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  1. Thanks for this thread OP, we have been seeking opinions on the Legend as well. We sail on Her next Feb 23rd. Please, those of you sailing before that, consider popping back on CC afterwards and leaving a review!!!
  2. I typically bring a small cooler for beer (which I pre-purchase through Carnival) and soda. In my opinion, requesting that the Steward keep the cooler filled with Ice is somewhat "above and beyond" so I accompany the request on embarkation day with a $20 tip, in recognition that the Steward will be going out of their way to accomplish this. We follow this up with another $20 on the last night. We have always had assigned seating in the MDR, and we typically tip the waiters $20 each on the last night. If we were to have YTD I think it would be appropriate to tip each night if we could not keep the same waitstaff every night, but that is just what we think. IMO, if you pre-pay or have the auto-tips in place that is sufficient. Anything extra is for exemplary service, which we have yet to be on a cruise where that wasn't the case. "Knock wood!"
  3. Most US phone plans, landline and mobile no longer have per call charges, so, yes they would ask US customers to call them with questions. Sorry about your situation and hope it is resolved in your favor quickly.
  4. I have been a T1D for 25+ years. I have gotten very good at estimating carb count over the years, and I have found on cruises that I tend to overestimate the carb count and underestimate my activity level, resulting in more of a tendency to go low vs high when cruising. May I ask what sort of BG testing and insulin delivery your kid is using? Since switching from fingersticks and MDI to a pump integrated with the Dexcom G6 CGM (Tandem T-slim X2 with X-Drip) that auto suspends basal insulin if trending or actually low, it has made a huge difference. They do make it hard on us T1Ds by not having a carb number available. I will add if your kiddo is on fingersticks for BG measurement, test early and often and keep track of IOB and correction bolus or eat snacks as needed to prevent highs and lows.
  5. In your situation, OP, there is no excuse for A) Not moving out of the seat assigned to you by the driver or B) asking you to move from the alternate seat. I really don't get these "groups" of people on vacation who have to be continually attached at the hips 24/7. What could possibly be so important that you have to be able to be near Aunt Ethyl, Cousin Cletus and Biff from next door the entire trip? My previouis example, that some understood and others disagreed with is outside the parameters of your situation. In your case those trying to bully you and your husband were clearly in the wrong.
  6. If it meant that much to them I would move. I understand how you may see it that way, I see it as a simple challenge to conventional though processes.
  7. If there are empty seats I will sit wherever I want. I won't sit where others have left their stuff, but will purposely sit somewhere other than were I previously sat. Same at an assigned table in the MDR, I will mix it up, sit in a different seat every night. I see it as an interesting psychological experiment. People sit in one place, once, in a public conveyance or area and then assume that is now "Their" seat. If a particular seat is not assigned, mix it up for the fun of seeing people react based on their internal assumptions!
  8. We stopped at Coco Cay in 2016 on the Connie and it was wonderful. However seeing the "Improvements" that have been made there, basically turning it into a mini 6 Flags, I'll pass. Coco Cay used to be very similar to HAL's Half Moon Cay, which, as a previous poster pointed out, can feel very crowded with 2 ships, but lucky for us, I guess, have had only 1 ship there the 6 times we have been (4 on HAL, 2 on Carnival.)
  9. The "Cancellation fee" of 25% the day after booking is just that a fee to CANCEL, as in I am not going on any Celebrity Cruise ever! If you simply decide THIS Celebrity cruise is not going to work, there is a $100 fee to change to a different sailing. You can pick any future cruise to move your deposit to. And if you decide to change THAT one, it will again be another $100 change fee. You give up some flexibility to save money. You should have insurance anyway, so get insurance and that way if you decide you really have to "Cancel" no postpone you will get the money back that way.
  10. Thanks for the Q&A on this thread. I was under the impression that these events were JUST for veterans. My DW always goes when they are held and never mentioned that Spouses and Families could attend. Maybe she just wants an hour or so away from me!!!
  11. As the Chef's table is billed through the Steakhouse, they likely will know the details. That being said it is not likely to be on the 1st night.
  12. https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/Ships/FD/DeckPlans/carnival-freedom-deck-plan-pdf Deck 11 aft. Google is your friend.
  13. Most of this stuff I have done already. One thing I haven't, and I will make a priority for next cruise is to go down the water slides! Last cruise we crossed "Play mini golf" off the list!
  14. I have always had my bottles of alcohol noted while going through security and then being directed to the table to turn them in. One thing I will note, for a better selection and much lower prices go to the SUPERMAX grocery store on Plaza de Armas (intersection of Calle San Franciso and Calle De La Cruz) in OSJ. On our first trip to OSJ a kind Police Officer told us this was the place to go, to avoid the liqueur stores in or near the port as they charged far more than the SUPERMAX.
  15. We have a huge cooler bag from Costco that we use for shopping. We pack that in a checked bag, along with some heavy duty trash bags. Once onboard a trash bag goes into the Costco Bag and a liner, I introduce the Cabin Steward to my good friend President Jackson, and it is kept full of ice for the entire cruise. Have never had an issue with it, as it appears to just be a tote bag.
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