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  1. It's not a raw egg yolk. It's a confit egg yolk, meaning egg yolk cooked in a fat. It makes the egg yolk like a creamy sauce - it's delicious.. And fully cooked, like in a hollandaise or bernaise sauce...
  2. reedprincess

    Coffee places on the Grand

    The buffet beverage seevice is available 24/7. He can get a cup of coffee there whenever he wants Room service is 24/7 also, can get a carafe of coffee any time he wants.. International Cafe is 24/7, but the coffee there has a charge. Those are the options at 3:30/4 am... During mealtimes, any dining venue has coffee also...
  3. reedprincess

    Breakfast in a dining room

    We were onboard Emerald for 33 nights recently, disembarked on November 25. There was definitely breakfast served in the aft dining room every single day. What does the Patter say for daily breakfast options? Have you asked Guest Services why the dining room breakfast isn't being offered? That would be a major, major shift in just 2 weeks..
  4. reedprincess

    Special Dietary Requirments - Cruising with "SIBO"

    That's the standard response from Princess with regards to food/dietary restrictions. They really do handle food allergies and requirements very well onboard. You'll definitely need to see the maitr'de upon boarding to go over your requirements in depth. They'll be sure that all the wait staff helping along the way are aware Each evening, one of the maitr'des will bring the menu for the next day, go over it with you, ask any questions, make suggestions, etc and take your order for the next night. Your meal will be prepared special. If you go to specialty dining, they'll come up there and work with the kitchen there for you also, to make sure they're aware... As for breakfast and lunch, the MDR is the easiest f make sure to tell the assistant maitr'de there of your cabin nunber and foid requirements, they'll make sure you have something that fits. If you go to the buffet, ask the maitr'de working there to show you what you can have, etc. Princess handles dietary requirements quite well. You should do great
  5. reedprincess

    Buying Liquor on the Personalizer

    No advantage. It's the same price onboard via room service that it is in advance. Same for beer package, soda package, etc. Water package isn't available onboard - only in advance..
  6. reedprincess

    Emerald Princess Bar menu

    Prices are the same across the ships. Pricing in USD. If you average 5-7 alcoholic drinks a day with a nonalcoholic or two drinks, you break even.. Doesn't have to be 6 alcoholic drinks every day - some days may be a few more, some a few less - as long as it averages out over the cruise.. Have a few more nonalcoholic drinks, ie specialty coffees or teas, soda, bottled water, fresh juice or such and the nunber of alcohol drinks needed to break even goes down... Enjoy..
  7. reedprincess

    Drinks Package

    Here's copies of the menus - prices in USD. Scroll down through the photos for the different menus. There's only about 6-8 drinks on the various menus/available that are not covered by the package - around 5 or so wines/champagnes by the glass, and a couple aged scotches. The average break even for the package is about 6 alcoholic beverages and one or two nonalcoholic drinks daily. Obviously less alcoholic drinks if you drink a lot of the nonalcoholic ones - sodas, specialty coffees and teas, fresh juices, bottled water. etc.. Obviously not every day - some may be more, some less - that's the average for break even.. Only you know what's worth it to you.. Happy sails.
  8. reedprincess

    Pigeon Island National Park

    Taxis are readily available for your return, there's a whole stand of then right outside the gate.. Most likely, your driver will offer to do your return, and will wait around outside till your ready to go also.. Coat is $35USD one way...
  9. reedprincess

    Pigeon Island National Park

    You can post the names of tour operators you've used. Jean87510 - Serenity TVL, Viator, ShoreTrips, Barefoot Holidays, Solar Tours, etc all offer a day trip package for Pigeon Island. Alternatively, you can take a cab and pay your entrance fee yourself, the hikes and beach, etc are all included in the National Park fee ($8pp), lunch on your own, etc..often less expensive than a tour...
  10. reedprincess

    Any Experience with Joy's Adventure Tours?

    As you note, Joy's gets high ratings. I've never seen their cat boat, only the speedboats - which look well maintained, etc. I'm sure you'd enjoy...
  11. reedprincess

    Emerald Spa HELP!!

    The Thermal Suite has 8 heated tile loungers, 3 or 4 different steam or sauna. (there's free steam and sauna in locker room) Sanctuary is the outdoor adult only area with padded loungers, partial shade. Lotus Spa pool is adult only, no fee, not affiliated with either Sanctuary or spa (except for name).
  12. Yes, eventually - supposedly - they will be fleet-wide. According to Princess themselves - no word on when they may be rolled out though. They say they're still in "testing phase" - even though these menus have been on Ruby since at least March 2018... They're not on any other ships - yet. Would be great to see new menus across the fleet, but they're not there yet...
  13. reedprincess

    Mystic Man Tour

    Loads of reviews at TripAdvisor, CruiseCritic's sister site. They do an excellent tour...
  14. These menus are not on Emerald. Or weren't as of a week ago. So far, they're only on Ruby..
  15. reedprincess

    Travel Documents for US Citizens for Caribbean travel

    No, there's nothing you can use in lieu of a state issued birth certificate - except of course, a passport. Without a passport, USA citizens can cruise closed loop cruises to WHTI countries (virtually all of the Caribbean) with state issued birth certificate, government issued photo ID, and any bridge documents, if you've had a bane change (marriage cert, name change docs, etc) No birth certificate/photo ID or no passport, no cruise...