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  1. 22 minutes ago, erby2283 said:

    If I booked the refreshment package and applied an onboard credit, if I cancel and repurchase at the lower rate, anyone know how long before the OBC shows back up in my account? If at all? Any chance I can immediately apply it again when I purchase now? Thanks in advance for the answers. 

    The OBC will show up back on your account immediately. So yes, you would be able to use it to repurchase at the lower rate.  

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  2. 1 hour ago, CruiserRob said:

    Celebrity and Royal are now accepting mixed mRNA vaccines.


    • If a guest has already received two mRNA vaccines in mixed series at a minimum interval of 28 days, the CDC will consider that individual to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

    This is great news! As we have one person in our party with two different mRNA vaccines who is worried he might not be able to cruise.  

    However on Royal's website it still says they are not allowing people with mixed mRNA vaccines.  Where are you reading that the mixed vaccines are accepted?

  3. 1 hour ago, ladysail2 said:

    Hopefully RCL will update its policy to follow Celebrity’s.  🤞

    I hope so too.   One person in our group received Phizer for his first shot and Moderna for his second shot at 47 days apart.  We already bought flights and were pretty excited about sailing.  So now we are all bummed out about this whole mess

  4. 3 hours ago, CruiszBug said:

    I got caught in this net when it first rolled out.... I had paid for the UDP on my upcoming Symphony cruise in January 2022 for $179. When I saw it said SALE and the price was $167 I cancelled my existing UDP and proceeded to repurchase it. Of course when it came time to put in your Credit card info, the real price was revealed as $197! Felt like I was baited and hooked by this trap.... 


    Called Royal immediately and they would not reinstate my original price, so I guess for that cruise I will be an MDR maiden! (No soup for you!)

    The exact same thing happened to me. 

  5. 1 hour ago, BecciBoo said:

    We are booked with Beach Club (pass only).  The key on CoCo Cay is to "get there first".  Get off the ship as early as possible and get to the spot you want.  

    Is it a long walk from the ship to get to the Beach Club?  I hear there is a tram that takes you there, is it best to take the tram or walk in order to get there quickly? 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    Hi S,


    I was able to change a name on one of my reservations and keep the cruise planner items.


    Cruise planner items are tied to the guest number and remain constant. You would run into run into issues though with anything that had an age restriction as that would kick in and cancel that particular item.

    That's great!  Thanks so much Ken! 

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  7. We've sailed all except Oasis. Every time we book Oasis it gets cancelled on us.  Once before COVID because of a charter and now because of COVID,  it has been cancelled 3 times on us. 

    1.  Symphony

    2. Allure

    3. Harmony

    *we liked the newer rooms on Harmony but we didn't like the Solarium.  With the plastic panels that get torn and then flap in the wind it becomes so noisy in there and the fact it doesn't have a pool 

  8. Too bad the cruise planner sale doesn't extend into 2022.

    The Black Friday sale was for all sailings up to the end of April 2022.  I purchased most of my things I wanted for my January & February sailings with that sale,  but was hoping for a Boxing Day sale to purchase the rest.

    Oh well, I'm sure there will be another sale before then. 🙂

  9. 7 minutes ago, erinsmom03 said:

    You can try to see it on the video in this post. There is a good video and also aft pictures posted on pg 36. Hope that helps.


    Thanks!  Hard to tell for certain but it does appear to be open.  I would think they would need to have a partition mainly for security purposes. Or maybe they plan on changing the category of cabin's to be booked together?

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