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  1. Not so surely. haha. No trip insurance this time. We retained the risk as we didn't think the premium worth it. Our total loss for two tickets is $154. I don't light cigars with $100 bills, but this we can accept. 😀
  2. Ours was cancelled two days ago. Refund on the way. We still have on pair of tickets for a short regional flight in Spain that we will have to eat. $ amount isn't bad.
  3. Nope what? RonOhio's example compared the total weight of passengers to the ship displacement . It wasn't a comment about, or definition of, how cruise ships are measured, categorized, or taxed. Then after scratching my head, I'm thinking if displacement is 40% of GT, then 150,000 was maybe not a realistic figure. Anyway, thanks for the definitions. I can never remember the distinctions.
  4. I didn't say anyone was rude. I was quoting someone else. No worries. 😉 Women carrying rocks in purses? I would say you definitely want to stay on their good side! Anyway, most women I know with rocks carry them on their fingers! Lol.
  5. I always thought escargot was just an excuse to dip bread in garlic butter! Haha.
  6. Received notice yesterday that our flights to Europe were cancelled and we get a full refund. We still have tickets for a flight from Madrid to Lisbon in September. Cancellation isn't likely. Looks like we will be eating the fares for these tickets. I'm just glad we are getting a refund for the big ticket airfares.
  7. I don't want to be disbarred as a would be lawyer, but to me this seems very significant. An intentionally false warranty about safety is not going to go over very well. (Thank you very much. My standard rate is $240/hour) 😄
  8. "Arrangements for the shoreside quarantine of any passenger or crew member who had close contact with an infected party who have tested negative" Seems that this requirement is going to be real tough as it will likely involve a large number of people. And, it isn't just passengers. A large number of the customer facing crew could be sent to shore. Not saying it is bad. Just that the impact could be pretty dramatic. Anyway, when I read the points, my first thought was that many of the CC posts that have speculated about what the future might look like were pretty close.
  9. If this happens I'll be incredibly joyful along with the rest of the world. But doggone it, everything indicates it isn't going to happen. Believe me I would never be happier to admit I was wrong.
  10. They seem to have forgotten that old proverb that "He helps those who help themselves".
  11. I grew up on a farm with cattle. My family was in the poultry business. I don't think I ever saw cattle shocked then shot. Cattle are not handled the same as poultry. But I think the point is we recognize that animals are slaughtered for food and we must do that as humanely as possible without torture. Even though I grew up exposed to how food gets to the table, I feel that force feeding of ducks by shoving tubes down their necks should be abolished.
  12. Force feeding to make the liver to be several times normal size is cruel, so let's justify it by use plastic tubes. Fabulous.
  13. Yes, I already agreed there may be better approaches. Expanding credits for rent is interesting. It is beneficial to have discussion about options. Unfortunately, it is your last sentence that makes it political. Edit: Sorry Ed, I didn't mean it to sound harsh. I'm just into solutions these days I guess. My new mantra, haha.
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