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  1. I'm surprised you found the program rubbish, I thought they had put together a balanced timeline of events as covid spread around the world and how it affected the cruise industry, I also feel that Princess definitely played down the dangers of the virus especially when you saw just how many cases and deaths had occurred at the time we boarded Crown Princess on the 6th March. Looking back now I'm think it would have been more responsible if Princess had cancelled out cruise along with all the other ones at that time.
  2. Discovered a Dirty Banana a few years ago in Sandals Antigua and was delighted to find out that Princess did them on our March cruise and being on the drinks package certainly helped with the amount I managed to get through LOL
  3. In this image courtesy of Lauren Carrick, Carrick, a 29-year-old British dancer, and her fiancée Joe Harrison speak for a video log from their cabin aboard the “Celebrity Infinity” cruise ship, on May 4, 2020. The couple embarked the cruise ship on March 14, a day after the US issued a “no sail” order. It seems strange that these 2 crew members boarded the ship a day after the no sail order was issued, I think if I had been in that situation I would have thought twice about boarding a ship that was going to be laid up for at least 60 days plus would I really want to enter an envir
  4. We love cruising and were on the last Crown cruise in March before Princess announced the shutdown but am amazed when I read posts like this, I find it hard to believe that anyone would be willing to risk themselves and their familes health in getting on a ship again without either a vaccine or a treatment for Covid-19. Are you really happy to be among anything up to 6000 people where someone may have the virus which would result in a quarantine periord, being denied docking in various ports and not knowing how and when you could return home. I can't get my head around
  5. There are 11, you missed the one on the far right of the photo lol
  6. Not sure why you think you are ineligible for the double deposit FCC as that is what Princess Says on their announcement.
  7. It after all else fails and you don't get back a cash refund would you not be able to book a future cruise for someone you know, pay for it by your fcc and then get them to pay you the cash, I know this is not ideal but at least you may be able to get your money back.
  8. Hi, my wife was breathless and had a cough after we had returned home but when we spoke to our local doctor on the phone she assured us she didn't have covid but a chest infection and prescribed steroids and anti biotics, with regards to passengers on board we didn't hear anything about guests or crew being ill but was a bit worrying one night when we were returning to our cabin and while walkng along the corridor we passed some crew in masks and gowns cleaning out a cabin. And as I said we did witness 3 ambulances waiting on the dock and then 3 crews taking stretchers onto the sh
  9. We were on the 6th March Crown cruise, we left the UK on the 4th and flew from Heathrow to Miami, at that time there had not been many cases the UK so travelling through Heathrow was fairly normal and the same for Miami, once on the cruise again everything was normal except after a couple of days they changed the buffet from self-service to having crew and kitchen staff serving you. I think it was around Friday 13 th !!!!! that we heard that Princess were putting on hold all cruises from the 17th March and our cruise would be the last one for at least 60 days, the day after we hea
  10. Does this mean the Crown has had the generator problems fixed ???
  11. This was discussed on another thread recently about various ships making their way to Europe & Asia taking back crew, there are around 12 ships involved.
  12. So around 10-12 cruise ships sailing from America to Asia, surely it would have been cheaper for the cruise lines to send their crews home by flying them, I realise there are travel band still in place but as far as I'm aware countries are allowing repatriating flights to take off and land. Would be interesting to know how much the fuel would cost for a ship to sail these distances plus the cost of food, cleaning etc.
  13. Hi, my wife was diagnosed with AF in Dec 18 after she was taken to hospital suffering from chest pains, after a spell in hospital she was discharged and was prescribed a betablocker bisoporol and blood thinners, after various tests in the following months she was told she would have to have a cardioversion. On the day she went on to have it they did a ecg first and said because her heart wasn't in AF they couldn't do the procedure so was sent home,. We saw her consultant a few weeks later and he said she to the medication she no longer had AF , we told him we had applied for trav
  14. On the day we got home in the UK we phoned our doctor to explain that we had just returned from a cruise holiday and travelled through 2 major airports being Miami and London Heathrow, she told us as a precaution that we should self isolate for 7 days which we have done, my wife has n ow received notification that she is one of the 1.5 million people in the UK who should now be self isolating for 12 weeks whereas I can at least pop out to get some shopping.
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