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  1. Am I the last? Crocuses just came up, hurray! Daffodils are about 5 inches high; another week or so for those. But it smells good outside, and the birds are back. Maine is progressing with vaccinations. Weirdly, there are lots of open slots all of a sudden, which I assume is temporary. I am still busy with Zoom everything - classes, friend chats, and official meetings - but last weekend I hit a wall and found myself craving human contact. I do have a few people I'm comfortable seeing in person, and of course Mr Alc is here, so I can't really complain. I'm a little nervous
  2. So very sorry, Colin Cameron. My sincere condolences to you and your family.
  3. Ah, the sight of daffodils! We're a little behind you here but even this makes me happy -
  4. I'm starting to browse travel sites again, but Mr ALC will not go anywhere until masks are not required, so it's armchair travel for me for a while longer. We do have our QV Japan trip in April 2022 to look forward to. I'm hoping for something sooner, but it will depend on local restrictions. Count me among those who've enjoyed this board for the past year. Reading your daily ups and downs and amusing comments helped me stay connected to the outside world. Really, we are a social species. Thanks to all of you for sharing yourselves, and a big thanks to Host Hattie for starting
  5. Great news! Very happy to hear your gap year is history.
  6. This is a tough one. Is the cream equivalent to butter, and goes under the jam; or is it a garnish, like ice cream on pie? As a former scientist, I would suggest an objective approach. First one; then the other; then repeat until you have acquired enough data to reach a conclusion. Preferably with friends and family to expand the dataset. Publish, if you are so inclined.
  7. Personally, I would not rely on testing to feel safe. That is the procedure used in the Trump White House, where numerous people became infected anyway. High-accuracy tests have a time lag before results are known, during which people can be exposed to the virus, and instant tests return occasional false negatives. As much as I am longing to travel again, I'll wait until the end of the year at the soonest
  8. Well said. I'm feeling the gloom these days, and a reminder of the positives is a good antidote.
  9. Texas got socked hard by the storm! How did you fare?
  10. My second Pfizer shot was easier than the first, I'm happy to say. Now let all those B and T cells do their stuff.
  11. I never close the bedroom window, to Mr ALC's regret, but lately it is only open a crack. This week's night time temps are in the 5-15 F range (-15 to -9 C); daytime temps go to 25-30 F (-5 to 0 C). Definitely brisk!
  12. Second vaccine shot now completed, and based on past experience I've cleared my calendar for tomorrow so I can spend the day prostrate with fatigue and clutching my poor cramped belly. I'm told that being well-hydrated helps with side effects so I'm drinking lots of water. Fingers crossed on that. Vaccinations in general are proceeding with fits and starts in this country. What a wonderful day it will be when we achieve herd immunity across the globe. In the meantime, mask up! I've started to see public service ads promoting best practices - we should have been doing that all
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