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  1. Agreed, it's not open slather so they take both into account. But I haven't heard of anyone being rejected for a single drink, which Im sure would cause people to be annoyed if it were to happen.
  2. I haven't heard of anyone applying it unfairly. But they need to take into consideration as well, hence it comes down to the specifics of the situation.
  3. Of course it only takes a few minutes to change an address. How can it be a computer programming problem. Computers don't randomly "allocate" addresses. It's showing the address for the customer - which was obviously incorrect. Anyway, you have your view and I have mine. Though the fact you were told to begin with that you couldn't update the address by Princess for privacy reasons should tell you where the truth lies...
  4. Yeah, I don't see the correlation between spending money and crime safety. Whether you pay a lot of money or not, I'd still prefer to avoid crime - and that usually comes from having social safety nets and welfare, not from gated communities.
  5. Very hard to find anything Australian. Last time I was looking found a good shop in the Strand with some, but none on the street shops. The quality was noticeably better as well.
  6. I'm sorry to hear of the situation, of course the mistake in setting up the transfer doesn't help things. However, you've still described a change of address issue. The booking confirmation shows the address for the customers booked. If the wrong address is under someone else's name then that customer profile has the wrong address. Basically customer B now has customer A's address in your description so they need to change the address for customer B.
  7. It was a bit hard to follow whose details were where, but it doesn't matter who you're talking about, but that it was someone else. You wrote the purpose was: "not wanting any posted brochures etc going to the wrong place" So you're trying to change someone else's address. The same issue remains regardless of who it is that's not you. It's standard practice to ensure that the actual customer is the one changing their details, not someone with access to one of the bookings they're involved with. And honestly that makes sense as the alternative is very easy to be used maliciously.
  8. Actually, what they said makes sense. From what it sounds like, the new substituted passenger had been given the same address as the previous passenger when they were created for this booking. The address detail is not linked to a booking, but to the customer. Say I had 3 bookings, one with you and two of my own. In this situation, you wanted to change my address. It wouldn't be right for you to change my address when the address the passenger uses is their business, not yours. Even though in this case as it sounds, there is only one booking for this passenger and they're new to Princess, you're still updating their address details as a customer in the system. You have the rights to manage the booking but not to change customer's own personal details.
  9. Why should they get a discount? Has there been some degradation in what they had booked? If it's just because someone got it cheaper, that happens all the time, whether hotels, flights - or cruises. Cabins go on sale and also have price rises, and it's not uncommon for people to have paid double or half for the same grade of cabin as another just due to normal pricing volatility.
  10. No street vendors or other markets on Tuesday. But as mentioned above, just walk along the streets and you'll find dedicated souvenir shops amongst other shops.
  11. It's a significant issue, and it's not getting appropriate attention/responsiveness through regular channels. Given the opportunity to raise it, I think it was quite appropriate. Which is more important: footstools, or viability of future bookings proceeding? And, no, it's not an either/or thing, but it's also worthwhile to draw attention to, not just ignore it "and hope for the best."
  12. Being charged for hot dogs was also nonsense... but doesn't mean it didn't happen.
  13. Yep. Cruisecritic finally put a story up on it - which is the most publicity on it, aside from the thread discussion. For those passengers affected, it's "Surprise!" one week out when their Galapagos cruise plans are waylaid. And yet, L-L-P just "respectfully" told posters to keep up to date on the non-existent website "and have a great rest of your day!" Then when called on there being no website, she just said "there is no site" (so why did you say there was???) and "impacted cruisers will be contacted directly" i.e. back to step 1 and the crux of the issue. The implication in her post, and their response for the news article is that it's only delays and all due to the government's fault, not Celebrity's at all. A shocking lack of accountability. I don't see any respect in that misdirection, deflection and lack of accountability, let alone respect for her paying customers and their expensive holiday plans. https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/news/4347/
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