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  1. You know when I read this I thought how much I would love to have a better book pillow on an airplane. I did some Googling and found the "Book Seat" which is a combination book holder/travel pillow. Looks like it might be a winner.
  2. There are certain things, including types of fish, that I do not eat. I rarely seek it out and think I can enjoy a place without total immersion with the locals.
  3. Hey, we gotta have some fun with this. I just hope I never have to wonder which side is topside.
  4. Even with My Time or Anytime or whatever you call it, we generally have the same wait staff. We tip over and above the standard gratuities if service is excellent. Thing is the service has always been excellent. Never really have we encountered bad service on a cruise ship. I expect that many here on CC have opposite experiences.
  5. 5 days, but not a cruise. Next cruise is in Jan '20. Too lazy to count the days. 😎
  6. There are places I would enjoy no matter how many times I visited. I think Lucca is one of them.
  7. I've booked ship/room two in a row. I would say four in a row is unusual. But not stalking.
  8. Huh, my experience is different. If ordering steak it is common to be asked how you want it cooked? Even some of the buffet grills do that. Are you talking about other foods?
  9. Do you really consider this stalking? Come on now. If I liked a room I would book it again. If I liked the room and the steward, even better.
  10. Removed -- fun intent but probably would be taken poorly. Sorry about that.
  11. Triple if the name is Stewart D. Baker! (Get it Studebaker -- Haha)
  12. Earlier this year while in Copenhagen I received a notice from Amex that they had nipped some fraudulent activity happening in Florida. As you say, it is pretty easy to deal with. I also wonder why someone would insist on providing out of country info when card company says it is not needed. I would not assume that some kind of special watch is going be placed on the account. IDK.
  13. Best marching band was Cal vs Stanford in 1982.
  14. In a typical American restaurant withholding a gratuity without cause is not illegal and does not require explanation. But it is considered extremely bad manners and would bring into question the person's character. Those of us used to this system would feel the same about grat's on cruise ships. Truly is a cultural thing I guess.
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