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  1. I completely agree that this is a serious issue that should be allowed to exist on the individual cruise line threads.
  2. My most recent visit from Roto Rooter convinced me I shouldn't even be flushing these at home.I put them in the trash; land or sea.
  3. No. Hurricane season starts in May, but typically, they don't arrive until August. We have had three on record, earlier than May, but the last one was in the late 1930s, if I remember correctly. (My husband is a hurricane expert, so I learn this stuff through osmosis.)
  4. Not a chance. If I saw one, I would smile politely and then giggle later.
  5. Thanks for the information. I had no idea. This point, though, genuinely surprises me. I would have guessed the exact opposite.
  6. We've done eight cruises and have never had a non-refundable deposit. I didn't know it was a thing until I saw this thread.
  7. Not that way, no. When we first started cruising, we didn't even realize that tip was already there, so we paid heavily on that cruise. Not since.
  8. Also the grocery store, gas station, movie theater, etc. I am perfectly able bodied and I have had men cut me off so they could get in front of me to "help" me with the door. I help elderly & disabled people a lot, but never without informing them of my plan.
  9. Even if we could afford to double the price of our cruises (we definitely cannot,) we wouldn't do this. Snuggling with my husband is one of my favorite things in life.
  10. People who don't think it's important to follow the rules. There are always signs telling you not to do what you do.
  11. Princess upgraded our cabin for our first ever cruise, about two weeks before sail date. It was a fantastic surprise. (We had selected forward, to save the money, and got upgraded to mid-ship.)
  12. I think the world is filled with selfish people who think everyone else is just an extra in their own personal movie. They are completely unaware that their actions might impact other people. (And/or they don't care.) I could provide a long list of examples; sneezing without thinking of others is just the tip of the iceberg.
  13. Your solution sounds good in theory, however, people who don't already know that their sneezing spreads germs flying everywhere, are unlikely to be convinced by a sign (that they may never even see.)
  14. Thank you so much for the menu pics which give me some insight as to what I can expect in January in YC. I'm ridiculously excited that we get to have this experience!
  15. The best part of cruising is that it is a completely flexible experience for the cruiser. For us, we are 15 minutes from Port Everglades and around 45 minutes from Port Miami. All of our eight cruises were out of one of these ports. We could certainly afford the cash to fly to other ports, but it is time prohibitive, due to the nature of my husband's job. A land vacation doesn't give us the opportunity to truly unplug and relax completely. We both have jobs where we'd be constantly bothered via text or phone calls from work. A cruise let's us say, "too bad/so sad, figure it out 'til I'm back." We are only moderately interested in sight seeing. On a land vacation, we have to have a car, we need to drive to a restaurant, so my husband can't have a beer. A cruise makes perfect sense for us. Sitting on our balcony, ordering room service, and watching the ocean go by - very attractive. Our phones are turned off and in the safe, where they will stay for most of the cruise. We come back 100% relaxed, and ready to take on the stress that awaits us at work. Ports are just a side-benefit. We end up in Cozumel a lot. We have no need to get off the ship, though we'll always get off the ship if we end up in Aruba. The ship is the destination for us.
  16. Thank you for the very thorough review. We are new to MSC and sail Divina next January. Very exciting!
  17. There are several differences between the two. We really did enjoy the Getaway, but the Jade was a whole new experience for us. It's the smallest ship we've ever been on and we loved it. We almost always take at least 7-days, so the 5-day may have been the difference on availability.
  18. Gizmo. He's the cutest terror ever. He's starting to chill. slowly.
  19. Feel free to let it go at any time. Cheers and have a great night. Happy cruising!
  20. If Americans keep hating on MSC, their prices will stay low. We are over-the-moon excited about our 11-day Yacht Club next January. The only reason we can afford it is because of their terrible US reputation. Keep hating, haters! I'm expecting a fantastic experience for a really, really good price that is comparable to a regular balcony price on other lines. Stay away from MSC, very very far away! I need these prices to stay low, or we'll only be doing YC the one time. 🙂
  21. Saying you don't like the food is bizarre? Huh... I'll keep that in mind.
  22. Yes, not gushing about food on a cruise and then defending myself when someone tells me I have a shitty palate is truly bizarre.
  23. I'm not a jerk and I do not criticize lightly. since I am quite obviously in the minority on this, I went looking at other Indy reviews from the same month we were on the ship. Below are one paragraph on food from four other reviews around the same time. Maybe it was just a bad month for Indy? Dinner first night was unfortunately a sign of things to come. Wait staff was excellent but food was horrible. I'm not even a picky eater. Tried upgrading to a filet from chops one night and it was nothing special. I felt bad for wait staff as they tried their hardest and could tell the food just was not tasty. It didn't even look good. JOHNNY ROCKETS BURGERS - There is a $8 charge per person for "all you can eat", but that does not include milkshakes, they are extra. All burgers are cooked "well done" regardless of how you want them. Buns were stale and overall it was a waste of $50. Service was friendly and restaurant area was clean. FOOD - I don't even know what to say other than it really wasn't very good, it seemed to lack quality and taste. Service everywhere was excellent. By no means are we picky eaters, we had a hard time with a few things just being that terrible. To start, we’ve always heard that one of the best parts of a cruise is the delicious food. Well, on this ship there is no good food to be found. The main dining, the buffet, the pizza shop, it’s all high school cafeteria quality. In the main dining they do try to dress it up a bit, but they’re just putting lipstick on a pig.
  24. I didn't see any kiosks to reserve. We could have called the dining line, but we tried a couple of times and got a busy signal. At the end of the day, it just wasn't worth the time investment on a 5-day to worry about it.
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