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  1. Personally l do love sea day’s, maybe 7 day’s from Southampton and back, you Can’t fly anyway. OK the hole thing my be a bit tongue in cheek, but what about half price, now your thinking.
  2. It could be better than no cruise at all. After all port’s are closed.
  3. Once all passengers are temperature tested virus certificated and have their doctors certificate, plus travel insurance, then why not a sea cruise with no stop’s.
  4. We have contacted celebrity and as expected, they will not make a complete refund as we cancelled the cruise before they did. We did explain we were acting on government advice for over 70s but this didn’t seem to make any difference. thank’s to everyone who replied.
  5. Following advice from the U.K. government, over 70s should not travel on cruise ship's due to the virus, So we cancelled our APEX cruise from southampton on the 13th April. At that time we were told we would loss two third's of our cost, so thinking we would have lost all our money at one time we agreed and cancelled. Now we find celebrity have cancelled the cruise and have offered refund's, but not to us because we cancelled before they cancelled. Is it fare as the cruise is not taking place anyway shouldn't we have a complete refund.
  6. Nice to see the black soot smudges are still around.
  7. If the grey water is so pure, why would the Ventura go 4 miles out to discharge the waste. when it could do so at anytime. Remember save the waves campaign.
  8. I was under the impression that zero emissions was the policy these days, from cruise ships. lm no eco worrier but l was surprised. That the Ventura was discharge in grey water out to sea.
  9. Don't get me wrong we've had great time's on fred. We are gold member's, not shore if that mean's anything anymore as we haven't been on them for some time. But how they can justify the cost of some of there cabin's is beyond belief. Madeira 11 night's over £2000 for a balcony, and £970 for an inside cabin. For this you can cruise on ship's with far more facilities than fred can offer, ok i know fred is different, it's a different experience i get it. However today it's all about cost and what you get for your money. Sorry Fred we still love you.
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