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  1. They should. I am now hoping for a upgrade if cabins become available.
  2. I just received my new Destination Collection for 3/20 - 5/21 today in the mail.
  3. I cruise for the cruise itself. I have been on Princess for years due to convenience.
  4. I would think the back would be noisier but I may be wrong. I know that when I walk around the ship on the promenade deck it is noisy in the back.
  5. denmarks


    Anything on the ship is charged against your onboard account. The source of the funds do not matter. The only exception might be the casino.
  6. Try a travel agent. It gets pretty expensive to send out single brochures.
  7. All luggage must go through customs and they are not going to do it for one couple at a port.
  8. I doubt that they would have the equipment to analyze the blood. That would cost a fortune.
  9. Eat in a fine restaurant without looking at the prices.
  10. In addition to the above there are free peanut/pretzel snacks.
  11. I have gone a step further and created a doc with cruise info. It was designed for my specific cruise but can easily be copied and changed. See link in signature. Since it contains much more than just the member list I do not allow changes.
  12. I believe you can receive the credit up to the day before the excursion.
  13. My average is about 1/2 cruise a year for the past 30 years. I wish I could take more but I do not wish to travel alone and coordinating it with relatives is difficult.
  14. No problem here. What part of the site doesn't work?
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