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  1. Wild winds but almost no rain here. We got off lucky.
  2. Isaias is still a couple of hours away from Maine at about 4:30 pm, although it's moving towards New Hampshire now so we are only expecting a small bit of rain. Happy to know everyone is safe so far.
  3. Navybankerteacher, you make a good point. Critters do what they are meant to do, whether by evolution or divine intent. Mr ALC and I are fortunate to live in a happy equilibrium with the wildlife near our house, and they give us much pleasure when we see them doing their daily whatevers.
  4. Looks wonderful. Happy birthday finally, Mr HH.
  5. That is a very handsome fox, Camgirl! NBT, we are also overrun with chipmunks and squirrels this year, apparently the result of an abundance of acorns last fall. Here is our critter - maybe not such a good hunter; he is very skinny.
  6. Thanks for mention of a new puzzle. In the print edition of the Times maybe? - I read online these days. Sadly they've dropped the daily Kenken so I'm eagerfor an alternative.
  7. Today's Spelling Bee puzzle from the New York Times - make a word of any length using all 7 of these letters: KLONBIT You can use letters more than once. I'm stumped.
  8. The trouble is that intelligence is in conflict with partisanship. It is distinctly unintelligent to not wear a mask, but loyalty to your "side" is stronger. Covid infections begin in the nasal cavity. So even pulling the mask below the nose - wearing it at half-mask - puts one at risk. Where are all the public service ads in support of masks? On the positive side, I saw more masks at out local hardware store yesterday. Maybe the message is getting through. We are in Day 1-zillion of a prolonged hot spell here in Maine. Everyday the forecast extends it farther into the future. The garden is thriving, however, and we haven't seen the groundhogs lately, perhaps because of a fox that's taken up residence. Some deer razed a small bed of hostas one night, so I've applied more repellent everywhere ... We also had a problem with beavers damming a culvert that runs under our driveway, but a local trapper volunteered to take care of them and I think he's done the trick. Last wildlife story - a porcupine and its offspring waddled across the lawn the other day. The young one was romping in a clumsy, porcupine-y way. Wishing everyone well.
  9. :"Lemon squash" sounded delicious, HH, until I googled it and found out it was lemonade. But I'm sure it was delicious because you were finally away from home. That reminds me that when we passed through Heathrow last year (in a long-ago era) we found some Lemon Schweppes. Unavailable here because I think it isn't sweet enough for American tastes. So good. Camgirl, glad to hear the mask making has been successful. Heat wave here, and muggy. Very low covid numbers in our part of the state, but we won't let down our guard. I saw some promising reports on vaccine progress and new treatment options in the paper this week, very encouraging. Maybe we can make travel plans again soon...
  10. Oh dear, too bad about the wine! It reminds me of a passage in a book I read. A very old and long past its prime bottle of champagne was opened to great expectation, but only a ghost remained of what it had been. But in the book the company was good, so like yours the event was memorable anyway. A bit of sympathy over those candlesticks, too.
  11. I wish I could find a bottle of 1998 Dom Perignon in MY larder... An early Happy Birthday to you, Bigmike911. Hope you get to see your UK friends before not too long.
  12. Here is a link to the pattern my friend used, re-sized so the nose and dart points are a little farther apart than your own nose to chin distance. As I said, keep as much of the overall width as possible. My friend's ear loop elastic was only 3 inches long. https://www.instructables.com/id/AB-Mask-for-a-Nurse-by-a-Nurse/ I've actually made that pattern as written and it is a good one even without sizing down to fit your face. But a good fit is key to comfort. It's also worth pointing out that a good fit is key to protection. But then if the mask fits closely the fabric has to be breathable. That's where this new information about combining lightweight silk with cotton is helpful. One other tip - if ear loops are annoying try ties. Ear loops are easier, though. Good find, HH - that is the exact information I was thinking of. Edited to add - Making enough bias tap for that pattern is time consuming. You could alternatively sew the pieces together right sides together then turn it inside out before pleating so you don't have to edge the top and bottom. Gosh, this is important - sew a pipe cleaner or twist ties into the nose bridge!
  13. Those are gorgeous! The only color I knew for many years was the pale purple kind , which are okay. But then some deep blue ones appeared that I fell in love with. Both your varieties are a bit smaller and also have nicer flowers and a more manageable amount of foliage than the kind that is ubiquitous in California. Thanks for posting the pictures!
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