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  1. It seems most of the responses have nothing to do with the topic.
  2. Do you have any data to back up your claim? I don't think Americans are even a majority of the world cruise market. A majority of Americans do not watch professional sports.
  3. We’re going to be on board during the playoffs. I hope the plan is that those are on MUTS
  4. Thanks, everyone. I just wanted to make sure the Maître De wasn't going to laugh us out of the MDR. 🙂 Happy cruising.
  5. Hi everyone. I kindly request that this not devolve into a formal night fight, thread. Please. I have an honest question. My husband was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. We've been trying to get a proper diagnosis for a long time; basically since COVID started. He hasn't worn proper shoes (tennis shoes, dress shoes, boots) in over a year. He's only wearing flip flops, because his feet are huge. We don't normally participate in formal nights; we just do the buffet and keep the nice clothes at home. The lost year has us excited to put on our fancy clothes, at least once, on our January cruise. The issue is shoes. Will his flip flops suffice? We've rented a scooter from Special Needs Group for the cruise, so he'll be scooting around in a suit & tie, wearing flip flops. We are SO excited to be back on Princess. 🙂
  6. Good deal. Congrats! I wanted to wait an extra day, but both my husband and financial planner vetoed me. I'm good with the $18/share we paid.
  7. We bought 100 shares for $1,800. So pleased with that.
  8. I put a cabin on hold and gave it to my TA to reserve. It was crazy weird trying to get it off hold, so my TA just waited until it was released and grabbed it. It's not an intuitive process. I could not figure out how to release my hold so my TA could grab it.
  9. Viruses die off when the number of daylight hours increase. UV light works wonders - it's why they use it to sterilize medical instruments. (Plus loads of other things.)
  10. So the features listed I see you can order drinks right from the app. Is that right? Does this include getting a beer or drink delivered to the cabin?
  11. Thank you for the excellent review. It's appreciated.
  12. I find it difficult to believe there is a facial recognition device at every cabin door. I'm just now learning about this medallion class. We will be on the Enchanted later this year. Is it true that if someone finds a lost medallion, they can easily figure out which cabin the medallion belongs to? That seems to be going backwards, when hotel room keys had the room number on them. They stopped doing that for a reason.
  13. I literally did not know that OBC isn't applied to casino withdrawals. Never mind, then.
  14. It's pretty silly to make OBC non-refundable when all you have to do is download the amount to your casino account, click cash out, and go get the cash from the cashier. You need to use a slot machine to do this, but you don't actually need to spin.
  15. My sister and three other relatives were there last year. They all said it was great.
  16. True. I misspoke. A good steak house in Kansas is going to have a better steak than good steak houses in other places. We have had one bad meal in CG, but gave it another chance on another cruise. The bad visit was a one-off. In general, we find their steaks to be better than Outback. We stopped going to Outback years ago, due to their declining quality. We haven't cruised Princess in five years. Looking forward to going back to CG in December.
  17. I tried that. It worked for all of them. Thank you. Now am I getting too many notifications. My emails are set to off, but now I get an email every time something shows up in my bell. LOL - cease & desist, CC!! LOL
  18. This is really uncalled for levels of snark. It's fantastic (I mean that sincerely,) that some people have access to a cow killed yesterday from a ranch two miles over, but not everyone does. The beef that high class steak houses have access to is still excellent quality. I am a three minute drive from the Atlantic ocean and have access to the highest level of seafood out there. I would never tell someone not to eat at a high quality seafood restaurant that wasn't here, because "more power to you if you want substandard quality." The steak at Crown grill is excellent. It's not "Wyoming's fresh kill," excellent, but it's still very high quality. While you may have no reason to eat there, more people don't have access to freshly killed beef than do, so we need something. 🙂 I have eaten fresh beef in Kansas, Oklahoma & Nebraska. It's excellent, to be sure, but it's not SOOO much better that eating it elsewhere should be condemned.
  19. Well, sort of. They were in isolation, which is not a quarantine. They were hoping to mitigate.
  20. Yes. I got two from you. I think what's happening is that the settings are working for anything new (since I changed the setting,) but is not being applied to threads I was in before I made the change. I also noticed that I had to log out and back in after I made the change and that made it start working for the new threads. Thanks!
  21. Thanks. Yes; all my options are set to in-forum notify. I am starting to get notifications on some of the posts, but not all. Very strange.
  22. Thank you. I've sent a note to the help email.
  23. It's a separate issue. Am I not understanding? That person wasn't getting email notifications. I get those fine when someone directly responds to me. I am not getting notifications on my forum bell, except when someone quotes one of my posts.
  24. My email provider shouldn't factor into it at all. I'm talking about the notification bell in the upper right hand corner, to the left of my user name. I didn't find a thread on this. I did search.
  25. I have below three items checked, but am not getting notifications in my "bell." Help, please! 🙂 Automatically follow content Automatically follow new content I post Automatically follow content I reply to Method to use for content I follow automatically A notification when new content is posted
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