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  1. So my 10 day cruise in March was cancelled. It was booked with a FCC from a prior cancelled cruise. How will they calculate the 25 percent bonus FCC for this cancellation? The original FCC breaks down to 100 in refundable and 100 in non refundable. I am assuming that it will now be a 300 FCC since the minimum bonus is 100. Has anyone had this situation already?
  2. Again, bless your heart for knowing what I intended . I do not think the word different was in my statement. But, thank you for explaining my intention to me. Perhaps, again, you should step up instead of criticizing others who are trying to do some good. For your information, the scientists running our study indicated that when a vaccine is approved, theirs or not, they typically unblind the study, allowing people who had the placebo to withdraw.
  3. Well bless your heart. Perhaps you could sign up to help make sure those other vaccines get tested. Actually, in most cases, as the scientists explained in our trial, they will automatically unblind the study so that those who had the placebo can get vaccinated. It’s an ethically consideration. Those who had the experimental vaccine remain in the trial for three years to follow efficacy.
  4. Sure sounds like we are a lot alike. Hubby today has no reaction. I have a fever of 99.8 to 100.8. So, good sign. Hubby never had a reaction to shingles either so, not sure for if he really got the placebo. I am impressed the Astro Zeneca indicated they will give trial participants the approved shot. Pfizer just says they have not decided yet about those in the trial that got the placebo. So we wait. I hope you are able to get the second shot. I have been following the oxford research and I do think astra Zeneca will be the overall best once the trials are done. Very interesting
  5. Had the same reaction to the shingles vaccine and told the same thing. We got our second Pfizer vaccine shot yesterday and were told that fever, tiredness and joint pain are common. I do not see anywhere in the article quoted where it says these were unbearable side effects. I am willing to experience whatever is needed to help find a valid scientific solution quicker. It is easy to read a bunch of articles and ponder. That’s not enough for us. We need to take part in finding a solution, not criticizing those who are from the sidelines. So far we have not had a reaction, so I assume
  6. Hmmmm. I would take this article with a grain of salt. I know for a fact that people over 60 are in the Pfizer trials as both my husband and I are taking part. Every person I see at the test site is older. Preexisting conditions do not exclude you from taking part. Actually, my test coordinator indicated they want people with conditions. The only exclusion factors during my interview was taking any type of steroid drug. Pregnant women are also excluded. I am diabetic. My husband has high blood pressure and a few other conditions. Perhaps if everyone is so concerned about older cr
  7. You are absolutely right. I beg forgiveness for being frustrated over the whole situation. I should have just been grateful. It’s my fault for not reading all the well organized and clear faqs and not understanding the difference between fcd and fcc. Have a wonderful weekend.
  8. Thank you all. I will try to call to get it applied. At this point, it is what it is, but was not clear at all in their communications.
  9. It was a deposit before final payment. They did not refund the fcd. Instead they put it on my account as a fcc. The obc is still showing on my account, but it is showing as credited to the cancelled cruise With the original fcd number..
  10. I just applied to a new cruise a fcd that I had purchased but was refunded due to cruise being cancelled. However, it was showing on my account as a fcc, not an fcd. The fcc was matched with another 100 fcc. However, I do not have the 50 obc showing for the purchased fcd. That does not make sense to me. Why, if it was a purchased fcd, would I not get the obc? Why wouldn’t they just refund the fcd instead of creating a new record and calling it a fcc? So essentially, instead of matching my deposit of 100 with a 100 credit, they cheated me out of 50 by not giving me the obc for my purc
  11. has anyone done this excursion from Loreto? It is being offered by Princess in December 2021. Something we have always wanted to do, very expensive though, so would like to get feedback from anyone who has done it whether the two hours there and back was worth it. Thank you!
  12. Probably the same one. Told her I was going to cancel another cruise for this offer and she told me that is not the intent of the offer and I should not be doing that:)
  13. Good thought, but it matches. Thinking it will be caught up tomorrow. Otherwise, it’s fine. The casino rep was quite in a bad mood when I called, so makes me think perhaps I just keep our current cruise as if not on a casino rate, we won’t partake. Probably cheaper in the long run.
  14. got the email this morning for a free interior room on select sailings through 11/21. Called the number and was told that there is no such offer tied to my account. I have the email with my name, and captain's circle number. Very strange! Has anyone else had this happen? Not sure what to do next. Figured I would try tomorrow to see if it was just a delay in the computers catching up.
  15. Was able to book our 10 day Mexico on the grand for dec 5 2021 in balcony. Had no issues doing it online or via phone. I noticed that some cabin classes were showing not available online, so if wanted a mini suite would have had to call. I called anyway due to needing to move deposits from other cruises. Cancelled the same cruise on the emerald for dec 2020. The total price for the new cruise same cabin class was 430 less per person due to casino offering. However, even without the casino rate, the price was exactly the same as the 2020.
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