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  1. For those who just came off the Allure within the last few weeks. How much was the package after the C & A Discount?


    My brother sails Sunday and is thinking about getting the package.


    There were several packages: Unlimited Wi-Fi for the week (one device only) was 189.00 with 10% off for gold members. I believe they had another package that allowed 2-3 devices at the same time unlimited usage for $229. BTW saw you on the live interview with Adam Goldstien. Great questions!

  2. We will be coming off Allure on March 16th and need a rental car. Both Dollar and Alamo apparently have a shuttle from the pier. Alamo's location is at FLL airport, and Dollar's location is not. The total cost of rental is the same for each location. Does anyone have any experience with either rental company, and will the lines to get the shuttle be very long?......Any thoughts on which one you would choose?


  3. Hi ,

    I am departing on my first ever cruise from sydney in April and have been thinking about getting drinks package have looked before to get an idea and went to book today and prices have gone up approx 30 to 40 dollars for each package. Is this normal or affected by exchange rate ?


    Thank you all for any advice :)


    On the Canadian site prices have gone up aprox. 7% due to our lower dollar compared to the USD. These changes came into effect yesterday, so I suspect it may be due to the rising US dollar. Prices went up for excursions, specialty restraunts, alcohol packages etc.


    If you wait to book onboard you can pay in US dollars and I don't think any of the US prices have changed.

  4. Okay Happy Cruiser, at your "urging" we are buying the drink package too:D. I will figure out the Fiesta package afterward or on board.



    We think it's a great idea! The $400.40 Canadian is a bit of a savings compared to cost of pkg. in US dollars once on board. If our Dollar keeps slipping my guess is that they are going to raise the cost of the Canadian Package.

  5. Hey HappyCruiser,


    We are from London (Ontario), we are on your cruise, booked for the Fiesta and have the same question. We can't decide about the drink package - it seems to be a lot of money but when you add it all up it probably isn't far off what we would pay drink by drink. I was planning on rebooking online without the drinks, if we decide to go for the package - I think we can do that on the website. We have booked our teenagers for the dinner without drinks.


    See you at the Cantina


    Hopefully someone who knows for sure will jump in here.



    We did go ahead and purchase the drink package, then went in to change our reservation for Rita's Fiesta Without alcohol. It was no problem they credited our visa for the difference.....However later that day my sister and her husband tried to change their reservation and she couldn't. So she called RC and a customer service rep said they only sell a certain amount of spots for "without alcohol", but she would likely get credited for the difference when she is onboard.


    See you at the Cantina!:)

  6. Has anyone recently done the Jeep excursion with RCI? When we originally booked this excursion it included snorkeling and lunch. But now the description has been changed from 6 hour tour to a 4 hour tour, without lunch or snorkeling.


    The description says it does stop at a beach, does anyone know what beach? And if there would be any good snorkeling? Or a place for us to grab a bite to eat?


    Not sure if we should cancel this excursion and just book one privately.

  7. We are sailing on Allure in March and have booked the Rita's Fiesta Party with cocktails. We are now thinking of purchasing the premium drink package.


    Does anyone know if we would still need to pay for the package "with cocktails" to receive the 3 drinks? There is the "without cocktails" option for half the price.


    Would Royal refund the difference if we have the drink package?

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