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  1. Hi islandchick saminina raises a good point. We’re you specially asking: A. where to get the best hunk of meat on the ship or B: did you want to know the specific grade of beef SB purchases in a specific country at a specific Time of provisioning? If you are interested in discussing B then I can help. I’ve worked in the US beef industry for over 10 years, am currently on a SB ship and consider myself an honest person. In short A: Quality of beef is good everywhere on the ship. The answer to B is a lot more complicated.
  2. Not sure I understand the laugh part but I totally agree with Dans post.
  3. I’m no political expert nor do I have a crystal ball but i don’t see this situation the same as in Peru where the leftist party wins an election and antifa stops rioting and goes home. This isn’t going to end soon or end well for HK. If I were a betting man I’d bet heavy on the favorites - the PRC. The world has abandoned Hong Kong IMHO
  4. I’m currently on the Quest too... and I’m speechless. This is my 15th SB cruise since 2012 and I find SB to be consistently excellent. . As for the TP issue: - so far not one TP malfunction yet. My face likes soft. My caboose likes strong. And, just maybe, a little sand on the paper may help get job done.
  5. I absolutely envy you on your upcoming ‘first time on Seabourn’ experience. I don’t want to over sale this but our first SB Cruise was ‘the’ special one. I’ve taken 30+ cruises on the big box cruise lines and didn’t really know what to expect going on SB for the first time but ‘OMG’ it was so different and so excellent. I’m currently on #15 and they have all been as good as the last BUT the 1st one... kind of like the first time I saw my wife 35 years ago. I’m hoping it goes well for you ;0
  6. Plastic, about 500-750 ml,, very wide mouths(to wide IMO) and yes on the shore excursion bottles thank God.
  7. This is meant to be an update on all of the changes, policies, and conditions we’ve been discussing for the past 6 months or so. I’m a repeat SB customer since 2012 or so and is where we are IMHO: What’s new: 1. In room plastic WATER bottles have been replaced with the refillable Nordaq water bottle system. My review is: the water in the reusable water bottles is, in fact, water. Score - planet earth. 2. Suites were ready when we boarded at 12:30pm. This may be a new policy fleet wide (or not) but: Score - early SB boarders 3. Diamond passengers get their own special check in line but there were so many Diamond passengers this became the longest check in line. Wifie is Diamond but we elected to select the shorter “everyone else’ lines and beat most Diamond status passengers onboard. Score - observant Diamond status passenger. 4. Rack of lamb missing from the MDR classic menu - Score lambs everywhere 5. In room movie selection weak - Score people with a life What’s not new: 1. Food, service, condition of the ship all still excellent: Score - SB passengers More to follow.
  8. From Seedlip website “Seedlip are transparent about their ingredients, but as they are the first people to make Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits, they can’t share all the details of their methods!” A non-spirit spirit distillery that is so transparent about their ingredients that they can’t tell you what you’re drinking. OMG sounds like the US Government. Easier method when trying to drink socially: Vodka tonic Please - hold the vodka.
  9. I will also be on Odyssey for 21 days in December and this will be my 15th SB cruise. I haven’t see any of the problems OP reported in over 230 days on SB on any of their ships (except for the head rests on the balcony chairs). With that said: “worry if you must, enjoy you will”.
  10. Hi Sarah AA has your answer (see below). Gift wrapped bags shouldn’t be an issue in your checked bags unless you’re taking pot as a gift. https://www.aa.com/i18n/customer-service/support/optional-service-fees.jsp?anchorEvent=false&from=footer#baggage
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