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  1. Well, they did get rid of 800+ Employees so they are no doubt short staffed in a total non value-add department.
  2. It could be the Feb, March and May sailings are too far out to grant the credit. The intention is that you own the shares when sailing, not that you buy shares, put in a bunch of OBC requests, get the OBC credit then dump the stock.
  3. I agree, there will be a huge pent up demmand once trave can safely resume. The future of cruising will be strong, the big question is when will we be able to safely travel again and what will be the status of the cruise lines. It is quite possible that it takes so long that the cruise lines will have to get rid of ships that they will have a need for when they do resume, just in order to survive. At that point, capacity may be diminished to a point where prices go way up until they build new capacity.
  4. P&O Oceana sold. I think that leaves 4 to go. I still think Excasty and Fascination plus HAL Masdam & a Princess Ship will round off the list of ships to go.
  5. We have a cruise booked for October 25th on the Pride, we will decide if we are going to cancel a couple days before final pyment date in late July. We only have a $50pp deposit down, so I would rather lose $100 than give Carnival $2k for a maybe someday cruise. I am hoping it gets cancelled before then. We also have a cruise scheduled in January on the Celebrity Summitt out of San Juan. I am kind of sceptical about that too, but we have util October to decide on that one.
  6. I agree that is likely what their strategy is. I am happy to lose my $100 deposit to not give Carnival $2k to play with until who knows when. If they have not issued any concrete reason for why all of the 6+ day cruises are not showing for October or explain their plan regarding how they figure our Oct 25th cruise will actually sail then I will cancel and they can have the $100.
  7. So they don't have to deal with more refunds / rebooking at this time.
  8. We are booked on a cruise 10/25 out of Baltimore on the Pride, 7 days. It is gone also. As the OP stated only 3, 4 & 5 day cruises show availible. My personal opinion is that they are planning to start off with shorter cruises first. I am failry certain the 6+ day cruises in October will be cancelled. My big hope is that if they are going to to that, they do it before my final payment date of July 27th.
  9. That is probably due to the fact that the Shareholder Credit has to be approved at the Shareholder's meeting each July. In the past they just assumed it would be renewed and issued the OBC. Given the finacial state of Carnival Corp and the Share Prices it is no longer a "gimme."
  10. We are booked on the Pride out of Baltimore at the end of October. While they have Aug & Sept "greyed out" for bookings if you search for cruises in October all that is showing now are 2 & 3 day crusies. It seems to me that is their current plan to start back up, sometime in October with only 3 & 4 day cruises. So I am pretty sure our October cruise will cancell. In any case there is no way I will be making final payment in July for it without something more definitive on a plan to start back with CDC approvals.
  11. As Carnival Corp has not said what ships are going, your guess is as good as anyone else's.
  12. Arnold already said 6 ships will be gone over the next 90 days. All those ships have cruises currently booked and are accepting bookings. Once the papers are signed they will deal with moving those booked on the subject ships to another cruise. In the meantime, Carnival corp will accept your money, as no one in the reservations groups likely has any more idea of what ships are going than we do. That these two ships are amongst those leaving is pure speculation. But as they are older and convieniently located near the major ship breakers, it make sence to me.
  13. I am still working from home so I am actually hoping that continues. We are pretty blessed as we have a large deck on our house, a smaller deck by our pool, the pool and a ht tub, so without having to commute to work every day will be a "staycation" of a few hours in the summer. Additionally, we own a cabin in a resort in the Pocono Mountains, where we also have a large deck. There is a pool and other amenities there, but for the time being we are avoiding that area to avoid contact with "day visitors" to the resort from who knows where. I plan on taking a week or 2 and working from there for a bit of a change of pace. We have a cruise booked on the Pride out of Baltimore in October, but are not too confident it will actually happen.
  14. Indeed. And the major ship breakers are in India and Pakistan so very interesting that those were the ships chosen to repatriate crew from that area.
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