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  1. I assume S and S for on board spending but I wondered if it was in USD or Euros. I have a Carnival gift card and the find print says something like ship board account and shops need to be in USD. Jen
  2. We will be on a Legend Med cruise in 2020. Is the on board currency in USD? Will there be the tipping added to the account in USD? Thanks, Jen
  3. Thanks for the information. I am going ahead with the 4K, disappointed it will not open but that is OK. I was on HA in January with an obstructed OV cabin behind a life boat and it was fine. As for needing a balcony in Alaska, I had a 4K in Alaska and others had balcony cabins in my group. I do not think it is a necessity to have a balcony, there was plenty of room to go on deck. How much time will you be in your cabin? How much extra is it? For our Med cruise I know I will rarely be in the cabin so it is not worth it to me to get a balcony but to others in my group it is. Jen
  4. That is too bad. I have tried finding pictures or videos but have not found anything recent. We have had 4K before and really liked them. Jen
  5. We will be on the Carnival Legend for a Med cruise in 2020 and booking cabins now. 4K- Do these still open for fresh air? Starboard side balcony cabins deck 4- can you smell smoke from deck 3? Thanks, Jen
  6. When we first boarded the ship my cousin said there was a group in the elevator studying for trivia!!! I have been on some cruises with multi day games to be the ship champions, those were pretty competitive. My brother was even booed one time when he showed up for the progressive trivia to join my Mom who was sitting alone. I cannot imagine that the trivia is any more competitive on HAL than the other lines lol!!! I was on an 11 night Celebrity cruise and it was pretty competitive and they had a variety of nice prizes (accumulate points and buy prizes on the last night). Royal has a variety of prizes so it is not always the same thing. I have not been on Carnival in a while but the ships on a stick and medals to me are just fun. It doesn't really matter, we play trivia because we have fun. I would not pick a cruise over the trivia prizes, it is just good to know. The EXC team did travel trivia each afternoon as well. There were several sessions of trivia each day, just all of it after lunch so my comment is there was not a lot happening in the AM in general and it was often in conflict with other quality activities or our late dinner seating that they switched us to once on board. The EXC team also did a few talks (ports on your own and other talks in general about Mexico) so you are right, they chip in with activities. There was also a couple of events in the art gallery that the lady in charge of the gallery ran, one trivia (my cousin was the only attendee) and a find the hidden objects in the art on the last sea day that I did attend. The find the objects was well attended and fun. Prizes for all were postcards of the art and the grand prize a bottle of champagne. Jen
  7. Sorry I did not get back quickly, you probably already left. But in case others see these questions, I will answer. It was usually easy to get a table at breakfast but we are on the early side. It seemed busiest around 9 on sea days and it was packed at 8 on debarkation day. In port we had pretty early departures so we went to breakfast early and had no trouble. Typical lunch times were busy on sea days. We ate all diners in the MDR. There was a 25% discount on at least one specialty restaurant on the first night. I do not recall if it was one specific restaurant or all of them. I do not drink coffee but those in my party that do were happy with the coffee and none of them bought any coffee on the ship. There is a good assortment of tea bags for those who drink tea.
  8. The ship is pretty small so easy to get around and find everything. I have not been on HAL before so not sure what is different about this ship vs. others. I did not know about the games in the lounge off the casino until my brother found them. Food is not the same on the two buffet sides so take a look around. We started going in to the main show room on deck 1 so that we did not have to walk down so many stairs to sit near the front.
  9. The pins would make sense if they had Mexico, California/San Diego, the ports of call, etc. We got was Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean, it was just pretty funny at some point. Good to know HAL is light on morning on activities on sea days in general. We will be planning another big family cruise and need to weigh everything out for next time. My last cruise was Oasis of the Seas and the entertainment was phenomenal. I was not expecting anything like that though! Food and entertainment is subjective of course. Jen
  10. Have fun! One more complaint, the trivia prize is totally awful. They give a HAL pin for winning at trivia. It was always a pin. The kicker is, there are none that say Mexico. We now have pins from destinations that we were not on. These are by far the worst prizes on any cruise I have been on. Also, I think there was only 2 people on the activities staff, the CD and her assistant so they are spread thin. Jen
  11. We just sailed the Eurodam from 1/6/19 to 1/13/19. Background- 12 in our group from 16 to 82 of extended family, 5 cabins. This is my 9th cruise but first on HAL. I have been on Carnival, Celebrity and RCL. 8 of us live in SoCal, 2 in SF and 2 in Oregon. Most of us are well traveled. Internet- My SIL bought middle tier on embarkation Sunday it was $99.99 for the entire cruise. I bought the middle tier just after midnight at about 1 AM Monday and it was $89.99 for the duration of cruise. For the most part the internet worked well all over the ship but at times it would be spotty or stop working for a bit. Checking in water- We checked in 3 flats of water, no problem. They were delivered to our cabins. One flat was still intact at the end of the cruise and my brother checked it as luggage for debarkation. The water was delivered in tact with our luggage on arrival and at baggage claim on debarkation. Entertainment- BB King- Great band, very talented musicians, especially the trumpet player. The female was ill and only sang the last night. Billboard- Fun piano bar duo, the male had just got on board when we did. Lincoln Center- Again great musicians Stage Shows- Enjoyed 1000 Steps, not so crazy about One World. 4 in our group left One World after about 3 minutes. Comedian excellent. Really enjoyed the BBC Earth with live orchestra. I did not see the magician or the show the final night that was the comedian and magician with new material. Activities- Really enjoyed the Mexican ambassadors. Great entertainment with the folkloric shows. Not much of interest to our group in the AM on sea days. No morning trivia like all other lines I have been on. It seemed that all of the activities we would enjoy were lumped at the same time in the afternoon. This is one area this ship could be improved. Food- Loved that at the buffet the staff serves the majority of the food. I dislike using the same serving utensils as hundreds as other people so this was a biggie to us. We all agreed that the food was great in both the Lido and the MDR. Great fries at Dive In. Tried a piece of pizza and it was OK. Compared to Carnival, Celebrity and RCL, we all agreed this was the best food we have had. Liked that there was a legitimate late night buffet each night from 10:30 to 11:30. Staff- Incredibly friendly and accommodating. Top end of what we have experienced on other lines. I have no complaints about the staff, they were really amazing. Other guests- I was expecting an older crowd but it was actually skewed more to middle age, with some younger and some older. There were about 1/3 the number of kids on the ship per our waiter vs. the holiday weeks prior to ours. Kids running around at the pool was a bit dangerous and no one said anything. Ship- nice small size and in very good shape. No smoking indoors!!!! Cabins- I was in an obstructed OV. The view was mostly of one of the shorter life boats so we could see light and some things over the life boat. The cabin seemed smaller than other ships but the bathroom was much better with a tub, room to actually move around some. Lots of cabinets and storage, we did not even need it all. TV- I did not watch much but there was a very good selection of live TV, movies, America's Test Kitchen, etc. plus the dinner menu. I was on one ship with so little TV it became a joke that I kept watching the same episode of Big Bank Theory over and over in various languages! Question, please ask...... Jen
  12. We arrived at the terminal about 11:45 and we were on the ship by 12:30 and in the buffet before 1! Jen
  13. Does anyone know when check in and boarding starts in San Diego? My documents say 1 PM but I would expect it is earlier. We were planning to arrive about 11 but I am wondering if that is too early. Thanks, Jen
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