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  1. Concerning pressure cookers. In the cold weather I like to make split pea soup with smoked ham hocks, spices and onions. For years I have used a slow cooker, starting in the afternoon, cooking all night, and ready the next day. This week I tried it using our new InstantPot as a pressure cooker. It was done in 20 minutes!. Here is what it looks like:
  2. Happy to report that the day after the second jab the reaction is less than the first one; just a little tender if I rub the arm. That was the Moderna type. Now I feel safe to get a haircut. Getting tired of the Albert Einstein or Boris Johnson look. I usually get my hair cut on the local Navy base. You can describe the cut you want by numbers: 1 is shortest, 2 about a quarter inch, etc. Usually order number 1 on the sides and number 2 on the top. Ray
  3. I am first to admit that although I own some stock, I am certainly not an expert. Can someone explain to me that after Carnival has taken on an additional 3.5 billion dollars in debt this month and just announced that they will be issuing a billion dollars in new stock while their current stock is rated as junk status why their stock is increasing in value?
  4. I wonder who is really responsible for and who chooses these speakers and entertainers. Obviously the HAL CEO doesn't make these day to day decisions, although he may have a say on how much funding to allocate to the program. I used to think that the cruise director had a say in who would entertain us, but I get the impression that the CD's job has been downgraded in the last few years. When I choose a cruise it is pretty obvious what ports we will stop at, but with our next cruise a year away, I haven't a clue of what the onboard presentations will be like. Ray
  5. I enjoy almost all of the posts on the Daily and would be pleased to share a dining table with any of you. But you, XB Guy think like I do. I would be happy to be your neighbor. We both both our second shots today: Moderna, and three hours and one glass of wine later no after effects. Will try a second glass just to be sure. Ray
  6. I enjoyed the pictures of the old Noordam. In 2004 we took her from Dover to Copenhagen. Then we took the brand new Westerdam from Copenhagen to Harwich. We were surprised at the differences between the old and new ship. In almost every way we preferred the Noordam. Of course those days are gone forever and next year we are booked for 42 days on the present Noordam. (Can't call her new.) Here is another skunk story: I grew up on a farm and we had a lot of animals. My older brother somehow got ahold of a baby skunk to keep as a pet. My father had veterinary training and some of it rub
  7. I appreciate National Battery Day. Starting to understand how battery technology has improved in the last ten or twenty years. It is my task to vacuum the house once a week. Last year I replaced the heavy vacuum with an LG battery one; about half the weight. Happy with that, but last week I got a Shark robot vacuum that maps out the floor and goes back to its base when it is finished or the battery is low and empties itself. Big improvement in clean floors. Our car is a plug-in hybrid that gets 25 EV miles on a charge, which covers about 90% of our driving. I generally fill the gas tank
  8. It has been used in the past, but not by me. We have cruised around Japan on the Diamond Princess with a couple from Washington State who used Space A to get to and from Japan. They enjoyed spending a few days before the cruise in Japan and didn't care if they got home a few days later after they got off the ship. They lived not far from McChord AFB and were able to park their car there when flying.
  9. Thought I might mention a different subject. Today is the anniversary of my joining Cruise Critic. We had been retired and cruising a few years and I was unaware of it. We booked a 49 day cruise around South America on the Carnival Splendor. About ten days before departure from Miami my DD emailed me to check out CC; there was a lot of info from the passengers on the upcoming cruise. I did, and people were talking about getting their Brazil visa. I went back to the online TA and asked about it and she told me Carnival said it wasn't needed for the cruise. I posted this on CC and was tol
  10. Thought I might expound on the Seattle Great Wheel. The gondolas are huge, holding 6-8 passengers. At present they are set up for intimate dining for four. Not inexpensive, though: A four-course dinner is $152.50 per person; the wine is extra. Ray
  11. Valentine day is special for us as one year from today we will board the Noordam in Yokohama for 42 days in Asia; mostly around Japan. A little more snow this morning, but now it is above freezing so I shoveled a path down our driveway to the road so I could check on our mail. No mail of course as there is no way he could have driven up our hill yesterday. Bobpatj mentioned the scarves we were presented by the Prime Minister of Cambodia. Here is what one looks like. They were mostly different patterns.
  12. A quiet day here in Western Washington. We got our first major snow; about 8 inches so far and still coming down. I had an eye appointment yesterday, luckily as it just started coming down. Concerning the Riesling wine of today. Ste Michelle (or Chateau Ste Michelle) is Washington State's largest and oldest winery. They make a few different Rieslings. We enjoy the one sold in our local Costco at just under $6.00. They also make a sweeter version and a dry Riesling. They have a partnership with Eroica to produce the wine described today. It is about $10. more than their regular Rieslin
  13. We had booked our own flights, so we had to get online and book a flight from Bangkok to Seattle. The ship provided free wi fi and satellite phone if needed. Hundreds of passengers were trying to book so it was kind of slow and frustrating. Finally at about 3:00 AM we had the flights booked and got back to sleep. We got a rude awakening a little later in the day.
  14. I enjoy these Navy and CT conversations, but I wonder how many of the people watching really know what we are talking about. People often thank me for my service. I don't need thanks: I actually enjoyed my 20 years service. I started as a deck ape. Then became a clerk. Found I liked the Navy, reenlisted, and they sent me to a number of electronics schools. Enjoyed learning and teaching, made CPO while teaching at ET(B) school and then was promoted to Warrant Officer. Sent to Vietnam as the Electronics Repair Officer on the USS Hector (AR-7). Then spent 3 years in the Philippines as the
  15. Not really over. I think Chinese New Year lasts for 16 days. I have a little understanding of it as my DW is Chinese.
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