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  1. its working now -- but really slow and the site is going wacky --
  2. I am trying to book a three for free cruise today and it says it’s a 1 dollar deposit but when I get the reserve page it says the deposit is 200. Anyone else having that problem. I do not really want to have to call them today!
  3. The news articles say Sept 27 barring any construction delays. Fingers crossed for you!
  4. Yes, southwest let us change without any fare changes at the last minute. So glad we did that. Good luck on making it out. Thanks all for the replies.
  5. I don't actually think the move down offer was that good. So -- they were only offering a 200 dollar OBC and free gratuities? I thought these types of offers included a refund of your cruise fare?
  6. We are flying out of Oakland airport after our cruise on Monday sept 23. We have a 2:20 pm flight. Plan to use Uber. How bad is the traffic on a Monday morning? Will we be going opposite of the commuters on the bay bridge? Trying to determine if we need to do the early walk off around 8 am or if we should wait a bit till after rush hour traffic clears. Thank you.
  7. We are flying in and out on southwest from phx. I was able to just switch my flights for no extra $ to Oakland airport. Southwest is letting you switch any sfo flights to Oakland or San Jose airports without having to pay any fare differences. We have never done Oakland airport before, but looks like it should be just as easy as sfo.
  8. So if you call Uber from the pier, do they come all the way into the passenger pick up area or do they have a specific pick up area for rideshare?
  9. I really wish I could find a great agent. Even got a referral from here for an agent that is considered fantastic by others. When I email that agent with a question or a request, The responses are like I am annoying her. I recently asked to have a return transfer added to my upcoming cruise, I got a short answer email that said to do it myself on board. I asked for a quote for a cruise on another line. Never got it, so I cancelled the other cruise I had booked since I wanted to go somewhere else than that location and will arrange my own vacation. I asked to look at refaring a cruise as I saw the price go down, took over a week to get back with me. Again, made to feel it was like a bother. The slight price reduction is not really worth feeling this way. I always know exactly what I want, and rarely require help or input, unless I track a price reduction or can’t do something myself. So, might as well pay a bit more and control my own booking. At least when I call princess they don’t act like they are bothered.
  10. I read about horrible back ups at sfo for regular Uber when they initially changed the pick up area from curbside to one central location in parking garage. Is this still the case? Would prefer not to wait an hour for Uber pick up.
  11. So the original shack behind the library is still open? Is this were they do the excursion? We are in Juneau with two other ships and I am trying to gauge which locations n will have lesser lines.
  12. my husband is 6'2" and hates the mini suites due to the tub -- not comfortable for him to shower as the tub is a bit elevated decreasing shower height. We also do not use the extra room. The second TV is pretty much a waste as they are right next to each other so unless on the same channel - the sound conflicts. For three people in one cabin, the extra room would be great. For two -- love the aft deluxe balconies - especially the corner rooms. So, it just depends.
  13. Thank you all for the advice! I booked my tickets using BA site as Waterloo suggested last night. I was able to get the long haul as premium economy and the short Croatia flights as economy. I had set a price of under 2k for each person - and I got these for 1800 usd plus the seat selection. So no more checking prices for me. I have the seats I want -- bulkhead on the long hauls and I am satisfied with the price. Now, I will just watch to see how many times the flights change before next May! Surprise bonus was that I have BA from Phx to LHR and it also looks like they are swapping out the old 747 they use now for a 777-300 by the time we fly. At least that is what the reservation says. fingers crossed. Gardyloo, thanks for the warning on the transfer. We are spending the night in London before the Croatia flights, so we will take blackberry cars to the Hilton at Gatwick on arrival in LHR and relax before the flight to dubrovnik the next day. On the way back, the only complication will be figuring out what LHR hotel to stay at as our flight from Croatia arrives in T5 around 5 pm and our AA flight to Phx leaves from T3 at 9:30 am. So, thinking about trying the soon to open Hilton at terminal 2 so we do not have to scramble in the morning. However, the Sofitel at T5 would be a nice way to close out the trip! One last question -- do we really have to be at Gatwick three hours in advance for the Dubrovnik flight? That is what the airport site says. Was hoping to be able to sleep a bit more!
  14. Thank you Globaliser. I have been trying to book through AA.com and it comes up as only business class available and the $6,000 ish cost. I also tried to price it as just a round trip to DBV (knowing we would need to transfer from LHR to Gatwick) and the premium economy showed up as about $4,000 a person. AA's website must be having issues. I will call them and see about booking it together. I did price it on BA site this morning and the cost is down a lot from the original $$ amount I saw. I think I will call AA and see what is going on with their booking site. If I can not get it through AA -- then will book the same flights through BA.com. In researching, I am really leaning towards the return out of Zagreb on Monday morning to London. The cost on BA for the multi-segment trip this morning was about $1800 a person, if we fly back to Phx on Tuesday. The car trip and a stop in Plitivice National Park would be a nice way to closeout out our stay in Croatia. I believe the AA morning flight from LHR to Phx leaves out of terminal 3? At least the BA one used to. If not, will definitely stay the night at the Sofitel!
  15. Good points, waterbug. I did not even think to add an extra day and spend it in London. We love London. So, we will either go to Zagreb and fly from there earlier on Sunday since there are a lot of flights later in the day after the BA flight, or we will stay an extra night in London. Still will be a lot cheaper then booking it all as one ticket. Appreciate everyone’s input!
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