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  1. I noticed on the Odyssey deck plans there are a few sets of Balcony Aft cabins that appear to share the balcony?  There doesn't seem to be a partition between cabins 12726 & 12728 also 12326 & 12328.  However the cabins are sold individually and not as a pair.  

    Would anyone know if this is correct?  Perhaps it's just a mistake on the deck plans?


  2. 5 minutes ago, BirdTravels said:

    But can you afford it?  Nothing is ever "free" and the cruise line isn't "giving it away. I would rather pay a cheaper cruise fair and add what I want. 

    We always purchase the Deluxe Drink Package, The Key w/wifi and always tip above and beyond the prepaid gratuities..... It would depend on what the total cost of the all inclusive cruise is, but I do think there could be value there if someone purchases the drink package anyway.


    However I agree with Ken that Royal would not do this as they have a different demographic of customer.  

  3. Over on my "other" group, (not allowed to mention names) they are reporting that Royal is now extending the double points to already booked cruises. 

    Here is a reply from a Royal representative. 

    We're extending this offer, so that loyalty members with existing bookings do not miss out. The sailing must depart between January 1 – December 31, 2021. -Sam

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  4. Just now, Biker19 said:

    Not sure what else is there to find out - seems like all the details are already in this thread (or on RCI's web site). Now, speculation (and complaints), there'll be plenty of that.


    Biker, who wonder how many different threads on this topic there will be started before the end of the week.

    I was referring to hopefully getting a confirmation on which ships will be sailing. Because if my Feb cruise is cancelled, I will look for a new one in 2021 which is offering the double points.  One more sailing at double points would bring me to Diamond status.

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  5. Well this explains why the prices on many cruises have tripled up to March 2021 sailings.   Final payment is approaching on those sailings and they don't want people to cancel and rebook and get double C&A points.  I bet that after final payment you will see those prices come back down to earth.  

    It's very disappointing to say the least that us loyal cruisers who have stuck by them and not cancelled our sailings will not receive the same double points. 


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  6. 10 hours ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    In looking at the pricing for many ships for the first quarter it appears as if most ships have seen significant (doubled) price increases.  They drop back to normal pricing levels between February and May.  

    It is my belief that Royal has raised the prices on theses ships knowing that they will not sail and are trying to steer bookings towards ships that they plan on sailing in keeping with their already released statements that it will be a slow restart.


    Here are the few remaining ships with what I consider normal pricing. First the two obvious...Mariner and Navigator doing the short itineraries to start things off.  Allure, Harmony and Symphony starting mid to late January With 7 day itineraries.  Indy follows with lower pricing towards the end of February.  The rest of the ships don’t see normal pricing until into March and April.


    Oasis, the ship that started this little research project doesn’t return to normal pricing until April.

    I see our Feb Oasis sailing has tripled in price from what we have paid.  I was hoping the increase is due to the fact the ship is almost at 50% capacity? ....Well if they do end up cancelling the Oasis sailings but not the sister ships sailings, I hope they let us switch to the ship that is sailing. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    Unfortunately taxes and fees are set by the date you made your initial booking.  What they do when you move a booking is to look at the taxes and fees that were in place for the new ship on the date you made the booking for the Oasis and that is what you will be charged 


    It sucks, but it goes both ways.  I have moved ships a few times over several years and have benefited by $100 per person savings. 

    Thanks for the detailed explanation ken.  Since that's the case I won't bother arguing with Royal over it. I'm saving a ton of money on the Lift and Shift anyway.  So I'm quite happy with my price.

    Thanks again, your the best! 

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  8. I just completed a L&S from our December 2020 Oasis cruise to January 2nd Odyssey cruise and the new invoice shows Taxes, Fees and port expenses to be $211 CAD per person.  But when i do a mock booking for Odyssey those same taxes are supposed to be $155 CAD per person.  So for 4 people that works out to be $226 more.    Would anyone know the reason for this or could it just be a mistake that i need to call Royal about?



  9. 4 minutes ago, twins_to_alaska said:


    I posted same thought on another of these threads... right now it's like a pyramid scheme and sadly folk who are purchasing will hopefully be refunding my 3 week ago canceled CP purchases for a Sep cruise.

    We also cancelled Cruise Planner purchases on April 1st, for a December cruise.  I still haven't seen a dime.  

    There is an excursion on my CP now that is on sale, which I have been thinking of booking.  But I won't book anything until I get my refund owed to me first.

    My guess is that there will be lots of sales.  If we miss this one, there will be another one. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    Going ahead and making final payment this week on our July Alaska cruise.  I already have the same week booked for next year as a back up.  If the cruise gets cancelled the 125% FCC will cover the new cruise with a bit left over. I’ll also take the 125% OBC offer to rebook our shore excursions. Luckily being from Ontario our entire trip is covered under TICO in the event Royal goes under.  No risk for us. 

    Hi Ken,  Does TICO cover us Canadians if we booked directly with Royal?  Or would we have to book with a travel agent to be covered?

    Also would TICO cover our cruise planner purchases if Royal does go bankrupt? 

    Hope you and the family are doing well! 



  11. 1 hour ago, Nextcruise42 said:

    I booked the $19 refreshment package for myself, but dh wants the deluxe package . Since I  don't come close to making it worth it I  called rccl but no good on that option. 

    You should call back and speak to someone else.  Or better yet, call the Crown & Anchor number. Your husband should be able to purchase the DPB if you have the refreshment package.

  12. 1 hour ago, timf2001 said:

    The physical changes related to the Spa cabins are minor and can likely be carried out while the ships are in service in the weeks leading up to the May 2021 launch.  I doubt they are currently in place, or will be at any point during 2020.

    Hopefully someone here will have a balcony cabin on Oasis deck 9 or 10 and be able to confirm either way.

    We're starting to get very excited to see all the changes they have made. 😀

  13. 2 minutes ago, AshleyDillo said:


    Being lazy here..what cabin numbers show up when you select the SPA OV category?

    They are on deck 9 & 10.  There are quite a few.  We usually stay in 10700 & 10702 and they are now the OV Spa Category. We are going in December 2020, and my sister is going in April 2020 in those cabins.  So we're hoping the upgrades to the cabins are already in place.


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