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  1. Blue sea, thank you for adding that important clarification. 😊. Becki
  2. Yes, you can. Whether or not you go on an excursion, with any free time before or after, you are free to walk about town or take local transportation. Becki
  3. Vincent, I will do that. Denys is such a great guy, we were very saddened to hear of his loss.
  4. We are currently in “your” cabin, 5111, so will try to leave it pristine for you. It is a great location. We waved down at Patti our first night on our verandah. You will enjoy your room stewards, Widodo and Angel. They are awesome! Becki
  5. He is now head waiter and he is terrific. So funny! He and our breakfast waiter are roommates, so trade barbs back and forth. Unfortunately, our waiter had to return home due to a family death, but Zharko took a photo of the five of us wishing Denis the best to cheer him up. So sweet. Becki
  6. Thank you! Same to you. 🥰
  7. Dave, sorry to hear that. My sister is in a long-term are facility and will likely be there for the foreseeable future. She did well with a knee replacement over 10 years ago, but then had a hip replacement that went south. So, I am trying to avoid any major surgery on my joints. Becki
  8. Dave, my ortho gave me an Rx for Voltaren as well. I was surprised by how well it worked and right away. I had taken Voltaren for impingement syndrome of my shoulder years ago, but it can be hard on the liver. So, I was glad to see it as a topical, as I now have knee problems. Becki
  9. Voltaren is now OTC. And, in certain European ports, they have double strength. I got some in Germany.
  10. I appreciated reading this thread. My husband and I are taking our 13 yr old great niece on the Adventure of the Seas over her Spring Break next March. My T.A. raved about the Teen Club and so I have looked into that via postings, and it does sound like a good idea, but she may or may not like it, and I am fine if she does or doesn't. I like the idea of getting her involved in choosing excursions, and already have some info for her to look at. (We live in different cities). Her mother is very excited for her, so will be also involved in the planning. Becki
  11. For those of you who have used AO, how have you handled knowing where your child was if they decided to leave and was looking for you? Or if one of the counselors needed to contact you? Becki
  12. Thank you powelweb and cruiseguy1016 ! This is exactly what I needed. Becki
  13. I am glad to see this thread. We are booked for a 6 nt cruise next March for our great niece's spring break. She is just recently 13 and my first impulse is to keep her with me the entire time. However, my TA assures me that she will have a great deal of fun at AO and will likely make friends immediately. So, I don't want to prevent her from having the best experience possible. All and any responses appreciated, and I will share with her mother, who is very excited for her to have this opportunity. Becki
  14. Exactly! Aldi is a German company and as we have traveled, have found Aldi's in many malls as well. Becki
  15. Visiting Normandy was the highlight of our Paris to Normandy Viking river cruise. My husband's father was a Pearl Harbor survivor, and so my husband is interested in all aspects of WWII. Our visit to the American Cemetery was very moving. First, they recognized the veterans from among the passengers, and gave them a rose. We then sang the 'Star Spangled Banner', or tried to thru our tears. We were then given roses to place on the graves in the cemetery. We first though to find graves of those from our home state of Ohio, but when we came across a grave that was marked "Known but to God", we knew this marker deserved our rose. We then went to Omaha Beach and had some time on the beach. It was a very sunny day, and warm, but it was windy on that large expanse of beach and the wind was whipping the sand around. It wasn't difficult to imagine those poor boys trying to struggle thru the water and then across that beach, carrying their heavy armaments, wondering if the next moment would be their last. It was a very somber day, but so memorable. Becki
  16. There is an Aldi's in the basement and a luggage store, where my friend bought an extra suitcase to carry all her new purchases home. 😄 Becki
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