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  1. I am wondering if there will NO LONGER be a need for the short shuttle bus ride that is now required in Cape Liberty to go to the ship. It was a short 2 minute ride, but with the number of passengers on Quantum, if will be nice if the shuttle is not needed.


    If not - no problem - just nice being able to cruise without having to fly !

  2. Michele -


    I can't thank you enough for your excellent pictures. They are fantastic - I will go back and read every detail of your review later. I was cheating and only looking at your pictures - THEN I saw you and recognized you!!!!! on your HUGE balcony. This is Judy and Dennis from Pennsylvania - we sailed with you last year on the GEM in June and spent some fun times with you including Cruise Critic meeting and the cabin crawl. Hope you and your family are doing well!!!! Did you find the Haven service as good or better than Gem? We have a spa suite on Breakaway for October. Can't wait - tiny cabin compared to yours - book looking forward to the suite life. Your suite looked SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very anxious for the Haven experience :) Do you remember us??

  3. Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. We are sailing Breakaway in October, and you have us extremely anxious. Your shots have such clarity and give us a feel for the personality of the ship - we enjoyed the color of Gem, but this seems to have a more classy, yet not snooty feel. I am enjoying all the commentary going along with your pictures, and greatly appreciate the time you are taking to complete with such detail. I have friends who are more interested in your pictures only - do you have a website or a place where you will have all the pictures posted? I need to hit each individual link to see them - worth it!! Again - thanks for a great job!!

  4. Since Celebrity offers a non alcoholic package, I am surprised that Royal Caribbean does not offer the same since they own Celebrity. On Royal I get the soda package, on Celebrity, I get the non- alcoholic which includes all sodas, special coffees and teas, and non alcoholic drinks (such as strawberry daiquiri, pina colada), fresh squeezed orange juice and bottled water. Lots offered by Celebrity package! Hopefully, Royal Caribbean will offer soon also.

  5. Michele -


    Thanks SO much for taking the time to write a detailed review including pictures. It was like reliving the experience once home. We have sailed on many cruise lines, but the SUITE life with NCL is really sweet. The service was the best, and we loved Cagney's for breakfast and lunch - what a nice perk. It was great meeting you and your family at our CC meeting and then spending time with each other when we saw each other on board.


    Enjoy the rest of your summer - and keep cool in your pool (lucky you).


    Best wishes for smooth sailing in the future.


    Dennis & Judy

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