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  1. Adammara

    Cunard Christmas "card" email

    We have just received a card and a calendar from P&O in the post, we last cruised with them in 2009! We also got a Cunard promo booklet, offering us the same terms for booking a cruise as were available on our cruise last month.
  2. Adammara

    Doctor visit on the Queen Mary 2

    My wife has to take 6 prescribed medicines, we always take an extra weeks supply, just in case. Never had a problem getting a early prescription from our doctor and getting it from the chemist before we go..
  3. Adammara

    Off to the Caribbean on QV, ...again

    Having just got off on Monday, just had a look where she was, it appears she made a short stop in Vigo tonight.
  4. Adammara

    Chinese spam all over Cunard Board

    Another batch around an hour ago, the mods appear to have deleted them all. Thanks Mods
  5. We were on this cruise too, although in a Princess P2 suite, and compared to our two previous longer cruises felt there was something missing overall. We had a guarantee cabin, and it was only assigned sometime on the day before, and we were only able to print out the e-tickets and labels the morning we sailed. When we got to our cabin, we had a table assignment in our name, but tour tickets and other paperwork, birthday card and balloon for another couple, I brought this to the attention of the cabin steward and concierge, but still received disembarkation documents in their name, along with ours! Slightly worrying that their computer can get 2 couples in a cabin, we assumed that it was a late cancellation that had not been cleared from the system! A lot of table side cooking and flambes were happening at our end of the Princess Grill, but with a short cruise, I think it is difficult to build a relationship with the staff. On the sea day ( trip to see the Lizard!) we went to the theatre 3 times, sitting on deck 3, 2nd row from the back. The morning was an interesting 'Learning to fly the Spitfire' lecture, afternoon was the film 'Mamma Mia, Here we go again', for both these the sound level was great, but in the evening when Roy Walker did his act, we were unable to hear him, all around us people with commenting about it, and one passenger went to the sound booth to ask if anything could be done, and told it could not, we stayed a little longer, but eventually walked out.
  6. Adammara

    Guaranteed cabin

    Apologies, I misread the cabin number on my phone! When I could download the e-ticket the morning we sailed, found we had a P2 in the midships block! Must have been a last minute allocation, as we had a birthday card balloon and tour tickets for another passenger in our cabin
  7. Adammara

    Guaranteed cabin

    We got our cabin assigned sometime after 10am this morning, 24 hours before sailing, a P2 guarantee, what did we get? One of the 2 disabled P2's in the bow of the ship. So be warned, you might draw the short straw! Not be doing that again if we decide to book another Cunard cruise!
  8. Adammara

    Commodore Rynd retired ?

    A bit of research revealed that a commodore was usually in charge of more than one ship, so probably the senior captain. My great great grandfather was a commodore, sailing between the Baltic and the UK carrying timber, sadly he perished in the Baltic in November 1867. His grandson revived the seafaring tradition of the family, sadly drowning aged 17 in 1889 off Anglesey. We gave up then!
  9. Adammara

    A day in Southampton

    FYI, For anyone visiting Southampton from next Thursday 15th the Christmas Festival (Market!) is on until Christmas. To make it more of a break we decided to have a day in Southampton before our short QV cruise next Friday, so will be able to visit it. Just hoping we will get a cabin allocation soon!
  10. Adammara

    Guaranteed cabin

    We sail 3 weeks tomorrow, still no cabin, and the ship has full for several weeks!
  11. Adammara

    Noise in Cabins by Lifts

    But nothing prevents you getting a serial door slammer next door!
  12. How I agree, having had suites on P&O, Royal Caribbean and Cunard, there is no comparison to the Cunard suites, We used to cruise 2 or 3 times a year, but now would rather do one a year in a Cunard suite. We off again in a months time, a guaranteed P2, the cruise is sold out and we haven't got a cabin yet.....
  13. Adammara

    Traingle Parking Southampton

    When I booked a cruise recently. CPS were cheaper than Parking4 cruises, which surprised me!
  14. Adammara

    New to Cunard...a Few "Foodie" Questions

    Our experience exactly in November last year. But considering there was a choice of around 18 entrees in the evening, we did not suffer! I did have an excellent vegetarian biryani at lunchtime, and asked the waiter if I could have it again, he asked the head waiter, who asked the maître'd who then asked the chef, and my request was granted. In the end it was good, but not as good as the first one!
  15. Adammara

    class difference?

    Like it!, last cruise in the Grills we were chatting to a policeman, and a insurance salesman and other ordinary people. We used to cruise 2 or 3 times a year in a balcony cabin, but now choose to go once a year in Grills, mainly for the bigger cabin and the excellent food and service.