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  1. While they know things are being looked up, that doesn't automatically mean prices increase. More often than not, they won't increase just because it's looked up. Of course, periodically over time things get sold, and especially if it's a bargain prices will go up as the cheap ones get sold. That happens whether you've looked it up or not.
  2. Not sure there's anything illegal about that. The old caveat emptor. There may even be a reason e.g. a "specific room selection fee" or something.
  3. The_Big_M

    Royal Up Australia

    Sorry, I mixed it up with their sister line Celebrity offer which was the first to off this in the group, and where it comes through 30 days out. For whatever reason, RCL expanded the timeframe when they rolled theirs out.
  4. The_Big_M

    Celebrity MoveUp

    Not unreasonable, but not up to date with current business trends. It's one of those things that are rolling out as businesses look to make more money. It doesn't make good value but where there are enough people willing to pay for the upsells, as there are, these large businesses are keen to extract more profits from customers. Another recent example is "The Key," a way for some customers to buy priority ahead of other passengers.
  5. The_Big_M

    Royal Up Australia

    They only send them 30 days out, so too early for your cruise. Also, it's not them making you an offer. It's them giving you an opportunity to make an offer, and if your offer is attractive enough and they have availability, they may accept.
  6. The_Big_M

    Cruising With Jane McDonald

    Only seen one with her, which was the Viking Baltics one. Can't say I was impressed...
  7. The_Big_M

    Celebrity prices are TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

    Mandarin Orientals also are of a higher standard, and substantially more space than a $200/night cabin.
  8. The_Big_M

    Gift bag for stateroom attendant?

    Not to mention they have a 7 month contract, a 20 kg luggage allowance, which is likely filled up with their genuine personal possessions. Are they likely to want to pay for excess luggage to transport a pile of random 'cheap' things (e.g. from a "Dollar" store)?
  9. The_Big_M

    Celebrity prices are TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

    Posting a few exceptional, unpopular cruises to the standard doesn't actually prove a point.
  10. Agree with you cruising-m, but haven't seen it fail anywhere else it has been used, and doubt it will happen here. From the business, it's pure extra revenue at virtually no extra cost. And given how well it's selling so far - as with other businesses - no reason to expect there's not enough of a market for it to keep selling.
  11. The_Big_M

    Edge goes to Exciting Deals

    Proves how incorrect all those cheerleaders saying Edge wasn't overpriced were.
  12. The_Big_M

    Hong Kong - Singapore - Quantum

    I much preferred Quantum over Ovation in China. Not sure what the issue is with Quantum there.
  13. The_Big_M

    Gift bag for stateroom attendant?

    I thought they'd use internet rather than stamps nowadays.
  14. The_Big_M

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    And don't forget sizeable gratuities are additional!