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  1. Will let you know later if my TA gets it booked. She’s been holding it for me. Emailed her late last night to book it.
  2. Reggae Beach Bar is also on Cockleshell Beach. We usually take a taxi there. Food is also good.
  3. Yes, one way but for 4 people so basically $7/person. We always were in a larger van and paid $7/person or with 4 people we would give the driver $15 for the 2 of us each way. The other couple paid their $15 each way too.
  4. Reggae Beach Bar is on Cockleshell Beach and I found this taxi price list online.
  5. I'm not stressed over it. There are many gorgeous beaches in Antiqua so not worried about it. However, I don't interpret it the same as you. I'm thinking you pay $45 and then have to spend at least another $45 for drink or food. I just don't think it's written very clear but at any rate, we decided to go elsewhere.
  6. I wrote to them and the price for 2 chairs and 1 umbrella is $20.
  7. Yes they rent chairs and umbrellas. We've been there many times. Had lunch there a few times and it was good. If you go to their page on the other social media site (not allowed to mention it here), their menu is even posted. I know taxi/shuttles to get there use to cost us $7 each for one way so total of $28 for the 2 of us for round trip, but that's when we use to share a ride with others - we would pay for the 4 of us going and they would pay for the return ride. Not sure what the cost is now with the higher gas prices. If anyone has been there recently, can you let me know how much the taxi was from the port to Cockleshell.
  8. It is still $25. I wrote to them a couple weeks ago. 2 chairs/shared umbrella and 4 drinks. I can't remember but I believe free wifi as well.
  9. I just booked Cosol for January. They get very good reviews and friends of mine highly recommended them as well.
  10. I find the pay as you go very confusing. I wrote to them for an explanation but still doesn't sound right to me. Pay $45 which includes chair/umbrella but then spend $45 on food and get chair/umbrella free. Makes no sense to me. So we'd have to spend $180 to spend the day there or $90 and get no food or drinks. What I don't understand is I thought chair/umbrella was included in the $45/person price. I decided to go somewhere else.......to much stress trying to figure out this place........LOL
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