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  1. Thanks for your response. I don't think this is actually a disagreement either, just a matter of perspective. I'd agree with your statement regarding outbreak size especially in the US and other places - by that standard it's nothing. Locally though there are two factors making it viewed as very concerning: 1) it is growing rapidly; it hasn't plateaued so isn't under control yet 2) it is spreading in geography Also, as a sad aside, we did have our first death from this outbreak yesterday, a family member of someone who caught it from one of the spread locations.
  2. But not sorry that people tried to dismiss the complaints and turn it back on the poster.
  3. As the saying goes, a pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist. In respect of the points above. 1) We're mid year, and that is all that's been achieved with priority categories for the most part, e.g. elderly, and emergency/transit workers and the like. Vaccines are still not available for the majority of the population and there is only a willingness by half the population to get vaccinated. While progress will improve over the course of the year, it's very unlikely that any mass level coverage of vaccination will arise before the end of the year - and this is a key prec
  4. They didn't cancel all those sailings. Only one ship was cancelled for the season.
  5. Yes, that's what they've done to date. The whole season is unlikely for reasons given.
  6. Very unlikely. They didn't last year, and unless there's a better use for those ships sitting idle, better to wait and see in case it opens up later. Worse, doing so would mean they have to refund all the bookings sooner than later which is worse financially.
  7. Not sure why you'd pedal that nonsense. It's true there are no documented cases of deaths from vaccinated people, but aside from the legitimate issue of holiday disruption from other cases coming down on your cruise, and the need for preventative measures onboard it's completely false to say "you don't have any worries." Vaccinated people have certainly gotten sick again from coronavirus - as searching out "true science" would tell you. And I don't see why anyone should be happy about taking unneeded risks getting coronavirus when they've already been responsible in getting vaccina
  8. Yes, they say it is: "When we return to service, the embarkation process will be different. To manage the flow of guests and follow new health and safety protocols, guests will request a set arrival time in advance. More details of the embarkation process will be provided before you sail."
  9. There are 6 on the panel. Celebrity even describe it on their page: Luxury Onboard Spa for the Perfect Spa Day | Celebrity Cruises Gwyneth is not part of the 6. However, Kiki Koroshetz from her group is, and she even appears in the video as with all the other members of the panel, as you'd expect of an equal representation of all of them. The only exception with 5 is one picture in the video when obviously the photo editor either accidentally dropped one, or maybe took an earlier edit before the 6th picture was available. And obviously the 'quiz' writer just watche
  10. Don't you love when they get their own questions wrong?
  11. Agreed. A lot of speculators are buying based on reversion to what it was. Not realising there has been a lot of equity issued since, which devalues it. When shares start getting valued based on BAU operations rather than speculation the actual return achieved is likely to drive the share price down.
  12. Not really. In the current climate the business model is non-viable. If circumstances change as expected then it may be viable again. Hence it's purely speculative. However, just because it's thought positive now is not a guarantee for the future. Remember back in February last year when it was considered viable to continue as it was. What a furphy that was! Then in March when it just required slight changes. Again, wrong. Then in April when the outage would just be a few months. Again, wrong! And so on.
  13. It's conventional usage but incomplete in the post you quoted. Those not on the red list are asked to stay at home (no cost), whereas coming from countries on the red list have to stay in hotel quarantine which has a cost.
  14. As RickT said, it's basically a moot point. We've had the same here for almost a year... but there also hasn't been any cruising, or most travel for that matter. This isn't a permanent thing though and as the vaccine is rolled out, restrictions across the travel industry will relax, including this.
  15. I have to say I like his tagline: "It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you." How apt.
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