hours after filing the dispute. I think that is standard operating procedure during a dispute. I went online a few hours ago and observed that the dispute was closed. I called AMEX to confirm this as my window to file for the refund via NCL was approaching. They confirmed that it was closed and asked whether I wanted a check or electronically sent to my bank.
  7. FYI for anyone who paid for a cruise via AMEX and afraid of the future of the industry and not receiving their refund. I contacted AMEX 2 days ago to file a dispute pertaining to the cancellation of an upcoming cruise by NCL. I was completely up front with them and advised that I was not defrauded, but that I felt that waiting 90 days + was excessive and unreasonable. I advised them of the refund policy, everything was explained to them in great detail (that the refund request had to be made at a later date, and payment within 90 days). I personally was going to wait the 90 days until the news
  8. Thanks for the response... I know that many are offering 100% refunds, but NCL is taking minimum of 90 days to repay, I'm not feeling too good about the industries longevity. Combining our current situation and the uncertain future of cruising, I'm thinking of playing it safe and taking the 75% back in a couple of weeks from insurance.
  9. Hello, We have never had to cancel a cruise. We have third party CFAR, and are cancelling for personal medical reasons. Do you cancel first with the cruise line or with the third party insurance company? Been on hold forever with the insurance carrier. Thank you and be well.
  10. Yeah I know but it's a drop in the bucket. There are a total of 53,000 beds in NY, and they are estimating we will need 140,000 beds in 14-21 days. Hopefully the curve starts to level soon.
  11. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out. I didn't say it would be at not cost, I would expect them to bill. But I would think who ever did step up with some beds, which New York in particular needs desperately, it could receive come sort of aid. Whether a PR stunt or not. I will now get edumicated on the post you state. Be well.
  12. The only way I wouldn't object to some sort of relief is if the lines took page out of Carnivals playbook and allowed their ships to be used as hospitals.
  13. I have some stock in the Brooklyn Bridge, hit me up.
  14. Wishful thinking. The curve is onward and upward doubling overnight all over the globe. The only country to have it under control (so they say) cannot be trusted. Until a particular region flattens out, forget about it. And even if said region flattens out I highly doubt they would accept travelers from abroad into their ports.
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