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  1. Curler Rob, Very much appreciate your honest review. We will be taking our first Oceania cruise next month and have read a few reviews which were very negative about the line and the ship. I feel relieved after reading your review. There are always pluses and minuses on every cruise, but I wasn’t seeing many pluses in the few reviews I could find. My husband and I have cruised most of the “mainstream “ cruise lines and currently are loyal Viking cruisers. We are looking forward to an enjoyable new adventure with Oceania. Becki
  2. We got AirTags and were so happy we did. They provide a great deal of entertainment for my husband as he will track them as they are loaded on the plane(s), ship, and where they are at disembarkation. They provided a great deal of peace of mind on our flights to and from NZ/AU . Being able to know our luggage was right along with us was very reassuring. 😊 Becki
  3. When we were on the Octantis last Oct, reservations were required for The Restaurant and Manfredi’s, as both venues are smaller than on the Ocean ships. But, there was a greatly expanded variety of choices on the World Cafe and grill area, especially in the seafood. if you don’t mind the dining area of The World Cafe, scale back your need for change of clothes. 😉. Becki
  4. We were in cabin 5111 last July on the Bermuda cruise. Here are a few photos I took of the cabin and veranda. We very much enjoyed this cabin, and I did get the feeling the aft veranda was a bit deeper than others. The one photo is of the Explorer Suite Veranda next door. Very spacious. Becki
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