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  1. Which is a different issue. It doesn't mean that commercial media (as such as it would be) would be a better proposition there.
  2. Not sure about ruling the routes - at the end of the day if there are good deals with an airline that has been absent people will book them when services restart. And they're not just going to operate to lose money for the sake of it. However, there are reasons for flights to continue to operate; aside from essential travel and people still getting home, there is also still trade occurring and freight to be moved. Further an aircraft not laid up still needs to be operated for service reasons; like the old days of running a car regularly otherwise the battery would flatten and oil lines freeze, similar but bigger issues happen here. Also, for licensing reasons, flight deck crew need to maintain activity else they will need to be 'retrained' if they haven't - which there isn't the capacity for all in sims. So there are a few legitimate reasons that flights continue to operate - although at a much lesser extent.
  3. To be fair, a fair few of those are codeshares i.e. not different flights, the same flight under different codes.
  4. He's right. Without going into detail, it's typical for some cabins to be used by senior officers on public levels, and visiting entertainers are commonly in regular cabins. Crew know the boundaries and know what happens if they break the rules. It's no big deal.
  5. Good reasons to have government owned media, for the good of the people. Relying on solely commercial media means that they only do something if there's a commercial benefit. Lots of reasons that's not good for the public.
  6. Shouldn't be. If a more permanent occurrence, they'll just put new partitions up and segregate it.
  7. Read the startup plans of one European cruiseline. Amongst many other changes, mouth and nose coverings will also be required in all public areas (not sure how that will work with dining). Other countries are used to it, but it does make for a less pleasant, relaxation experience to be sure... And I think those photographers will be out of a job.
  8. So in other words they lost ~15% of their current share value, for a period when they were only out of operation for only 2/12 weeks i.e. 16% of the period. Imagine what it's like when they're out for the whole period!
  9. That was only to pay back/extend the life of a short term note that was covering them for this year. By doing the above they have now extended that repayment schedule out over the next two-four years as broad operations this year are unrealistic. Yes, the article pointed out that they need to raise funds for a lay up extending into next year. Even if some ships are operating, this is unlikely to be their whole fleet, so revenue will be down, and costs likely up due to restrictions that need to be brought in. So I agree further funding is likely required.
  10. Wow. So the customer gets a refund but you must still keep your share for a sale that didn't complete? Just wow. Look, I know that cruiselines have guaranteed "protected" your commission for cancellations as a result of this. But that's a goodwill gesture, not something that is required. If you have to wear a few losses for people getting refunds, that's just the way things work out. Since the transaction did not happen, it's no different from them normally cancelling a cruise and getting a full refund. Making up like it's your entitlement just isn't a good look.
  11. Yeah, funny how people want the modern medical system, the jobkeeper and seeker payments, dividend imputation and all the rest - which require high wages to support that amount of taxation, and likely get paid either a pension or wages here - but then complain about the obvious cost of those things.
  12. You're still stuck on the current state being the end state - when it's changed multiple times to get where we are now. It's quite viable to allow entries with varying form of testing and quarantine - without being "normal arrival numbers." Just as they're talking about new procedures in restaurants and shops, there'll be new facilities on hotels and cruise ships - and new entry procedures as well. You're very unrealistic to think the public - and members of parliament - will let us keep our little bubble when the rest of the world has close open borders.
  13. You have an absolute vision that has not been stated anywhere. The aim has always been to "flatten the curve" NOT remove the curve. i.e. they never had a goal of zero cases and it eradicated, just to make things manageable by the medical system. So your presumption of zero entries is not required, as long as there is a manageable solution. Hence why they're making exceptions willy nilly which doesn't meet claims like yours above.
  14. Well, he represents the cruise industry so you'd expect him to present a more positive perspective!
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