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  1. Thanks Don!! I agree that anytime I'm on a cruise ship I am having a good time. This is more of a financial hardship for one set of our parents and I just really want them to feel they got a good value for their money. They usually only cruise cheaper cruise lines and itineraries. I am hoping for the best and that the beautiful scenery of Alaska and the Princess experience we have come to love as well as us spending a week together will make this a positive trip for all!!
  2. Hi! My family is booked on the Golden for an Alaskan cruise in August 2019 and I've seen some negative reviews of the condition and buckets catching leaks, etc. How would you say the condition of her is/was? Thanks!
  3. Hi! We are sailing the Golden on August 3rd to Alaska with both sets of our parents. My husband and I have sailed Princess many times but this is the first on the Golden. And this is the first for either set of parents to be sailing on Princess. I am worried that we will not have the experience we are used to on Princess and that our elderly parents (on a fixed income) may not be happy with the condition of the ship. One expects a few things here and there but not buckets catching leaks everywhere. I hope that is not the case for our parents sake. This is a once in a lifetime trip for them and I chose Princess because it is supposed to be the best for the Alaska itinerary. I hope I do not regret choosing the Golden. Anyone been on here recently? Thanks!!
  4. Do you recall the name of the company you used? My husband and I will be traveling with both sets of parents so I’m looking for the best option. Thank you.
  5. So based on your input would you say either side of the ship is good for viewing on a southbound cruise from Whittier? Change of plans has us having to change from a July 6th sailing to sometime in August and port side cabins are almost nonexistent especially when needing 3. Thanks!
  6. Hi! You have returned from your cruise and I wondered what you could share with us trying to plan our Alaskan cruise? Thoughts on the different Glacier experiences- Glacier NP, Hubbard, Tracy Arm. Having seen them all which are must on itineraries in your opinion? And what are your thoughts on the Golden? Thanks!
  7. On other notes, what are your thoughts on sailing the Golden Princess to Alaska? We have been on several Princess cruises but this will be a first on Princess for our parents. They have sailed Carnival and Royal Caribbean. We won't them to be wowed as this trip will be quite expensive for them-a once in a lifetime for sure. I'm concerned because I've read many negative reviews. I also selected Princess and the itinerary I did because I've read it's a must to go to Glacier Bay National Park. Coral was my preferred ship but it did not match dates my husband could work with for his job. I'm second guessing, if Royal would be a better choice. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for your offer to help. I know the passages aren't very big just wondered if we'd be able to pass through if we are all sitting outside on each of of our balconies. We are in C718, C722 and C726
  9. We have 3 rooms booked on the Golden for an Alaskan Cruise. I wondered if we would be able to have the partitions removed so that it would make one large balcony we could all be on without having to use main stateroom doors?
  10. I am planning to book a Southbound cruise to Alaska in the next couple of days. Sadly, the dates we need mean we only have two to choose from-July 6th and July 20th. The July 6th sailing is a little cheaper than the 20th sailing which I'd prefer. Does anyone have knowledge as to whether the two week difference will affect what we are able to see? This is a once in a lifetime trip for our parents so we want to optimize what we can see. Specifically, whales, bears and salmon running. Thanks!
  11. Traveling with our parents and we can only do the 7 day cruise with a day touring Vancouver. Which would you suggest doing if this is the vase-southbound Voyage of the Glaciers or Northbound? Also, the NB arrives in Anchorage at 12:30 am. What time would we have to get off ship? And where does one take the train that I've heard others talk about? Thanks!
  12. Looking at booking an Alaskan cruise for July of 2019 taking both my parents and my husband's parents. We are thinking of booking Oceanview for our parents and a balcony or mini-suite for ourselves if not balconies for all. Also, Southboud or Northbound and which side of the ship is best depending on direction we choose? Thanks!
  13. So it was the Southbound Inside Passage you did? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Has anyone used Chianti Drivers for tours from Florence? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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