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  1. I can’t see any Europe cruises listed on the RCL website, have they all disappeared.
  2. can I ask who you managed to get travel insurance with. My company won’t cover me whilst the U.K. government say we can’t cruise.
  3. Just had an email from a U.K. TA 17/4 cruise is listed as being available.
  4. I don’t want to burst anyone bubble of exciting, but currently anyone arriving from most overseas countries including the US has to quarantine here in the U.K. for 14 days on arrival. You are not allowed out of your house/hotel even for food shopping. I cannot see the situation being any different in April as it is now. Our numbers are on the increase along with most of Europe and the US. I will watch the pricing with interest and us Brits might be able to grab a bargain. Would love to sail on the new ship.
  5. Does anyone have access to med port calendars and can see which ships RCL will have in the Med sailing out of of Barcelona or Athens?
  6. with my cruise, two weeks ago they were offering balcony cabin for two £1377 with $75 OBC. Price went up to £1492 with $175 OBC. Price then stayed the same but OBC reduced to $75? Then price dropped again to £1452 with $75 OBC. Guess who didn’t book at the cheapest price or with the highest OBC😢. Now watching it like a hawk. Had the £50 price drop today.
  7. Thanks all for the replies. i have the room at the other side of the ship booked, which is one of the newer cabins. For some reason most of the TAs are still using the old deck plans, so I was surprised I was able to book it. sailing in August on the Istanbul cruise all being well. ill try and remember to post a picture when we return.
  8. Hi i am wondering if there is anyway to find out if the room has enough room in it for the beds to be set up as twins, rather than a double. i am sailing with my mum.
  9. Does anyone have details of what the next UK offer will be? i doubt we’ll get free air, as we get drinks and speciality meals for £98, with no taxes, but some OBC would be nice.
  10. There is still a large gap from 4th June until mid September. All still missing, trying to check pricing on my sisters cruise and nothing there argggggg.
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