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  1. Another thread stated that they did away with drink specials. Did they have any each night on your cruise?
  2. Question for Beamafar...... I looked at your posting of the drink menu and most of the drinks were $7.00. My understanding with the All In package it is any drink $6.00 or under. What has been your experience with this issue?
  3. Thank you for answering my post. We are looking forward to your review.
  4. Thank you so much! You really did a very comprehensive posting. We have sailed MSC on 5 previous occasions in the Caribbean. On both the Divina and the Seaside. Another couple is joining us and they are very "needy". I tried to explain to them that MSC is different. They are not RCCL or Celebrity. We have the all in Bella experience. We are Black Card and they are the tier below. They are already talking about having anytime dining. Have either of you tried to get anytime dining when it was not part of your "experience"? What can you tell me about this ship that is different than the larger ones. I know it is smaller but how is the staff"? Do they try to accomodate special requests? How were the senior officers, i.e. Hotel Director etc.? We have been very lucky on our other sailings. We only had one, an older Italian man, who listened but never executed anything. The others were great. Robert who headed up the specialty restaurants on the other ship (don't remember which one) was great. Hope our friends are able to adapt to a different environment. We always manage to have a good time and enjoy the shows. By the way, how are the shows? Another strange thing, our cruise, 9/9/19, has only 3 people on the roll call. I don't think we will need a large cake for the Top Tier welcome back party!! What were your experiences? Again, thanks for your reply's.
  5. Does anyone have the menus from current Caribbean cruises on the above ship? I am referring to those in the MDR and not specialty restaurants. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  6. Can you email us the name of the place you are staying at as well as the tour person you are going to be using. We would be most interested in doing this. Our email address is gagnon.james at yahoo dot com We would really appreciate this! We are not Beach people as we live here in South Florida and have the beach all the time. When we go on vacation we enjoy interacting with the locals and seeing their environment. Not to forget eating their food and drinking their beer and mojitos!
  7. Where are you staying in Havana? We have visited there several times by ship but never thought we would have to look for a place to stay on land. We live in South Florida and are interested in doing a flight and staying several days.
  8. When in Costa Maya, take the open-air trolley bus over to the beach area there are umbrellas, beach chairs, and Tiki Huts to sit under if you don't want the sun. There also are many restaurants and bars right there on the beach. Yes, last time I was there there was seaweed but you can't have everything. If you've never been there give it a try. You pay for the bus to take you over, about 15 minutes, and there are taxis available to take back at I believe $4 per person. Give it a try. Don't let others scare you into just staying in the vendor filled Port enclosed area. And the beers are cheap at the beach!
  9. I am with you on that! On the September 9th Cruise we are going to Roatan Costa Maya and Cozumel. That leaves us with a choice of Key West or Grand Cayman. I am voting for Grand Cayman. That is where we buy our cheap Baileys Irish Cream! May need to take an extra bag to fill it with booze. LOL
  10. Erica, you are an angel! I found it so hard to believe that they would offer nothing because of this issue when other Cruise Lines are stepping up to the plate. Again, thank you for clarifying this issue.
  11. If they were this stupid to make such a statement I don't know what the chances are of them changing it. Perhaps if they get enough push back from travel agents and customers they will do something. My heart goes out to those who have hotels and airfare that will be impacted by this.
  12. This is definitely not good PR on msc's part. Those in Switzerland who made up this press release need to get with the American program. I don't know who is going to be booking this ship in the future without having the Havana option. That was the main reason for even booking this ship. There are so many other ships from South Florida that are doing the same itineraries.
  13. Just went to the MSC website they posted as of 10:30 this morning. They did say that those currently on board will get $400 per stateroom. It also mentions in the last three lines that those who have future Cruise will be able to cancel and rebook on another Cruise. It mentions nothing about compensation for the loss of cuba. Are they kidding me?? Go to some of theother Cruise Lines websites and look what they are giving their passengers.
  14. If an individual does not like the topic of a post why bother even reading it? Makes one Wonder....... just move on to the next post that you find interesting and wish to read.
  15. If I am reading this correctly it says those who are currently on board a ship today will be getting the $400 onboard credit. It does not address what those of us who have future cruises booked will be getting. Can The Cruise Critic rep clarify this for us please. Thank you.
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