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  1. Every time I've been in a mini-suite - the glass of bubbly was brought to the cabin by the cabin steward on day 1, usually before sailaway. The premium canapes are ordered by a card that's supposed to be in your cabin - or your steward provides. Sounds like the steward was really not on their game - no wine glasses and opener, no canape order forms, no bubbles, etc. not great. Salty Dog Gastropub is basically a dinner venue on the ships that have it, not a lunch venue. Same for several of the other venues like Planks, Steamers, etc. Hopefully your next sailing is smoother. And yeah, not a fan of the beds either - but some love them! Lol. Happy sails.
  2. The Enclave has not ever been a Suite perk. That would be the Thermal Suite on Grand and Island class ships. That said, some few Royal class ships' HGM staff decided to gift Enclave to the suite guests, in spite of it not being an actual perk (and the Suite perks listings clearly listed not an option on Royal class ships).. Discovery and Regal come to mind as two who gifted it, at least sometimes.
  3. Yes Very easy, tables with crew all around the atrium on multiple levels selling it, or through the app. The crew member does get recognition for having sold it. $20usd pp per night, same as in advance,. Took effect within a minute or two.
  4. See current thread - included form for EZ Check and participating airlines: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2994219-qualifying-requirements-to-use-ez-check/#comment-66996527
  5. All main dining on Princess is any time dinimg. Princess calls it Dine My Way. You don't have to choose that or anything - it's the default. You can choose to make dinner reservations in the MDR at a time if your choosing or simply walkup and take first available.. there may or may not be a short wait. Drink Packages do not include any dining or anything else but drinks.. period. Perhaps you meant you purchased one of the bundled Cruise Packages? Plus includes some casual dining but no specialty dining while Premier Cruise Package includes 2 specialty dinners and unlimited casual dining. Enjoy.
  6. Planks and Steamers are Casual Venues. They alternate nights, and are located aft in the buffet. There is signage, slightly different decor, etc. if interested, make reservations aboard - they fill up. 5-9pm
  7. There's definitely beverage and food area, right at the 14/15 second mark, shows the counter, glasses, fridges..
  8. Salty Dog Gastropub plates are small plates, not full size entrees. Hence 2 per meal. They're basically half size or appetizer sizes. While you could likely split it between two people, it would be more of a light snack, rather than a meal doing that. See below.. Short rib poutine and lobster Mac and cheese. As you can see, small portions..
  9. Signature Lounge from crew member aboard: https://www.facebook.com/share/r/ao1h7WwURCEudBvB/?mibextid=oFDknk
  10. You'll be fine. Taxi will run $20 or so with tip. Absolutely no reason to use Princess transfers to FLL from Port Everglades, as they're Per Person, and an Uber/Lyft or taxi is less expensive than Princess transfers of there's more than one in your party. Form from Dec 2023.
  11. Easily 25-35% stay aboard, all though, if course it varies. I haven't gone ashore in PC in years. I always stay ashore . It's not crowded, by any means. Pools aren't full or even really very busy, and there's several to choose from. Some light entertainment or activities during the port times. Almost always leave late due to tenders..
  12. Vines, Ocean Terrace Seafood and Alfredos for Casual dining on Sky. Casual dining venues are the no reservations sit down dining options such as Planks, Steamers, Alfredos, Vines, Salty Dog Gastropub, O'Malley's, Ocean Terrace Seafood, Kai Sushi, Gigi's. Venues vary by ship Specialty Dining includes full sit-down reservations more formal dining, ie Crown Grill, Sabatini's, The Catch, Harmony, Sterling Steakhouse, Bayou Cafe, etc. Experiential dining includes Chefs Table, Winemaker's, 360, etc.. Enjoy!
  13. Hmm, I've been to CC get togethers in the Vista Lounge, Club 6 and Wheelhouse on both Royal and Regal.... It will depend on how many people, where staff aboard is prepared to hold it, etc. Wheelhouse is good, but very open - I personally preferred Club 6 for smaller groups - more private, etc. 2025 is many moons away :ots of time for it to change..
  14. Princess is following in the footsteps of many a main stream cruise line, starting with the Concierge Lounge on Royal class ships, and expanding to Reserve class dining areas, and now the completely separate dining rooms for both Reserve and suites, Suite only lounge, Concierge, and Suite only deck space, etc . While Cunard is the main starter for the class system, basically every line has been jumping aboard over the last 20 years - Celebrity with Aqua class and Retreat Class, NCL with Haven, RCCL with their various suite levels, MSC with Aurea and Yacht Club, Virgin with their Rock Star spaces, and so forth. Princess is simply keeping pace with the trends.. and the trends are towards more inclusions and exclusively for the big spenders and the same standard inclusions for the rest ; albeit with less space aboard the ships as more is given over the big $$$ spenders...
  15. There are no assigned boarding times Boarding Window is on your travel summary and on the app, about 2 weeks prior to embarkation. Sanctuary is on every ship. $20/40 half or full day, pp for a lounger. Only reservable aboard as you pick your lounger. Half day is 8-12:30 or 1-5, full day, 8-5. Yes, you can change MDR reservations aboard or cancel them all and just walk up when you want and maybe have a short wait or maybe not, like land restaurants. Yes, there's some reservation slots held for onboard reservations. Go immediately or call once aboard and make them. Enjoy!
  16. S9 is a Signature Suite, Signature Suite benefits and all. Reserve minis are a separate class of cabin, and have the Reserve perks, including Reserve dining room.
  17. You can order as many sodas as you want for delivery. Order 2, 3, 4, 5 6, or order 2 at a time several different times. Doesn't matter. If you order the soda package off the cruise personalizer, ie the 6 for 5 or whatever it is, it is not covered by the Cruise Packages or beverage packages.
  18. It would truly help if you listed ship/cabin. And I agree with above ...
  19. You mean, the promenade deck where you have to cross through the ship to complete a circuit, cuz they cut it off with added cabins? That promenade? Yeah, lovely. Lol.. and somehow, people complain about Royal class ships without a wraparound promenade, yet love Island's, which isn't wraparound and hasn't been for 9 years.
  20. Dining reservations are currently open for cruises through March. When they'll open for further cruises is anyone's guess. Currently, speculation is that more dates will open after the first cruise actually sails.. It's wait and see
  21. The Enclave and The Sanctuary are unrelated. Enclave is in the Spa, hydro pool, steam and sauna, aqua beds, heated tile loungers Sanctuary is up on 17 or 18, reserved padded lounger and dedicated service staff. Pricing above. Entirely different and unrelated experiences.
  22. Go for it. You'll see LOTS of Christmas-y type wear throughout the cruise - sweaters, hats, T-shirts, whatever. It's very festive... Your Santa suit will fit right in.. Dress to Impress is a less formal formal night, lol. Celebrity ditched formal nights back in 2015 or early 2916 for "Evening Chic" which is a whole lot less "formal". Your 2018 wouldn't have had formal nights, just the EC, where folks can choose to dress up or not, and the guidelines for dressing for those evenings were much relaxed. (Which is basically what formal nights in Princess now are, regardless of the name) Enjoy, holiday sailings are quite festive and fun..
  23. Yes, Princess has formal nights. They're not all that formal overall anymore, but lots of people put in some effort, ie suits, dresses, sports coat and slacks, etc. Yes, Christmas Day is a special holiday aboard. Santa visits, the ship is entirely decorated, there's caroling, a special Christmas show, and so forth.
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