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  1. Yep, agree that it is not worth worrying about, at least for me. We are not dealing with incredibly large amounts of money. A few points either way isn't going to mean very much, particularly when convenience is factored in.
  2. I think that is a key point. Seems reasonable to expect some cases. How the cruise line responds is important.
  3. Well, sometimes there are a lot of us. And, where you see one there are probably more. haha.
  4. X2. Call the bank. Two weeks should be enough time for them to get the desired currency to your local branch.
  5. First, apply for a passport renewal. Then, during the next 4 months or so surprise your wife with some closed loop cruises. Replace the old passports with the new ones when they finally arrive. She will be none the wiser! So, what's the problem! 😇
  6. Same. We do a lot of group family & friends cruises. The approach is very similar. People's preferences are talked about before hand. Usually the majority of the group elects to stick together on excursions. Same for some of the shows/entertainment. But it is all optional and no one is pressured to do anything they don't want. And, as someone on another post says, we constantly bump into each other throughout the day.
  7. Excellent! Back in the day $20 in my pocket was a big deal. Kind of like carrying a couple hundred today. haha.
  8. Whether staying in Rome or arriving "morning of", we have always hired a car (or van if there are many of us). We just find it very convenient.
  9. We value two week cruises. One week and it seems we are over the hump just too soon. For that reason, I think we would go for the "normal" cabin and two weeks. But (there is always a "but" haha), we have never stayed in a suite. So, who knows, if we ever do get that upgrade, it might change our minds.
  10. I have to agree. Many of us like to share our preferences and experiences, which is great. Some like to express their disapproval and find fault, which is not so great.
  11. Don't fall for the trap and take it seriously. Better to chuckle and move on.
  12. Way back in our younger days we once went to the airport with carry-ons with the intent of doing a stand-by for a flight to London. That didn't work out but we found out the Paris flight was wide open. Did a 1-800 for a hotel (this was pre-cell phone era). Worked out pretty good. I probably wouldn't do that now. haha.
  13. Go to: https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/ Enter the requested info and you may get a hit. It won't replace the lost card but you will have the digital record available. And of course, talk to the provider to see if they can give a replacement.
  14. I think this makes sense for a cruise where you will basically unpack once. We always check a large bag for a cruise. I pack until I hit the weight limit or run out of room. I typically hit the weight allowance first.
  15. Some years ago we were on a Princess cruise out of Auckland with a boarding time at something like 2 pm. We were able to drop our bags in the morning. Because of the terminal being right there in town, we were able to enjoy some leisurely time in Auckland before wandering back for the afternoon boarding. When assigned boarding times started, we pretty much ignored them because we typically were arriving later and no one cared. I suspect no one really cared about those who showed up earlier either. But with new COVID protocols, I don't think I would intentionally show up se
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