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  1. We're currently on Crown, which also has the Good Spirits setup What's disappointing is that you can only get the GS cocktails during the GS hour or two a night. So, it's not actually a bar/venue per se but a one hour event twice some nights and two hours others. (Currently 7 and 9pm for the timings) Yet the bartenders are dressed in th GS outfit all day/night, the video screen is loopng all day/night, etc So, given the timings and such, it's very very poorly attended - the very first night they held it had the 8 bar seats full along with most of the seating area - but since then, maybe 5 people at the bar and the tables have lots of empty seats, etc Of course, we're on a very port intensive sailing - but then couldn't they adjust timings or such? And we're the demographic they're likely attempting to appeal to, and we were really looking forward to trying something new - and we're totally turned off by the timings and the restrictions on when you can actually get the cocktails. Very not impressed after all. (PS absolutely no self respecting St Lucian would drink that abomination of a cocktail they have listed as the Great Pumpkin and as being inspired by the market in Castries. It is absolutely not something we would drink at all! Lol).
  2. I'll suggest a slightly different itinerary. Arrive, go to hotel night before, sleep, etc Morning of cruise, go to port around 10/10:15 and drop off luggage with porters (keep valuables/medications, etc with you). Once luggage is dropped off, head back out of port, sightsee for a few hours and return to port around 3/3:30 and do your check-in, get cruise cards and board. Much easier, quicker and smoother that way - you'll essentially waltz through security, check-in, and onboard as the lines and crowds are gone by then, and there's no worry or confusion about checking in earlier and getting cruise cards but then working your way through the terminal and back outside or boarding then finding security to halt oncoming guests to let you off, and you having to go through the immigration checks to disembark to go sightsee. You're not going to see a lot on 3-4 hours but you could drive through South Beach, through Little Havana, maybe Little Haiti and back to the ship.. Or get up early, around 7 or 8, sightsee till 1 or 2 then head to the ship with luggage etc and check-in, board and enjoy. Good luck
  3. Interesting theory, at least applied to Seaside out of Miami, as they have alternating departure times, 5 for Eastern and 7 for Western.. so, by your theory, no International passengers on Eastern? Or perhaps the departure time has more to do with distance to first port, or port fees, or some combo rather than passenger make-up.
  4. The nud baths are at the volcano. If you opt for the volcano walk/talk, you'll see the mud baths off to the side If you opt for the actual mud baths, you'll see the volcano off to the right when you drive through at the end. The mud baths themselves are right in the caldera. A quick Wikipedia read on the volcano is about what you'd learn on the walk tour. Lol.
  5. Not sure when your hearing this info, or being advised towards inky ship tours - but as far as safety, etc goes for those three, they're among the safer countries in the Caribbean. All are Level 1 countries via US State Department, meaning the safest warning level - use normal precautions you would use anywhere. Don't leave valuables unattended, be aware of surroundings, etc. Local tour operators are generally all safe and sound - there's been no reports in many years if any problems as far as safety, quality, etc of your operators here in St Lucia. While some may have an occasional off day (not quite as friendly or some equipment broken down) that happens with anyone - and the ship's tours are provided via a local operator, they just cost more than booking direct. And none of the local operators have been late returning guests in more than 15 years here in St Lucia (probably longer than that even). I'd suggest reading the State Department travel website for the countries, then research what you want to do, costs, suggested operators. TripAdvisor is another good source (sister site to CC). Spencer Ambrose, Cosol, Real St Lucia Experience, Serenity TVL, Island Man Taxi and Tours, GemXcursions, and so forth are all great.
  6. Thsts unfortunate. Have embarked and disembarked in Vancouver several times, never more than 20 minutes from arrival to checked in and ready to board and disembarkation was fairly quick too.. Personally, we'd never do a cruise early in the season, like the first few cruises in/out of Vancouver as it's always a mess as they get ready for the season, and with Alaska season opening earlier and earlier, and more and more ships, those first few cruises are worse than ever. That's basic planning though - or if sailing then, just planning to arrive at port later than usual, around 1 or 2 versus 11 or 12. But then, I'm also not one who has to be first aboard.
  7. Generally speaking, youngsters under 12 or so are fine in smart shorts and too (not beachwear). 14 or so is pushing the line and I'd be prepared with a pair or two of long pants - nice neat jeans/Dockers, etc That said - our experience was that Seaside was not very strict in enforcing the dress code for the dining room at all, for either kids or adults. As long as folks weren't in beach wear, they were good to go. Whether that will hold true for your sailing is anyone's guess. If again, be prepared with a pair or to of long pants - nice Dockers or jeans, etc.
  8. On our Seaside cruises, the TV swiveled a little, but even when stationary in original position, it's eminently viewable from all around the cabin. It's smack middle between bed and couch in most cabins, slightly different in insides or YC Deluxe and above.. zero problems watching comfortably from bed Pools are deep. On both Seaside and Seaview
  9. Assuning your Belka or Fantastica on Seaside - you'll be assigned a specific time and table for dinner each night (same time/table every single night). Thats your dining time/spot. If you decide to go, just show up at the assigned time - the first night you'll be escorted to your table and after that, it's expected you'll find it yourself within 5 or so minutes if dinner time. If you know you won't be there one night in advance - its polite to let your wait staff/any table mates know so they're not waiting on you to start service Both buffets are included in your fare. The one on 8 is open for dinner and has a pretty large selection - serve yourself . Otherwise, there's no other included venues - sports bar is a charge for food as is Asian, Teppanyaki, Steak house and Seafood venue. The bistro tapas - never ever saw it open as a food venue, pretty sure it's just seating area - lots of crafting and games going in there, maybe someone else can help. There's room service - whether it has a delivery charge depends on your experience, plus some food items have a charge regardless (except in YC or with Premium Plus package). You won't go hungry, never fear..
  10. Explore the island! Very different than much of the Caribbean, more scenic and lush, etc. A typical day tour includes banana plantation, Marigot Bay, Pitons, volcano, mud baths, waterfall and beach time. Plus food and drink, entrance fees, etc Cosol, Spencer Ambrose, Joe Knows, Real St Lucia Experience, Serenity TVL, GemXcursions all offer great tours.
  11. Any or all along the west coast. The only beaches plagued periodically with sargassum are the southeast beaches - not anywhere you'd typically visit from a cruise ship anyways. Vigie Beach, Jalousie Beach, Anse Chastenet, Anse Cochon, Reduit, etc. Varying and
  12. #1 what port were you at that you waited 2 hours to check-in after security? Wow. In almost years of sailing Princess, have never encountered that, in any port. Lines for security, have seen those and after once or twice, we just come a bit later instead. 2 hours for Registration? Never ever seen such. Seems like you've been unlucky. As we can't get Medallions sent to us, it makes no difference. Even if we could, I doubt we would as that's one more thing to keep track of in the travels before a cruise. Interesting concept though and we're looking forward to trying them out when we finally sail an Ocean Medallion ship.
  13. Please enlighten me as to where in the above linked thread it shows EMERALD will not be MedallionNet The thread is about Golden.
  14. Good at the sports bar on Seaside is extra cost.
  15. Thsts a tough one. It's not a very mobility challenged friendly island overall. My Tropical Dreams is one company that had done handicapped challenged tours - mobility beach wheel chairs, handicapped equipped vans, etc. You could check them out, see if they're still operating. My Tropical Dreams for net.
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