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  1. How many guests are you trying to put in 1 cabin?


    I have groups on the Horizon for Oct 2018 and April 2019 and still many Havana cabins open.

    I'm booking for two people. I've checked every date for Horizon April 2019. Nothing comes up for Havana. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I've been checking since last night. Is it possible they have temporarily removed them to reprice them?

  2. I've been on Harmony twice in the last couple of months. I have an iPhone and I was able to text anybody else with an iPhone, both on the ship and back home. I kept my phone on airplane mode all week both times, as to not get charged for any messages. I did not have the wifi package. I did however download the royal IQ app before I left home, I did not have to pay the one time charge for texting. I don't know why. It just worked and I wasn't charged anything. YMMV

  3. Thanks WendyVF and crznDeb you are making the decision much easier. Yes my daughters are 14 and 17 so we're lucky to be able to book in the Havana area. I never really considered that the crowd on Adventure would be an older crowd and my kids might not be too happy about that. So that is a very important point.



  4. Then the obvious solution is to do both.:)

    I wish I could! I just have to figure out how to be in two places at the same time!;p.....Unfortunately I will never get the deal again that we got for a junior suite on the Adventure. That's what makes it so difficult. Also you're on this sailing, and I would have finally got the opportunity to meet you!


  5. Hello, I have two Cruises booked for March spring break and i need to make a decision on which one to keep. In my head I keep going back and forth between the two and i can't decide. Please tell me what you would do.



    Adventure goes to St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados with one sea day.

    We have two Junior Suites Booked for our family of 4. Which we booked at an amazing price! This cruise will bring us to 3 points away from becoming Dimond.



    Carnival Vista is an 8 day cruise and goes to Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao and Aruba with 3 Sea days.

    We have two Cabins booked in the Havana area. One cabin is an Extended Aft Balcony, and the kids have an inside Cabin. We would have Exclusive use of the private pool and lounge area.

    We have never sailed Carnival before but this Itinerary and new ship looks very enticing. We booked this before the ship was even built, and now the Havana Cabins sell for much more then what we paid.



    The price of flights are about the same, with San Juan coming in just a bit cheeper then flying to Miami. But with San Juan we would have to fly in the day of the cruise. Also Both cruises are about the same cost on a per day basis.



    Please Help! Which one would you choose?

  6. Can anyone explain exactly what we get for the price of this Beach Loungers for Two excursion in Labadee? On Cruise Planner it is $45 per person, but I also heard that the clam shell canopy is what we are really paying for and the lounge chairs are free. I also heard that without a reservation, you are not allowed in that section.


    I purchased one for $45. I have a family of three. How does it this work out? Do I need to pay for all of my family members just to get in the area or are we simply paying for the clamshell? I hope someone can explain the confusion of this excursion who has experienced this recently. Thanks.



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    If you get to the beach early you should be able to get a spot with shade. On Nellie's beach and Columbus beach there are a few palm trees. Also on Nellie's they have a few palapas (natural umbrella's).


    But I'm pretty sure you can bring your family of three into the reserved area without any issue. In fact a few years ago when the clam shell were free we were able to get 3 loungers under the clamshell easily. Not sure if they are still the same size?

  7. Royal IQ app is great! We are just off Harmony last week. For some reason we were all able to text each other with iMessage and I was even able to text my sister with iMessage to Canada. (my phone was on airplane mode the entire trip) We did not pay the $7.95 per device charge. We did however purchase the "one device wifi package" for DH and I to share. The the iMessages were going through even when I was not connected to wifi. For example DH was using the wifi and I was texting my sister with iMessage.

  8. are you saying the text option worked without paying... or that the royal IQ app itself worked?


    Yes, this is what I'm saying. The app gives you just enough wifi so that you can access the Royal IQ, therefore allowing a simple text on their wifi. We are all on airplane mode.

  9. Wait - I am confused and apparently not very tech savvy......;p Are your phones on airplane mode? We all have iphones, but I don't want to be surprised with some kind of texting charges from AT&T at the end of our cruise......why would there be a charge if you can do this for free?

    Yes all of our phones are on airplane mode. I've even been texting my family back in Canada. On the Royal IQ app there is an option to buy this feature of texting while on the ship for $7.95. ( you'll see the option when you get on the ship and you register your cabin number) we did not purchase this option but for some reason it's working.

  10. happycruiser1234, I was hoping I could just withdraw any obc that I don't use from the casino but rci supervisor told me since it will be labeled "promotional" I won't be allowed to use it or withdraw it from the casino. From your experience, do you think he is wrong? Thanks!



    I agree with CAD Disney mom. It shouldn't be a problem. If they don't give you the OBC in cash you can always ask for a slots voucher in the amount of the OBC. Put the voucher in the slot machine, then cash out. (You don't even need to play)

  11. Canadian Disney, Thank you for your suggestion to use my obc since rcl won't won't just reimburse my credit card. I wish I could ask for reimbursement of grat and use obc to pay them but I'm assuming I can't. My husband won the cruise through his job, ( Just have to pay taxes on value and excursions, etc) they are paying our grat. I know we are super lucky but then again it is in lieu of annual bonus.

    I thought about cancelling our excursions and using obc but the price has gone up since I bought them and I wouldn't want to chance them selling out. Any other ideas? Thanks!!



    You can always withdraw your OBC from the casino. If you set your account up as a cash account they won't charge you the 5% fee that they would usually charge you if you had a credit card on your account.

  12. Which rental car company is closest to the port in Fort Lauderdale? After our cruise we will be driving to Orlando, returning the car there at the airport and taking DME for a few day's visit with Mickey and his friends. Thanks for any help.



    We like to use Alamo. They have a free shuttle that picks you up at the cruise Terminal and takes you to the airport car rental location. They usually have the best prices and they don't charge a fee for dropping the car at a MCO.

  13. I'm confused. When attempting to reserve a "Beach Lounger for Two" the RCI website asks for number of guests. (There are three of us (me, DW and DS) that plan to rotate through the loungers.) The RCI website wants to charge us for three guests.


    Question: If I only put one guest, we will only be charged once for a "Beach Lounger for Two"; if we do that, can we all three still use the two loungers and have access to the area? (I assume the area is restricted?) Thanks!


    Incase you aren't already aware of this, lounge chairs are free all over Labadee. Basically you are reserving the clamshell. I don't think the area is private, so you can easily bring a third chair to your clamshell.


    Personally I don't like the beach where these clamshells are reserved. The water is rougher and full of sharp shells. I've seen people come out with cuts from the sharp shells. There are 3-4 separate beach areas at Labadee. Columbus and Nellie's beach has calm water and a soft sand bottom. Might be important if your son is young.

  14. Okay, this doesn't make any sense to me. $8.99/day for single user. $21.99/day for 2 users. Why would you purchase the 2 user package when purchasing 2 single user packages would be cheaper? Did they screw up the pricing tiers? This is for the 2/20/17 Brilliance of the Seas cruise out of Tampa.


    It appears to me that they are starting a sale for Super Bowl weekend, and a few things in the cruise planner are on sale. You will probably see something later that they are offering it at 50% off for this weekend only.


    I noticed the refreshment package is also on sale. And I think Chops might be as well.

  15. While usually I don't see price drops on the new "sales" this one surprised me.


    Just repriced my March 2018 Oasis cruise and saved $213 per cabin.


    I saw those great prices this morning at around 7am, and was going to move one of my extra reservations that i have from an onboard booking. Balcony cabin was under $2500 Cad, then in a matter of 30 minutes price jumped to $3200. Another one i was looking at jumped over $1000 in matter of minutes. Good for you on scoring a great deal!

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