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  1. See, people can be creative while spending time at home! Some great names have been posted.
  2. If the statement that the CL on the Rhapsody is a "ghost town" and I have no reason to believe Island Lady is not correct, then that tells me that the Suite passengers are not using it. Royal needs to monitor how many suite guests actually use the lounge. If they are not using it, then perhaps it should be opened to upper level Diamond + passengers. What is the purpose of having an empty lounge? Sounds like the concierges' are not happy with that.
  3. Thank you for the positive remarks. 840 sounds like a lot of people. Being D+ we are used to using the CL. I am looking forward to meeting someone we know from previous cruises in one of the lounges. I believe we may have spoken to you during a Jan. 2019 Serenade Cruise.
  4. Thank you for the answer. It was not what I wanted to hear! Will you be on the March 2 cruise. If so, would love to meet up with you.
  5. Thank you so much for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. Would u be kind enough to find out how many are on the March 2nd cruise? We board then. Thanks.
  7. There are wheelchairs with large wheels that can go on the sand . They are on your left after you enter the gates.
  8. Have been on the Empress 6 times and don't recommend this cruise with kids.
  9. It is also the experience menu on Armonia in Surf and Turf.
  10. aprilF....... Within your very wordy review I believe you said "immigrants from Puerto Rico". They are U.S. citizens and not immigrants.
  11. We sailed on her Nov. 10th and walked off at 7:15. It was the quickest and easiest of all the cruises we have taken.
  12. We also had a free show and dinner. There is a kiosk set up for u to go to to find out your assigned time. You can then sign up the 3rd person. Do it as soon as they open. Hrs. r in the daily planner.
  13. We were on the ship on 11/10 and they were not selling daily access to Top 19. Sidari is correct it is not YC area. Used by Aurea experience guests. Other MSC ships do offer daily access for a fee.
  14. Does anyone know if JJ is coming back to Serenade? And if so, when. Thanks.
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