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    Testing this new format

  2. Hard to say. Sounds like these comments from the article are still accurate: " Spokeswoman Melanie Reid said the company was "currently in productive discussions with both governments to renew these agreements". A Victorian Government spokesperson said Great Southern Rail had agreed to a contract extension until March next year."
  3. You'd have to read the fine print, but I'd be surprised if that was generally excluded. It's not something that is in the cruiser's control or can be planned for/avoided, so should typically be covered.
  4. Their site said bookings were only open to end of December for the Overland. I gave them a call to find out when bookings after then would be released, and they said they're still confirming details with the government and currently estimate early November for when they'll be released, though that date isn't definite. As for the agency, it sounds like a speculative booking which couldn't be guaranteed so I'd definitely avoid them!
  5. Agree with comments/review above. As for communication, aside from shows they know they have different sets of guests and cater for both.
  6. As Elite you should be fine.
  7. The_Big_M

    Princess move over

    Congrats, they're good deals if they suit.
  8. I had one missing on a Celebrity solstice cruise. Was very annoying trying to sleep with the bright light shining in at night.
  9. The_Big_M

    Princess move over

    That said, when they offer them they usually have to do quite a few, not just one or two. Plus many don't want to take them up, especially if like with this cruise they've already booked airfare. If you get in early, you should have a decent chance of getting one.
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    Testing this new format

    Still disabled the home key as well. As annoying as it has been for quite a while...
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    Well they’ve done it again

    Though it takes longer to appear. The old page it seemed it was all loaded together. Whereas now it only loads on rollover. More efficient - but slower on an individual basis.