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  1. Just wanted to give a quick additional thanks for your reporting. Great review!!!
  2. Well, depending on when your sail date is, I highly doubt you are going to St. Kitts. Our November cruise on Oasis had St. Kitts cancelled as they are not permitting ships with more than 700 pax to stop there through the end of 2021 at least. In my experience they will have Continental Breakfast by 6:15-6:30. For us we would just get ready for the day and head up to the Lido at 7. We don't take all that long to eat breakfast and are typically done before they open the gangway.
  3. That is what I am trying to do, but even if I log out when I go to the online gift shop page it seems to log me in and only allow me to book stuff for my stateroom.
  4. We are cruising with our DS and his DW in October. Their Wedding Anniversary occurs during our cruise and we want to get the Stateroom Décor and Champagne Toast package for them. Have tried to call to book this and ended up having to hang up due to the interminable hold time. I have poked around the website quite a bit, but couldn't figure a way to order this for them on-line except by logging in as DS (I have his login as we paid for the majority of their cruise as a Anniversary Gift.) Does anyone have any idea how to purchase things for another cabin on-line, or do we just have to dedicate an hour or so plus to wait on hold?
  5. Bon Voyage! Looking forward to your reports. One thing I would like to know is when the "Elegant" nights are. We are on the Pride 10/17 with the same itinerary and want to book a Steakhouse dinner, but want to avoid "Elegant" night.
  6. There are false positives. We got the 6 pack of emed BINAX NOW tests. If once of us tests positive for our 10/17 cruise we will have them do a 2nd test.
  7. DO NOT open it until you are online with the proctor.
  8. There is a good YouTube video that explains follows a couple going through the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88WH6SACB_c
  9. It is indeed Lavazza. Different roast level and grind between Buffet / Dining Room and the Coffee shop area.
  10. I just needed to vent about the online shore excursion booking system. We are on the Pride in October, it is going to Bimini (switched from Grand Turk), HMC and Freeport. First mess was trying to book a kayak excursion for my DW, a Jetski excursion for myself and a clamshell. I booked the clamshell first and then the Kayak but when I went to book the JetSki it would not allow it due to a "conflict" with the time the clamshell was booked. Back and forth on the phone and via email with the shore excursion department and the ONLY way to book the Kayak and JetSki was to NOT book a clamshell and wait until we are on the ship for that. Now they just put up excursions for Bimini. I went to book one and the system said there was a "conflict" with 2 other excursions. The wonderful Carnival website now has our excursions for HMC listed as if they were in Bimini! Back to the phone & email party. Thanks for letting me vent!
  11. We had a similar cabin on the Legend back in Feb 2020 and we loved it. Never was bothered by vibrations, the DW is a sun worshiper so she appreciated the lack of shade and I found there was sufficient shade on most days to be OK on the balcony close to the door. The wake view was great!
  12. My DW is a Friend of Bill W (15 years yesterday.) She will always go to the meeting the first time it is held and will typically exchange contact info with a few other friends, just in case it is needed. She will then attend as our schedule fits or if she feels a need to. She say there are typically around 10 to 12 at the first meeting and fewer at any others she attends. We are SO thankful for this program it has changed our lives for the better!
  13. We stayed in an inside cabin ONCE and never will again, 8 cruises so far, 4 standard Balcony cabins, 1 aft extended Balcony, 1 inside, twice in Suites. If we can catch a deal on a suite we will get that but are happy in a balcony. Generally will arrive a day or 2 before a cruise and stay a day after. Try to fly SouthWest as it just kills me to be ripped off by baggage fees and paying to not sit in a middle seat. Always go to specialty restaurants, DW doesn't drink so no drink package. Usually buy some photos, wife will buy something she "Has to have" as far as jewelry at some point. I HAVE to be able to log in to work if something comes up (it has yet to) so I get the top wifi plan. For us just going on a vacation as inexpensively as possible is not really a value. We work hard the majority of the year and feel if we are going to go, we are going to enjoy it. I realize not everyone is in the same situation so there is nothing wrong with going as inexpensively as possible. We all have to live our lives as we see fit and if you are having a good time, who is anyone else to tell you you should do it their way?
  14. Our 10/17 Pride cruise is still showing Grand Turk on 10/20 but I doubt that is happening. Just fingers crossed it doesn't switch to Nassau but that is what we are anticipating.
  15. We have had a great time at each of these ports. If Carnival has the "All Inclusive Passion Island" excursion in Cozumel it was a great day. Mahogany Bay we rented a beach cabana both times and it was awesome. In Costa Maya we did a private tour to the Chacchoben Ruins with Native Choice and it was absolutely spectacular.
  16. Another vote for the Pork Chop! Huge and delicious. I also will give kudos for the Meatballs!
  17. Bubble tours maintain isolation from anyone outside the tour. Unvaccinated guests can only take bubble tours.
  18. The villas are not really that far apart from each other so we have no preference. If we do a Cabana we do the pink or purple as they are a bit further away and DW likes those colors!
  19. I suspect you are correct. I am also wondering if Carnival changes out the Pride for the Legend as the Legend starts cruises from Baltimore at the end of October and I don't think it has anything going on before that. I may be mistaken but I think it would be a 1:1 switch out with cabins also.
  20. Just got off the phone with Carnival and was finally able to move out our final payments a week to get past the announcement. Now I am just hoping for great news from this announcement!
  21. This particular cruise was originally scheduled for October 2020 and was cancelled prior to final payment date.
  22. Or Tuesday. Ms. Duffy previously said the announcements for Oct/Nov would be LAST Tuesday, which came and went with not a peep until the end of the week. Now John Heald said "Monday, maybe Tuesday" for the announcement. As I said on the 2 other Oct/Nov announcement threads, my final payment for our October cruise on the Pride is due on Monday. I really would like to know if the cruise is happening before giving Carnival another interest free loan. Adding to the uncertainty is zero word from the Port of Baltimore as to when cruises will resume from there. I tried to get my final payment moved out, but I was told by several Carnival CS people that I had to wait until tomorrow to request that. Keeping our fingers crossed as we are really looking forward to this cruise. Also thankful that Royal Caribbean has already said the cruise we have on the Oasis in November is a go.
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