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  1. Another vote for the Pork Chop! Huge and delicious. I also will give kudos for the Meatballs!
  2. Bubble tours maintain isolation from anyone outside the tour. Unvaccinated guests can only take bubble tours.
  3. The villas are not really that far apart from each other so we have no preference. If we do a Cabana we do the pink or purple as they are a bit further away and DW likes those colors!
  4. I suspect you are correct. I am also wondering if Carnival changes out the Pride for the Legend as the Legend starts cruises from Baltimore at the end of October and I don't think it has anything going on before that. I may be mistaken but I think it would be a 1:1 switch out with cabins also.
  5. Just got off the phone with Carnival and was finally able to move out our final payments a week to get past the announcement. Now I am just hoping for great news from this announcement!
  6. This particular cruise was originally scheduled for October 2020 and was cancelled prior to final payment date.
  7. Or Tuesday. Ms. Duffy previously said the announcements for Oct/Nov would be LAST Tuesday, which came and went with not a peep until the end of the week. Now John Heald said "Monday, maybe Tuesday" for the announcement. As I said on the 2 other Oct/Nov announcement threads, my final payment for our October cruise on the Pride is due on Monday. I really would like to know if the cruise is happening before giving Carnival another interest free loan. Adding to the uncertainty is zero word from the Port of Baltimore as to when cruises will resume from there. I
  8. May I ask, what is a gc? I ask because our Son and his wife's anniversary occur during our cruise
  9. Very odd. Do you think I should call back and see what another agent says?
  10. I suspect the main reason for the more limited and standardized menu is supply chain related. Some of their past suppliers may no longer be in business and the pipeline of diverse ingredients that was shut down for over a year will take time to fill up and be reliable. I am happy with the current menus, for the time being, and am optimistic they will expand as time goes forward. Anyone who works in business that requires multiple raw materials from multiple vendors today knows the struggles to maintain adequate supply right now.
  11. Quick update for anyone in a similar situation. I called to request an extension of final payment date for our and our DS's bookings. I was informed that an extension request can only be filed one day before final payment is due, so I will be calling again on Sunday if no announcement is out by then.
  12. We love meeting new people at shared tables. Glad it is still going on. And I fertilize my lawn with Corn Gluten Meal every spring. Fully organic, moderate nitrogen level and it stops germination of crabgrass and dandelions. Plus there is no run-off so the waterways are happy. You can be responsible environmentally and still have a nice lawn. Then you can show your tablemates photos of your yard and gardens and compare techniques!
  13. I do not doubt it. My question is will they actually start cruises out of Baltimore by October. Seems it would take at least a couple months to get things rolling.
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