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  1. I agree with all of the above posts. We leave in 3 weeks on the Eclipse.. also have a Caribbean cruise booked for January on the Equinox. We will be elite plus after these cruises. Was going to book a June cruise while onboard, but price has gone up almost 2k with no perks since June. We will wAit to see what other cruises are available..even though we usually only book X, I have done HAl, Azamara, Viking Ocean and Regent in the past few years and if I’m not getting my perks, I will look for other cruise lines with better price and service.
  2. I am on the 15 day r/t Hawaii next month..I have as a perk the Classic..when there was a sale I upgraded for 50% off, $5.00 per day plus gratuity, for a total of 88.50 per person ..wait for a sale.
  3. I will be leaving on the Eclipse in 44 days, round trip Hawaii. The ship has not been edgified, so hoping our Aqua cabin has footstools. We also order room service for breakfast before an excursion, so having a coffee table is important..As for movies, my DH enjoys relaxing in the cabin and watching movies..I did not know they have been charging. We have a January cruise to the Caribbean booked, which will take us to Elite Plus. i know the Equinox has been refurbished. My last two cruises have been on Viking Ocean..love the small ships, all inclusive type sailing.. we do buy the unlimited drink package, which is at a minimal price, as wine and beer are included with lunch and dinner. Like the fact there is a shore excursion in each port. It’s very relaxing, no casino, no scooters, no children under the age of 18. Don’t get me wrong, we love Celebrity, husband loves the casino, but if they start nickel and diming us we won’t hesitate to start cruising with Azamara, Oceana, or Viking. Celebrity please listen to your loyal customers who cruise 3 times a year, and sometimes more.
  4. I just booked a 1 pm out of FLL on southwest..I would not chance an earlier flight then 11:30. Never know if there is a delay. Yes we have made it to the airport early, would rather wait around then miss my flight.
  5. Really sorry you had such bad experiences.. I was in the business in 1986 to 2006. We were professionals. Service was our business. I handled corporate and groups. Sent people all over the world. If I was not knowledgeable in something I did my homework and got the answers. Price drops are difficult in today’s market. I keep my eyes opened and when I see a lower price I do call my agent. Going to a large agency, usually online does get you more perks. I have found one I use, but I do my own comparisons then go to her. I do have the expertise so I know what I want. Many of todays agents are home based, they are in it for some freebies and don’t know the ins and outs of all travel. I lived in London for a year and traveled extensively..
  6. You are not expecting too much.. the TA should respond within a day. I was a TA for 21 years, I would also be in touch with my clients within a day. I understand as OP said you could make your own reservation, but she has your reservation and should handle all your requests for your booking. Good luck, I would find another agent for your next vacation..I use an online agent who has called me from her home, when I called after hours, as she is on east coast and I’m on the West coast.
  7. I have gone to the casino and withdrew from my SBC, there was a 5% fee, but I have heard that they don’t do that anymore. I’ll find out in October when we sail again.
  8. We were on the April 6th sailing and there was no sign of any damage.. ship is is great condition..crew was fantastic, but many were leaving for there homes as they had been on the ship 7 months. Hope Cd Drew will be on, he was great.
  9. I just got off he Sky and had the same problem.. the column for both of us read $105.00 , but when we received the final bill they charged our credit card 356.00, with a 251.00 unused non refundable SBC on my bill. I went to guest services immediately and had them apply my SBC to our bill. I told them it is deceiving and the SBC was for both our accounts not one. Viking needs to reevaluate how they charge the accounts..
  10. I am on the April 6h sailing, and as of today, we have been told the ship will be ready for our cruise, of course, things can change. The engines Were NOT damaged. This is our 2nd Viking Ocean cruise. If you have never sailed on Viking it is very different from Celebrity. Included tours, wine with lunch and dinner, no photographers, no casino, no children, no charge for specialty restaurants. If you want to bring on wine or booze, no problem. My go to cruise line is Celebrity, but Viking has become my second. We can’t wait to board on Saturday.
  11. We will be sailing the Sky April 6th. This will be the first cruise after this event. So glad everyone is safe.. I’ve been on over 45 cruises, and YES, had some that the weather caused some inconveniences. This was terrible, but that goodness everyone survived.. this is our 2nd with Viking.. a very different experience from Celebrity..we are fans of both. Hopefully our cruise won’t be cancelled.
  12. I received an email from Celebrity stating that they had a discount on dining and beverage packages.
  13. We did the cruise from Athens to Venice last year. We used PK tours for transfers from the airport to our hotel, the next day we had a city tour with a drop off at the pier. They were fantastic.. I would highly recommend them.
  14. There are computers on the ship. Sometimes they can be slow. You can buy time and get your boarding passes
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