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  1. reedprincess

    Princess Equivalent of Royal's 4b Balcony Room

    There's no direct equivalent. On Grand Princess, balcony cabins do not have sofas. They're just as large as the Radiance cabin, just laid out very differently with a spacious walk-in closet area that separates the bathroom from the stateroom - that space is where the sofa would go in a different layout. So, any balcony cabin would work, as none of them have a sofa on the Grand If you want a sofa sitting are, you'll need to bump up to a mini-suite. Which is a misnomer as there's no suite perks with a mini-suite.. just more space, bathtub, glass of sparkling wine at arrival. If you wan extra perks, you have to bump up to a Club Class mini-suite.. Generally, a balcony in Caribe deck is excellent as it has an oversized balcony that's partially covered. Great location.
  2. reedprincess

    Seaside Karaoke

    They held karaoke out at Miami Beach pool at least once each week while we were aboard recently. Done with sound system , not the band. Don't know where you could see the sing lists in advance. Sorry. Have a couple songs you would be wanting to sing and see if they have them once you're aboard.
  3. reedprincess

    Paradise Beach now offering an All Inclusive option.

    Review of AI: We were at PB January 30. Not sure how many ships in port total, at least 6. We arrived at PB about 11am, checked in quickly, paid the balance due of $63 and got our wristbands. Headed right into the park ad were met by an onslaugt of waiters vying for our business. We went with Omar, he escorted us to prime pool front chairs, he arranged our towels for us with our clips and such while we were picking up our first Pina Colada. Once those were set - off we went! Ordered up two mojitos and went to explore the area while he got those for us. Walked around the beach area, along by the water park stuff, checked out the massage palapa and headed back to the chairs. Mojitos arrived within a minute or two, along with a plate of mixed nachos he thought we might like. Fab. We ate and drank all we wanted - tried the different tacos from. The taco truck, had the mixed plate with enchilada, taco, burrito, etc and multiple drinks. Omar and his assistant Jose were seriously in the ball. Anything we wanted from any of the food or drink menus was included. Only thing excluded were the souvenir yard long drink cups and things like that. Did some tequila tasting, enjoyed some beers, couple mojitos, etc. We had a great time - couldn't have asked for better weather or atmosphere if we tried. Music was chil, guests we're friendly and laid back, food was tasty and plentiful- appreciated the small portions so we could try different things... All in all, it was a hit for us and we'll be doing it again when we go back in a couple months. Found the AI to be an absolute bargain for us.
  4. reedprincess

    Seaside YC 2/2 cruise quick review

    PS: fully agree that the band stunk. It was embarrassing to learn they were from the Caribbean. Not my country at least! A sad display of lackluster talent. That was unfortunate, to say the least. At least the DJs were good!! We never went to bed before 2am the entire two weeks - dancing and club were Fab..
  5. reedprincess

    Seaside YC 2/2 cruise quick review

    Feb 2 was the eastern itinerary: Puerto Rico, St Thomas, St Maarten, Bahamas. OP notes in their post they were on 16 "On deck 16 we were steps away from Top Sail Lounge" we were also aboard this sailing, abd UB Yacht Club also (previous week we were Aurea). we enjoyed the yacht Club, had the deluxe suite, enjoyed the extra space and huge shower, etc. Overall, bit sure we'd pay much extra for the experience over Aurea though.. fortunately for the two weeks, our Yacht Club cabin only cane out about $300 more total than Aurea balcony, so it was a definite win there, abd well worth it at that pricing. we actually enjoyed the rest of the ship more - loved the there parties in Haven, the club at Garage abd South Beach, etc. We spent more time out of the YC than in it, overall. Dinner was good, but so we're our dinners in Seashore the week before, and service was comparable in bothrestaurants. Enjoyed the pool side buffet in YC for sure, but way more variety at deck 8, so we swung between both of then.. loved the minibar, but had it in a Aurea cabin also.. and so on.. if the price was right, we'd do YC again in a heartbeat. But Aurea was excellent also, so the price for YC would have to be pretty close to temot us back.. FWIW - we've sailed Aqua and Suites in Celebrity, suites in RCI, club Class abd Suites in Princess and regular balconies and Oceanview cabins on all of then also. We're more interested in overall experience than the extra space or luxury touches nowadays - the price has to match what we're getting. And the future Yacht Club pricing is way out of proportion for the experience, IMO.. we could do 2 cruises in Aurea bakconies, with upgraded premium plus drink packages and unlimited internet for less than a week in a Yacht club deluxe suite. That's nuts. To us. To others, it's totally worth it im glad we tried it, abd we enjoyed it, but not any more than we did the week beforehand but of YC. YMMV
  6. reedprincess

    Show Reservations on Seaside

    Not the case for us last week or the week before. We had all our shows booked well before muster drill both weeks.
  7. reedprincess

    The "Experiences" on Seaside

    Same table and wait staff is not a problem with MyChoice. The maitre'd asks if you have a preference for where you sit/servers, just tell then you want the same ones every night.. no problem There's free large tables in MyChoice area, but the tables for two are so close together you end up chatting with your neighbors if you want. Whether they'd be the same every night would depend in whether they all came at the same time nightly and requested the same section also. IME - if yore "upgraded" to a different stateroom, you do not get that stateroom's experience. If you're booked Fantastica and abd are uigrsded time an Aurea room, you don't get the Aurea perks. You're still under the Fantastica experience. So, bo changes to your dining experience.
  8. reedprincess

    Banana Cream Rum

    It's sold at every grocery store, duty free shop (not cheaper than the grocery store), rum shack, etc. If you want to pick up a bottle easily, just head to the grocery store downstairs the multi-story parking garage across from the harbor. And yes, It's Marigot Bay Banana Cream. Pick up the Coconut Cream also, very tasty - add a splash of pineapple juice for an easy Pina colada
  9. reedprincess

    Show Reservations on Seaside

    Apparently only works onboard for reservations and the like. Show reservations only made once aboard. They're quite easy to make, takes only a minute and are almost never fully booked. The 8:30 time is the most popular..
  10. reedprincess

    MSC Seaside Review - January 26, 2019

    Excellent!! I'm sure you'll enjoy the next one just as much - if not more, now that you (read - me!) Know more about what to expect. Definitely give Jamaica another chance - it's a beautiful country with mostly amazing people. Check out the Secret Falls blue hole. We could have spent the whole day there, it was gorgeous. It's just outside Ocho, above where they do the tube rafting area ..Guides were laid back, super helpful (I'm not the most sure footed anymore), took pictures all along for us, etc. Well be going back there on our next visit for the majority of the day.. Would have been great to meet onboard - maybe next time! Happy sails, wherever they may take you.
  11. reedprincess

    MSC Seaside - "Event Night" Question

    White night Gatsby Night Pirate night Western/country night Disco/70s night And a couple I'm missing - elegant night, of course, but they were in conjunction with the other themes (Gatsby was in elegant night, etc) Some people went all out, some had some accessories and most just took part dressed as they were and had a blast. White night is out in deck, weather permitting, all the others are in the Haven lounge, with very short previews in the atrium before hand.. Good fun!
  12. reedprincess

    MSC Seaside Review - January 26, 2019

    I agree with much of your review. We were aboard January 26 sailing also. To be honest though - we loved Jamaica and had none of the negatives you described.. I read the description you gave of the area where we exited the ship and picked up a cab to my husband - neither of us could relate what you're describing to what we experienced. We exited the main port area into the taxi /tour area, spoke with a lovely tourism rep who walked us to the cab area, introduced us to the next driver up in the queu, driver had a binder with photos of different options with prices listed - we discussed what we wanted, negotiated the price and away we went. We had a fantastic day, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Got offered some weed a few times, a polite no thanks was all it took to send them on their way. No other hassling by vendorz or anything - and yes, we went to Dunn's River Falls on our own, etc. We absolutely loved our day, and are looking forward to returning - with MSC - in December. We also didn't encounter the 2 ladies you described. Thank goodness. They would have received a piece of both my and my husband's mind also.. We met wonderful folks from all over and thoroughly enjoyed the mix of passengers - so many interesting people from all over, it was fab! We loved our cruise, pretty much everything about it. Food was wonderful, service was great, especially at the bars and dining room, we never felt crowded, etc - although that pool deck on 16 on sea days was amazing - cheek to jowel, I believe is the phrase! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves though. The pool games were fun to watch! We'll definitely be back on Seaside, and MSC overall... Glad that you also enjoyed your cruise itself.
  13. reedprincess

    Old drinks package on msc ships

    Any drink under $10 is included in your Aurea Classic package. That's loads and loads of drinks and quality brands of liquor. The bartenders will be able to tell you yes or no also, the code will come up for the old package and shows what's available.. We just did it two weeks ago, zero issues.
  14. reedprincess

    Ruby Princess 2/18 Questions

    Cabo: tenders rub all night. They run pretty continuously till about midnight, then they run every half hour till 7am, when they become more frequent again.. We had no problems getting tenders to land late at night or back to the ship early morning. There is smoking allowed in the casino every night except formal night. Mainly at one portion of the slots, and not at the tables themselves - but I've rarely seen it enforced. YMMV Have been comped on drinks many a time. Rarely matters as we have the Beverage package but it's a nice gesture. Craps, hit or miss. Have had some outstanding cruises and some where it didn't matter who rolled or what - no one wss winning. That's why you play, every time is different. Good luck.
  15. While I don't have any dazzling insights for you - I'd suggest you check on the Celebrity and Royal Caribbean boards also, as they've had high speed Internet aboard for several years - fast enough to stream live sports, Netflix, etc. MSC has a high speed Internet option also, again fast enough to stream, etc. They've had it for a couple years. Pretty sure NCL has also. Princess is quite behind the times on this one. (not all that surprising really)... Maybe by asking on all the different boards will yield some various interesting insights into how the different lines went about making it work and how they're maintaining it...