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  1. I don't see anything in the suit that claims they should have known how it was going to play out.
  2. Apparently, the RCL officers who sold in February also gained.
  3. Nope. It would comply - it's targeted only to international travellers, doesn't discriminate between them, and is the least restrictive compared to just letting it run rampant and hence reach 2nd and even 3rd waves as in the US - so obviously what is being done there is completely ineffective at achieving its ends.
  4. Apparently you aren't aware of the protests that have occurred in Hong Kong for some time to maintain their rights. It's a bit glib to just say you don't trust anything anyway, it doesn't change the situation on the ground. Sick people don't just disappear. And being islands doesn't change the controls much. Whether people come in or out isn't because they're sneaking across land borders. It's a matter of executive decision whether people can enter or not, nothing to do with geography. And the US for some time has controlled who can enter or not via visas, including for example restricting nationals of certain countries entry. Apparently the constitution doesn't require open borders.
  5. You just need to look at the filing to see what they are suing for. It is not for the "stock dropping" but for things that are under RCL's control.
  6. Not sure how you read either of those in the above. What I wrote was a rebuttal of your statement that "During those dates, everyone, WHO, CDC, China, Dems, Repubs, Drs. Fauci and Brix, et.al. didn't think it was as serious as it became." It's pretty apparent that for the market price to fall from $118 to $27.66 i.e. over 75% many did think it was very serious. So that's no defence to claim that RCL had no reason to believe it was significant or serious. They have a responsibility to keep their shareholders - owners - informed of the situation wrt bookings and the financial situation.
  7. Fair comment. I find the divergence between Princess group cancelling AU cruises out to May, while RCL only cancelling to December, yet Princess issuing refunds very promptly, whereas RCL group still taking 4 months or so with no communication telling about their business priorities. Basically Carnival is treating passengers decently, whereas RCL group is still taking advantage of the situation to benefit itself as much as it can.
  8. It doesn't need to be sustainable. With other actions coronavirus can be managed well. Look at places like Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia. No ongoing shutdowns. But managing coronavirus well. The issue you mentioned about countries with lock downs then ramping up to new highs just shows they did not manage the lock down, nor the rest of the situation well.
  9. As much as a useless misdirection as linking to a drink, but there you go.
  10. I would say the pension fund is doing the same as RCL would do, if it felt that it was negatively financially impacted by another entity.
  11. Yet the RCL share price had fallen from $118 to $27.66 over that same period. Seems many did have concerns about the impact on the cruise industry, despite your claims. And RCL is of course responsible for knowing and advising what is happening to its business.
  12. The definition of clickbait isn't about whether it's successful or not. And the link didn't say anything about delivery, just that it's a petition.
  13. Isn't this a US promotion? https://www.carnival.com/funtastic-holiday-cruises/frightfully-fun-halloween-cruises Halloween's a big thing there so it just goes with the Halloween theme everywhere. I doubt it would be exceptional.
  14. Per their page they're saying they need the time to manufacture in sufficient quantities for commercial use and price: "Alcolizer is continuing with commercialising and upscaling production of UTS upconversion reagents and the COVID-19 testing strips. ... Commercialised production will generate significant employment opportunities, fight COVID on the front line and greatly enhance export opportunities for Australia. "
  15. Agreed. It's another form of visibility, that makes your MP aware of issues of interest to his constituency. Though again if he only gets a single letter, not likely to make much difference.
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