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  1. reedprincess

    Should I rent a car to go to Sandals?

    $35-40 one way for up to four persons.. Plenty of cabs ready and waiting at port. And plenty of cabs ready and waiting at Sandals - or make arrangements for the driver to return at a specified time..
  2. reedprincess

    Emerald Princess Question

    Salty Dog isn't an option to book in advance (or at least wasn't for our current two sailings.). Easy to book onboard. Only Share, Crown and UBD/UBBB, were able to be pre-booked..
  3. reedprincess

    Emerald Princess Question

    The new wine list is out, same as the one on Caribbean Princess, where photos have been posted in earlier thread. No sign of new cocktails.
  4. reedprincess

    Emerald Princess Question

    No, Salty Dog cannot be reserved in advance. And you don't need to either really. While it's been relatively busy, walk-ins are most definitely accommodated.. Or make a reservation a day or so in advance.
  5. reedprincess

    Pigeon Island by Local Bus

    It's a pain in the neck, and involves a fair bit of walking. You'll need to walk to the Cap Estate bus stand in Castries from your ship. It's behind the Craft market. You're looking at anywhere from 10-25 minutes, depending on which pier you're at, and walking speed. Wait for bus, then wait for bus to fill up. (they only leave when full) 30 minute ride to drop off point for PI - longer if there's traffic, multiple stops and pick-ups (passengers will be getting off and on wherever they need to along the route, stops generally take a minute or two). From the drop off point for PI, you're looking at around 20-30 minute walk to the actual Park itself.. Same on return - but leave plenty, and I mean plenty, of time, as you'll need to wait for a bus - that has space enough for all ot you - where you were dropped off earlier - and they're very infrequent on return from Cap...(it's not a busy area, so infrequent bus service) Plus need to allow time for traffic, and for stops along the way There are cabs available at PI for return, $35 one way, again leave plenty of time for return as there's only one road between the two, and it can have heavy traffic.. 25-30 minute ride on average, $35USD one way. Enjoy.
  6. reedprincess

    What's Your Favorite Drink?

    There's quite a selection of frozen drinks on Princess. All sorts of daiquiris, margaritas, creamy mixed drinks like dirty banana or chocolate monkey, etc. As you'll be doing the Hawaiian cruise - highly, highly recommend the Macadamia Madness: Coconut rum, chocolate liqueur, cream, macadamia nuts, ice blended with caramel and topped wirh caramel swirl over whipped cream and sprinkled crushed macadamia nuts. It's buttery caramelly coconuty delicious - without being overly sweet.
  7. Currently aboard the 28 day Hawaii and South Pacific cruise. Evening entertainment is typical cruise entertainment...... Guest entertainers boarded in LA, performed across to Hawaii, departed there. Loaded a few new ones, they've been performing along the way. Lost a couple yesterday and today in Samoas, got a few new ones - they'll be performing along the way till Tahiti and such, then some new ones for the trip back. Each guest performer has, so far, done two different shows on different nights.. 4 or 5 production shows, comedians, musical acts, variety acts, trivia, movies, all the bands and music, nightclub, etc. So far, fantastic cruise. We fins the nightlife a bit week as its typically all wrapped up by 10:30 with only the Movies Under the Stars and the nightclub going, not sure why everyone is so keen to head to bed so early with all these lovely long relaxing sea days, but thete you go. Have a great time..
  8. reedprincess

    St. Lucia Tour without Volcano

    The hikes at PI are - at most - 1.5 hours. Fort Rodney is a paved path, can easily be done in flip flops, Sandals, etc. Signal Hill is more challenging, but still only maybe 30-45 minutes round trip. The beach is lovely, ruins are interesting, some small decent reefs... A full davit is not, but a relaxing day with some history is it is The main sites, what makes us interesting and unique is the Pitons and volcano...
  9. reedprincess

    Cosol Tours

    There's loads of reviews here and on TripAdvisor. Not one mentions being late or rushing at the end to be back on time. The independent operators have this on a lock - one miss and they're out of business..
  10. reedprincess

    St. Lucia Tour without Volcano

    Sorry have to pick one or the other thete Pigeon Island is at the opposite end of the island from Diamond Falls, Pitons, etc You can do yours or arrange a private taxi tour to Soufriere and sights in the area easy enough. Most tours have the mud baths as optional, many opt not to do them and take the short volcano tour itself instead. It's short and informative. Or hire a driver for the day, around $209 plus any entrance fees, food and drinks, etc and hit the sights you want - but it's very very unlikely you'll be able to do both Soufriere, Pitons, etc and Pigeon Island - they're too far apart for a limited shore visit. Enjoy.
  11. reedprincess

    Catamaran to the Pitons

    It will be one of the above. There's not an endless pool of operators, it's a small island. Lol. Age restrict being there's or RCI's won't matter as those chartered to the cruise line usually don't allow independent bookings on those days. Jus' Sail does private sailing trips, around $6-800 for the day. Maybe check some of the tour providers such as Solar Tours and Travel or Serenity TVL or Barefoot Holidays, but again - they charter with the above companies.. There's simply not that many options. Good luck.
  12. reedprincess

    Emerald Princess Question

    Nope, no on demand TV on Emerald as yet. Currently small, maybe 27 or 30 inch, flat screen in upper corner of cabin, with channel listing that list program and times offered - it's all one long loop.. Probably install on-demand in drydock in March..
  13. reedprincess

    Catamaran to the Pitons

    Mystic Man, Carnival sailing, SeaSpray Cruises, Bateau Mygo, Endless Sumner, Bitni Charters, and so on all offer cat tours to the Pitons. They can be comprehensive or just short sails... Jus' Sail does an amazing sail trip also. Some have age minimims - often a safety thing.
  14. reedprincess

    St Lucia w/my 88 yr old mom

    Lots to do in st Lucia without swimming. We have stunning scenery, cultural experiences, etc.. A very popular tour is Cosol.. Sees the highlights of the island: volcano, Pitons, waterfall, a little beach time (stunning just for the views), food, etc. Pigeon Island nearby the port (OK, 30 minutes or so) is a great historical park with ruins, a little hiking, scenery, restaurants and bars, etc. Coastal cruise is always a winner. And so on. Is she into zip lining or aerial tram ride? Lots to enjoy
  15. reedprincess

    Emerald Princess Question

    Onboard now, it's most definitely in the Wheelhouse Bar, deck 7, forward near the theater. It's great value for money, food is really good. Have been several tables full of folks for dinner every night we've gone, whether for music or dinner or pre-theater drinks. 28 day sailing currently..