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  1. You explained this very well. I similarly document my angling experiences and support them with photos (I guess images is the correct term). I have not done that with any of our cruise related travels, but Mrs Ldubs keeps a kind of digital chronicle of our travels. Additionally, I've enjoyed reading some very well written reviews here on the forums.
  2. We always enjoyed bouncing around areas on the regional trains. And ferries. I hope we get to experience that again some day.
  3. I didn't open the link but sure like the sounds of the approach they are taking.
  4. Celebrity, Princess, RCI -- Have seen door decorations on all. Also see balloons attached, which might be a good visual aid for you.
  5. And, it is appropriate, if not an obligation, to stand up and debunk that stuff. Otherwise it becomes acceptable to share rubbish as if it were science.
  6. You bring up a bigger issue, I think. People should not be making important decisions based on Facebook. With the exception of cruising type info the same applies to Cruise Critic. I categorize both as social exchanges and entertainment (at times). Too many people are placing trust about their health and well being on social media places. "Pass this on to 10 others and hit the like button if you want the pandemic to end." 😀
  7. That is really the bottom line. It would not be my preference, but all other things being equal, I think we would accept ship only excursions. Good thing too because just about everything has been covered and there would be no new posts! 😀
  8. I think the forums have become more of a social release during these times when folks might be stuck at home more than they would like. So, I suppose I'm not surprised that things go off topic more now than they did in the past -- kind of like a normal conversation I suppose. I'm not sure I would want the forums to ever be a strict Q&A. And, like others would expect to see things settle into more "cruisie" topics as we get past the pandemic. As for the nastiness, it might be worse, but I think there was plenty of that before. Anyway, I like your previous comment that ev
  9. Why would the CDC have anything to say about a cruise in Europe?
  10. I just asked Mrs Ldubs who sells a $50K handbag. She says maybe Hermes. Me personally, I would rather have a brown paper bag with $50K in it. 😀
  11. Influence of lobbyist/special interests should always be of concern. But I question that Home Depot and Lowes, who were specifically mentioned, are open because of their lobbying. Fact is all hardware stores are open, from Home Depot to Harry's corner Hardware. Folks seem to love to hate big business but those big businesses provide a lot of big employment. The Home of Depot and Lowes employ 600,000 between the two of them. I continue to wonder why inside dining with restricted occupancy is not allowed. I just hope that as more starts to reopen, folks can m
  12. Oh please. I never said any business was more important. But of course, even you have to admit some activities are clearly essential. Current activities are allowed because someone has deemed they present an acceptable risk. And a whole bunch of those are far from big business. I think the debate should be about the how to get everyone open instead of a rant about big business. Again, if you actually read what I said, I too have concerns about the rent relief situation. Instead of ranting, what solution do you suggest?
  13. You have a unique economic theory - shut everything down (landlords excluded) because of some need to get even. And Ida will certainly be better off as she stares at her empty restaurant because there are no customers left. Here they now talk about activities being limited because of exposure analysis. Perhaps a better question is why is it OK to eat under a tent but not inside Ida's building? I personally would like an answer to that. I also have concerns about what is going to happen to landlords and to tenants with all the rents in arrears. Does anyone have a
  14. I was not being sarcastic. I was expressing concern. However, I posted before I read your results were based on observations of thousands. Does your current medical service employer agree with your public release of your scientific findings? Perhaps the CDC should be made aware. Now, that was sarcastic
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