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  1. The_Big_M

    Stock Market and Cruise Cost Plunge?

    No. They don't price based on the share price. They price based on bookings. Now there's a certain correlation that as the overall market falls, confidence dries up and so do bookings. But we're a long way off that.
  2. The_Big_M


    As you say, a high price. There's a much better sweet spot for value, but MBS trades on it being the top end and prices accordingly. Nothing wrong with it, but for me the premium isn't worth it. i.e. you pay about 3 times as much as elsewhere, but you don't get 3x as much value.
  3. Yes. But of course if they are taken up the offer is gone. You never know what will happen.
  4. I'd be worried if he was a 78 year old bus driver then. My own tip 🙂 : It's referring to a naval ship...
  5. Well it does when that wage is negotiated in secret. You can get the same favouritism that you condemned in tipping as you can in wage grants.
  6. Sorry, you've completely lost me there. Someone makes a joke about someone with multiple identities, who gets aggressive in their opinionated posts to others - and that somehow causes a low turnout at meet and greets on board???
  7. Oh dear. So _you're_ the guy who fawns over the top cruiser on board at the special party... There's always one.
  8. Interesting story on a court case in today's paper, where a holiday apartment renter got sold a very modest place that was promoted as much better. https://www.smh.com.au/national/act/canberra-man-sues-travel-giant-expedia-over-misleading-and-deceptive-statements-20181217-p50mqn.html Sad the way modern business has gone, that thinks it can say anything to get sales and then not even stand behind it. Further, the company was willing to go to court just to not have to pay the < $1000 back, despite their claims that you can "book with confidence." Really showing the exact opposite. And this is the same day as Jetstar in particular, but all airlines got called out on their dodgy "non-refund" tactics, even when a refund was legally due when they didn't deliver the flight.
  9. Sorry for the confusion - yes, that's what I was referring to.
  10. The_Big_M

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Thanks. I had an inside but your post enabled me to get an upgrade (at a small change cost extra).
  11. But he refused all tips. "Being able to serve in your presence gives me immense job satisfaction."
  12. Ah sutho, your ironic display of verbosity makes an eloquent statement on the negative practice of bullying.
  13. The_Big_M


    That's because you're logged in on the same account, often facebook, but it can also be google or other services for example.
  14. That's fortunate. Portside is much closer to the airport, so is both quicker and cheaper, and avoids the bridge toll. A taxi would be relatively cheap and quick; I'd say around $30 AUD. There shouldn't be any significant traffic issues on the way either. I'm not sure they would accept you on the transfer in any case - I've heard they require a flight after around 1-2, otherwise they can't guarantee you will make it on time (and hence don't offer it so to avoid disputes if you don't make it).
  15. As above, I think the design concentrates people to more specific flows, so some may perceive that it's more crowded. There are certainly very quest areas on the ship. However, I think traffic is more consolidated than it is on other ships, so if you go to certain spaces/locations it may appear crowded if you're looking for things to be unhappy with.