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  1. What insurance company did you use? The insurance is covering the default of the cruise line. I do not know what that has to do with the travel agency being involved. Thanks for letting us know this and I will check before we buy the insurance.
  2. When stopping in Colon Panama you need to take a ship sponsored tour that goes into Panama City. We really enjoyed the old town of Panama City as well as seeing the new modern area. We never take ship tours but I would not chance doing one with a private guide as it is quite far away and if something happens you would not be protected for the ship waiting for you to get back. The port of Colon is really sketchy.
  3. My husband and I along with a group of our friends are hoping Cuba gets back on the itinerary list. We have been there several times and loved it. And it would work very well with the shorter sailings. We also love the Empress!
  4. Several posts up the OP said it occurred Christmas of 2018. So now I am really confused. It appears the Australian Market is getting wine gifts now. I think these are two separate events.
  5. Oh my. It is pretty sad that a post is about an act of kindness that X performed 2 YEARS AGO. Can anyone contribute about a more current act of kindness? Does not have to be one that occurred on board a ship.
  6. Question for Zenith group......do you know who the top cruiser is now that Arno will no longer be sailing? We also enjoyed interacting with the CC host.
  7. Will confess I have not read all 39 pages of this thread. Some food for thought. Now that we have a new administration in the U.S. there is the possibility that Cuba will be opened again. The Empress was the ship used for that itinerary . I can see the ship coming back to Miami for short cruises. Fingers crossed.
  8. The website cruiseradio.net has an article whereby X just announced their All Inclusive plan. Argo. Has a thread that this was coming. Many posters felt it was just another rumor. Guess it is now true. Looking forward to see how this affects Elite happy hour and the wifi benefits we had under that tier.
  9. I didn't realize we are in 4th grade..."I know something you don't know." What's the big deal? Arno and his wife are a lovely couple and I was hoping they are well.
  10. Is Arno the same person as Argo.? Simple question needs a simple answer. If no, where has Arno. been on these boards?
  11. Not meaning to hijack the topic but is Argo. the new Arno.? I have not seen any posts from him in a long time. Hope he and his wife are ok in these crazy times.
  12. I understand that the Cirque co. has gone bankrupt. They are no longer on the MSC ship.
  13. Check the website as I believe it has been extended a few days. If you are logged in, the prices will reflect the 15% discount. Good luck.
  14. See, people can be creative while spending time at home! Some great names have been posted.
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