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  1. The OBC will show up back on your account immediately. So yes, you would be able to use it to repurchase at the lower rate.
  2. Yes, our entertainment reservations opened up on December 1st for our Oasis cruise on January 5th.
  3. Yes! Our reservations opened today also. Sailing Oasis in January
  4. I agree. When will Royal get their act together and have a better IT team? It's almost embarrassing.
  5. Royal has knocked this one out of the park! This ship is definitely wow!!! I can't wait till tomorrow to see the prices and hopefully book our next cruise! .... I have the feeling my travel agent will be busy tomorrow! 🙂
  6. The price for our January cruise on Oasis is $4750 CAD. This is just insane.
  7. Just got back from an 8 day cruise on Allure. DH and I had $8, which we played on day 8. (We are Emerald) My Sister and her husband are platinum and received $2, which they played on day 8 also. Lucky them turned it into $150.
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