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  1. We were on the Anthem this past fall (October, 2019) This was our second cruise on the Anthem. Enjoyed it very much. Ship very nice IMO.
  2. Yes I saw these also On Oasis in February when walking the track
  3. I want to book a group cruise for summer 2022 also, but guess I'm ok with later in the year to see if things have smoothed out any. Sigh.
  4. Would really like to feel comfortable booking a cruise for next year orin 2022, but guess will wait a little longer to see how this virus messes things up.
  5. Hi all, Just want to say I was not expecting a refund anytime soon. Cancelled Feb 2021, b2b cruises March 15th. Been watching for the refund, and yesterday it appeared. Was very happy to say the least. It was a refundable deposit of $1,000 total so was extremely grateful they came through. Especially as we're in our 70's and who knows if will be able to cruise again. Loved all our cruises and will be sad if we won't experience one again, but just seeing and kissing our family, kids, grandkids, my 91 year old mother currently in lockdown, siblings, friends, etc will be the first thing on my agenda. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  6. Lucky you. I cancelled b2b cruises for Feb 2021 on 3/12 &3/15. First was told would be 3-5 business days. Second time I called, it would be 7 business day. Third time I called said it would be 30 days, but not business days. Will see what happens when that time comes. Fingers crossed. (because we're 70 & 75, pretty much resigned that next year a cruise most likely wouldn't happen for us. ) Who knows. Not my priority right now.
  7. A way to sanitize the menus between use. After ordering my husband & I would sanitize our hands before eating. I could almost see all the germs/bacteria crawling on the menus. Sanitize the salt/pepper shakers (not sure how or just change them frequently) the butter dishes, etc,etc. Lots of places are germy for sure. The buffet tongs are especially one thing that are pretty gross. Guess would just look out for myself and sanitize often.
  8. They are not sending email confirmations I was told because of the volume of rescheduling,etc. Only giving conf # number. I got through by phone in less than a minute, gave conf # immediately . I document the day, time & person I talked to when getting this information. Refund in 3-5 or up to 7 days (business) i assume . I'm not rescheduling for the forseeable future.
  9. I certainly hope this is only temporary. I'm 70, healthy, workout every day, eat healthy. Just looking at the last 2 cruises we took, Oct 2019 & Feb 2020 & the majority of the obese unhealthy looking people were the younger ones, kids & all. Obesity just as bad as chronic illnesses, because that's what it leads to. My rant & my opinion.
  10. Absolutely agrees. Would go in a heartbeat if I had one scheduled. Just got back from a b2b so saving pennies for the next one. Common sense prevails.
  11. These are all hilarious. I too miss Bob's expertise. Hope he enjoys retirement. Unrelated note, we were on Oasis in Feb & had the opportunity to meet Super Mario & see him working in his office. He was very nice & allowed me to take a picture. Saw him at the top tier also. Everyone enjoy your day and your cruise if you are lucky to be on one.
  12. Our b2b on Oasis Feb 9 - Feb 23rd we're at max or close to max capacity. We enjoyed every minute. No illnesses that we were aware of. Did have an evacuation on the first week, but do not know why. Apparently something other than flu, etc.
  13. Not working on my desktop mac. Works on my surface. Does work on my Android (Samsung)
  14. We were on the Oasis Feb 16 & Feb 23 & there were some nights of 2 skating and 2 aqua shows.
  15. We are currently on the Oasis in our second week of b2b. No major issues at all. If the ship has not been to an Asian port or going to one, IMO is no problem. I agree there is just as much chance at the grocery store, restaurants, any public place. They are completely vigilant on board and you just have to be responsible to wash your hands, don't touch your face, etc. Hope you enjoy your cruise, because we sure are.
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