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  1. Would anyone know if I changed one person on my reservation, would the Cruise Planner purchases automatically cancel? Or would the new person named to the reservation be able to keep the Cruise Planner purchases?
  2. It's a beautiful ship, and I think Harmony has Grease for their broadway show which is fantastic! If you're booked on it you will not be disappointed.
  3. We've sailed all except Oasis. Every time we book Oasis it gets cancelled on us. Once before COVID because of a charter and now because of COVID, it has been cancelled 3 times on us. 1. Symphony 2. Allure 3. Harmony *we liked the newer rooms on Harmony but we didn't like the Solarium. With the plastic panels that get torn and then flap in the wind it becomes so noisy in there and the fact it doesn't have a pool
  4. Too bad the cruise planner sale doesn't extend into 2022. The Black Friday sale was for all sailings up to the end of April 2022. I purchased most of my things I wanted for my January & February sailings with that sale, but was hoping for a Boxing Day sale to purchase the rest. Oh well, I'm sure there will be another sale before then. 🙂
  5. Great shot! Thanks for posting this. Odyssey will likely be the same.
  6. Thanks! Hard to tell for certain but it does appear to be open. I would think they would need to have a partition mainly for security purposes. Or maybe they plan on changing the category of cabin's to be booked together?
  7. I noticed on the Odyssey deck plans there are a few sets of Balcony Aft cabins that appear to share the balcony? There doesn't seem to be a partition between cabins 12726 & 12728 also 12326 & 12328. However the cabins are sold individually and not as a pair. Would anyone know if this is correct? Perhaps it's just a mistake on the deck plans?
  8. Wow! That's very honourable of Princess to be so honest and transparent, rather then leading their customers on month by month. I hope they have it right and we will all be sailing again in April.
  9. Our Odyssey sailing in 2022 has the Private Beach club area at Coco Cay priced at $238.07 CAD. Per person. (A few days ago it was $264.67pp) Not sure if that's a mistake or that is actually the price they want now?
  10. We always purchase the Deluxe Drink Package, The Key w/wifi and always tip above and beyond the prepaid gratuities..... It would depend on what the total cost of the all inclusive cruise is, but I do think there could be value there if someone purchases the drink package anyway. However I agree with Ken that Royal would not do this as they have a different demographic of customer.
  11. Love it! Kinda makes me want to try Celebrity.....I would love if Royal did this!
  12. @Ourusualbeach So just to clarify, group bookings that were previously made through our TA do qualify for double points? The T&C say "named groups", so I am assuming a "named group" is one made with our TA? 🙂
  13. Also on my "other" group, they are saying that you need to contact Royal or your Travel Agent to have the double points added to your reservations. Some have reported already having done so.
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