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  1. The numbers are getting a little confused here. braidmacd had said that there were 8 positives taken off in Rhodes and 7 negatives and I believe later said that one of the negatives had tested positive. So it's 9 positives, not 5. And as has been said we don't know the ages or underlying health conditions and we don't know which vaccines were received. While the AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines are very good, the efficacy rate isn't as high as other vaccines. In my own community, where the vaccination rate is not stellar, I know of at least 5 people who were vaccinated (4 with Moderna, 1 J&J) who tested positive and one of those was in hospital for a week. 78 year old male with COPD. These people were all careful about exposure and wore masks. It's a potent disease and if you do just the best case scenario of the numbers on the ship, even with the 95% efficacy rate, with the numbers of crew and passengers of about 800, that's 40 people who would potentially get the disease. It was great to be on a Seabourn cruise again. Although it wasn't 'the same,' the food was great, service was great and we had wonderful weather. Best wishes and good health to all.
  2. First on meds, I changed my numbers on that 10 years ago when a cruise we were on continued to Venice and at that time, a volcano blew up in Iceland and European air travel was shut down for about a week. I guess I'll be increasing it to 10 days now. Second, after the initial test on boarding (and of course the one you had to have at most 3 days earlier) we were tested again on Friday, so that was 6 days. Then because of the cases on board we were tested every other day. Part of this may have been it was technically a b2b of two 7 days cruises and the folks leaving had to have the test results to return home. I had read that they are now testing every three days. The testing is very well done, rapid antigen testing. They obviously had people on board for that specific purpose as there were three or four stations set up for the tests in the Grand Salon. Results were back within 30 minutes.
  3. Hey HRPro/aka Susan! Have a great trip! Margaret
  4. Got an email yesterday from Seabourn and one this morning from my TA regarding this change. Maybe being in the UK has delayed your notification. Actually Monemvasia looks slightly more interesting than Spetsai. I still think Seabourn was hoping to do Caviar in the Surf at Spetsai and could never get Greek approval for the event. They assured that any Seabourn excursion (s I think there was only one?) would be refunded.
  5. I went to the county health department and ask for a printed record and they gave me a sheet with every vaccination I have received in Indiana (as an adult). Stamped and signed. However we live sort of on the border with Kentucky and my primary care physician from whom I have gotten some flu vaccines as well as pneumonia, sometime a tetanus, etc. and the university health department where we have gotten most of our travel vaccines are in Louisville. So I'm carrying my paper CDC covid vaccine card, the sheet the health department gave me and my almost full WHO yellow card at all times. Certainly is clunky but still smaller than my passport! It would certainly be easier if it were a national data base.
  6. I thought I'd heard that the sea days were the formal nights. That would be Monday, and if you're on for two weeks, it's both Mondays.
  7. Check your airports for testing sites. I registered at Philly but couldn't schedule an appointment yet...It will be 9/23. According to the letter this morning, it seems we could get tested on Wednesday here but it falls well outside the three day with the time difference. I'd rather know before I get on a plane to fly to Athens. I know three people right now with breakthrough Covid. We had the 'rapid' test before we went to USVI in May at Walgreens (but actually came from a Walgreens that is affiliated with a local hospital) for $150 each. Actually I think the two tests are better because it gives you a better snapshot of possible infection. We're masking up!
  8. Is it 72 hours or 3 days???? With the time difference, it's impossible for us to do the test here, since we are flying in only one day early. When we went to US Virgin Islands in May, their requirement was 3 days and they gave you a chart with the days on it....anytime within the day. The letter states three days.
  9. Never been to one in the Med either but we've never been on a seasonal appropriate cruise. I looked at Google Maps and saw several nice beaches with facilities that I thought could host it but I don't know about numbers with the ship. Is it going to continue with half capacity?
  10. I was wondering about the Sebourn club wifi available benefit....as clunky as the web site can be, that item has disappeared from the list of choices and the Stream benefit is listed on Diamond level. Do you think they will replace it with another benefit for the lower point total levels?
  11. Perhaps I am misunderstand, but in your initial query, you seemed to ask if restaurant reservations (only in The Grill on Seabourn, and some of the TK specialty nights in the colonnade) and excursions could be granted based on status level and/or suite location. This is never the case on Seabourn. First come, first served. Granted, if you know your way around after a few cruises, there are things you learn. But especially if you read this board, you can pick up on the hints. We took one Regent cruise and although we had a great time, we took a Seabourn cruise after that and never looked back.
  12. Adding my experience: Cruise departure date 7/18/20 (21 day) Cancelled date 3/18/20 ( by us 120 days out, cruise was officially cancelled by Seabourn later, of course) Refund of Excursions Received 5/12/20 (also received emails on these refunds several days prior) Refund of cruise deposit 5/29/20 I count that at 73 days on the deposit, a little over 10 weeks. I believe Seabourn is doing the best it can with the tremendous amount of cancellations and no doubt office staffing shortages due to the virus. I can't imagine all the logistics on crew, supplies, even fuel orders. We are fortunate to be able to wait somewhat patiently for our refund, but we are certainly pleased and relieved to have received it.
  13. I have been to two of the ports you listed on Seabourn excursions...I think we were on the first Seabourn ship to call at Crotone (Legend, 2012) and maybe at Cesme, also on that trip. We took an overview tour in Cesme and I couldn't find any tours listed on the general excursion page on the website. In Crotone, we did a tour to Santa Severina that was lovely and that stands out in my memory. I have been very pleased with my Seabourn tours and have also had the experience of having refunds or partial refunds from Seabourn when something didn't measure up...once when we had to go to a different restaurant, which seemed like a very minor change. Greece and Italy in particular have very strict regulations on licensing tour guides and I'm pretty sure we have always had fully licensed guides. Because of these regulations there are many companies and individuals getting around the requirements and offering less expensive tours with guides who may be less qualified. And we had a disaster of a private tour in Crete...arranged by some friends of ours on the cruise who then were sick and couldn't go. The guide did not speak English and although he took us to all the best sights, we got no information and then had to pay for four people for just the two of us, something we didn't contest when we probably should have, but we were pretty worn down by that time. We've had some less than stellar experiences but in general, we've been pleased, and, as has been said, it's often not the tour, but the fellow passengers that take away from the enjoyment.
  14. I have had great luck with Seabourn air. The first time I used it was for a mid winter flight to South American and when the date date arrived, so did very bad weather across the Eastern US. Although our flights happened to encounter no issues, I felt very confident because Seabourn was responsible for getting us to the ship. I heard horror stories from other passengers who spent hours trying to rebook their flights. The transfers are convenient but we usually like to go several days in advance anyway so paying for the transport to the ship has never been an issue. I have also used it for transatlantics when it was so much less expensive than anything I could get. It seems to be a great benefit when you have to use several different airlines to go to and from the destinations. Our next cruise it was thousands less than I could have booked on our own. And yes, you can get miles for your Seabourn booked flights. Just give them your Frequent Flier numbers. And I have found no difficulty using the airline websites to change seats, if need be. I did have an issue when I tried to upgrade a Seabourn domestic flight to first/business and the airline wouldn't let me, but then we did it at the airport for very little money and no problems.
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