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  1. I agree it is annoying and inconvenient . I was just on American Cruise Line and they did test of all passengers right before boarding. They did them at their expense without inconveniencing the passengers. We didn't have to find out where to get tests and find time to go there, etc.
  2. 1pm was the earliest choice. Travel Agent said Key is not happening because of Covid Protocols.
  3. Neither the App or website has a check in link. We can choose tours, WiFi and drink packages, etc.
  4. I was just on the Song. While all staff were very friendly and wanted to be helpful, the ship was woefully understaffed. You could wait an hour to order and another hour to be served. The ship's WiFi was useless. Either I couldn’t log on or it said the network had no WiFi. I used my cell phone as a hotspot for my iPad until my cell provider said I was at the limit for that. I have cruised over 20 times and will not use ACL again. To answer questions I noticed—there is a safe in the room, no fridg.
  5. That's what I was hoping to hear. "I've seen where they slide the time for lunch by 30 or 60 minutes to coordinate with the excursions. " I agree-- I would get ready very quickly since the cocktail hour is important!
  6. If you take a morning and afternoon tour provided by the ship, is there time for lunch in between. According to the schedule there should be, but if the first returns late...and do you queue up earlier than the listed time for the second as on larger vessels? If you take an afternoon tour can you manage to get to the cocktail hour, freshen top and get to dinner?
  7. If a family of three purchases the KEY do they get one or three internet packages?
  8. Yes our cruise was due to sail June 28th. Maybe next year... but who knows. I also have some international flights which we cancelled and hope to do next year to visit family overseas.
  9. We are not currently aboard the Song. When we cancelled we were told that about 50 passengers were still planning to sail. I wonder if masks are required on the boat.
  10. Anyone taking an American Cruise Line trip this summer? We are booked on one and I am not sure if it is wise or foolish to do it. We can get a full refund.
  11. We fly into Spokane, and selected the pre cruise hotel there rather than getting ourselves to Clarkston where the cruise starts. Will the cruise line take us to the ship next morning?
  12. Really glad to read this, since you’ve been on the route I will be on, Oregon to Washington.
  13. Thanks! Very comprehensive. Your information will be useful. We are likely to choose short tours rather than any lengthy ones. We are also comfortable walking about on our own in the places the ship stops. Since it is all in the USA, we speak the language! My concerns are the reports of abysmal wifi, and how well they will accommodate somewhat unusual food restrictions and requirements. I think it will be great fun to be aboard this vessel over the Fourth of July.
  14. Tell me all about the Northwest Pioneers Cruise please! We are taking it this summer. We are used to ocean cruises on Crystal so this will be quite a change.
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