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  1. Adammara

    Noise in Cabins by Lifts

    But nothing prevents you getting a serial door slammer next door!
  2. How I agree, having had suites on P&O, Royal Caribbean and Cunard, there is no comparison to the Cunard suites, We used to cruise 2 or 3 times a year, but now would rather do one a year in a Cunard suite. We off again in a months time, a guaranteed P2, the cruise is sold out and we haven't got a cabin yet.....
  3. Adammara

    Traingle Parking Southampton

    When I booked a cruise recently. CPS were cheaper than Parking4 cruises, which surprised me!
  4. Adammara

    New to Cunard...a Few "Foodie" Questions

    Our experience exactly in November last year. But considering there was a choice of around 18 entrees in the evening, we did not suffer! I did have an excellent vegetarian biryani at lunchtime, and asked the waiter if I could have it again, he asked the head waiter, who asked the maître'd who then asked the chef, and my request was granted. In the end it was good, but not as good as the first one!
  5. Adammara

    class difference?

    Like it!, last cruise in the Grills we were chatting to a policeman, and a insurance salesman and other ordinary people. We used to cruise 2 or 3 times a year in a balcony cabin, but now choose to go once a year in Grills, mainly for the bigger cabin and the excellent food and service.
  6. Adammara

    E tickets

    We are 7 weeks away, the Voyage Personaliser comments ' Your E-Tickets are not yet available. E-Tickets are usually available approx 5 weeks before your embarkation date. We will email you when these are available.
  7. Adammara

    Guaranteed cabin

    We could only book a guarantee P2 for our cruise in 2016, we received a confirmation of a P2 about 6 weeks before departure. Last year we had a confirmed P2, but were upgraded to a Q3 after a dramatic price drop. This year we were going to book a confirmed P2, but were offered a guarantee P2 at a discount, so we took a gamble. We sail 7 weeks tomorrow, and have not had an allocation yet. Checking this morning, the cruise is sold out bar single cabins, although cabin availability seems to vary day by day. Often wondered if a cabin does not become available, do they 'bump' you?
  8. Adammara

    Worrying YouTube video - Ventura

    We had a mini suite on Arcadia's maiden cruise in 2005, to celebrate our ruby wedding. There were a few teething problems, and talking to our steward, he told us some passengers strip the beds looking for stains, holes in sheets and any other cabin problems, then its off down to customer services to complain!
  9. Adammara

    Suit bag

    My suit carrier is no longer made, but this M&S description describes it exactly Our EVA moulded suit bag is made from lightweight Cordura® fabric boasting durable strength and a scuff resistant finish. Internal pockets include compartments for shoes, while a metal hook allows you to hang when needed. I would not want to risk the glorified plastic bag type though baggage handling!
  10. Adammara

    Suit bag

    Cunards view: We would suggest you carry your suit carrier on board, to avoid any accidental damage during the loading process along conveyor belts where straps, handles or the bag itself may get caught and tear. Please note, suit / dress carriers form part of your flight luggage allowance where applicable. I would not risk it with a soft flexible type! We use a proper fairly rigid zip up suit carrier, which has survived many cruises, it has large side pockets which I put sheets of plastic in to reinforce it, and finally put a strap around it!
  11. Adammara

    princess grill table question

    Like on many cruise lines, many of the tables for two are only 300mm/400mm apart, there are often 2 or 3 in a row. So you can chat to your neighbour if you want, but a few make it fairly obvious that they want to be left alone, and no problem with coming and going at different times. Incidently, when we were on QE in the Princess Grill we had a table for 2, which had rounded corners, which the maître'd said are the 'true' tables for 2, as they cannot be closed up to make a 4 or more sitting.
  12. I don't think any performer would risk posting, you should read their contract! http://www.carnivaluksupplier.co.uk/Content/pdfs/Entertainment%20Contract%20Terms%20and%20Conditions%20Feb%202017.pdf
  13. Have you tried contacting 'ukworld.club@cunard.co.uk'? When the price of our cruise plummeted early last year I emailed and had a reply next day, saying it would be forwarded to Cunard Guest Relations. I was actually contacted by a person from Carnival Group Guest Relations, rather than Cunards.
  14. Adammara


    Sounds very familiar to the one Cunard have been sending out recently!
  15. Adammara

    Sailing time from Southampton at start of cruise

    We live 200 miles away and always travel down the day before, nothing like knowing you are only a mile or two away from the port. My son was once stuck on a motorway for 3 hours, and missed his flight, and got a later flight, no such luck if you are going on a cruise.