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  1. ldubs

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    I think this "descent" conversation needs to be lost in the triangle. Just sayin.
  2. ldubs

    Jet Lag...What are your tips

    Yeah, not being able to sleep really makes it bleary-eyed tough. That flight would really be a doozie -- I suspect you had stops in Japan and the West Coast.
  3. Also consider the larger RCI ships.
  4. ldubs

    Reading material

    You know I didn't even think of a typewriter. I'm surprised a publisher would accept paper manuscripts these days. But then I will be the first to admit I know next to nothing about the business.
  5. ldubs

    Cruise document question

    Excellent first-hand info. Good to have someone who been there and done that!👍
  6. ldubs

    Cruise document question

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "they" giving conflicting info. The conflict seems to be what you read here on CC and what RCI told you when you contacted them. Or maybe I'm not reading this correctly. If you don't trust what RCI says then best get the letter or court order (even better).
  7. ldubs

    I don't want to write this review...

    I was thinking the same. I don't recall the last time I was on a cruise ship where they didn't have pork & beans in the breakfast buffet. That aside, among Celebrity, RCI, and Princess, I have always found the buffet on Princess to take 3rd place. Sorry to hear this one seemed to be so lacking.
  8. Been on several Mexican Riviera cruises and can't think of anything specific. Sun screen for sure. I tend to avoid the popular tourist bars like Cabo Wabo or Senior Frogs. If doing on your own some of the ports have a lot of great cantinas where you can sit and enjoy the ocean views. We have had very good luck picking up a van/driver at the ports when we wanted a tour. They are actually pretty good. Note, these are tour guides, not taxi drivers. Like 1025 says, don't venture into questionable areas on your own. I think the caffeine demon means don't jump into the sea from the ship. Always good advice. PS: Huh, just realized what I said has nothing to do with your question about checklists. Oops!
  9. ldubs

    Virgin Voyages.

    ". . . . and pay a hefty uncharge" I like the sound of an "uncharge". (just pulling your leg).
  10. ldubs

    Reading material

    But, when you are wearing your author hat, you do use on, right? Has to be a lot easier than handwriting something.
  11. ldubs

    Hotels in Venice Italy

    Those gondoliers sure make sculling look a lot easier than it is, at least for me. But then, I'm pretty sure they get a lot more practice than I do. And, they sing better than I do too. I would be looking for a place to mount an outboard. Edit; P:; i definitely agree with your earlier comment about staying a couple nights if possible. Venice is a one of a kind place and well worth the visit.
  12. ldubs

    How to copy a multi-page thread?

    It is easy to copy all the posts on each page in one step. I'm stymied about how to copy a multi-page post in one step. Kmkub's solution for kindle fire is cool, but I don't think I can do that with my MacBook. I'm thinking it cannot be done, but hope to see that I'm wrong. (Wrong again )
  13. Not really a helpful reply to the OP's comments, but I bet since airlines started charging for baggage the amount of missing towels has declined dramatically.
  14. We had to pay for the Vietnam visa via the cruise line just as OP describes. Ours was on a Princess cruise. I can't recall but think it was more than $5. I want to say $30. Maybe it is less for citizens of the UK. Anyway, I didn't mind so much because it was hassle free. We were aware of the fee up front.
  15. ldubs

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    It is important that sick days be scheduled in advance.