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  1. Again I am faced with a looming final payment date. From reading these boards it is my understanding that I can ask for an extension. My question for those who have done this is whether or not the new final payment date will show up in the Cruise Manager or do they send you an email verification? Would be more comfortable to actually see this new date somewhere. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, this article contains the protocols that were posted for about 24 hrs on their website. Maybe an error was made and these new protocols were accidentally released too early. Who knows....
  3. Yes, I also saw all these protocols posted on Carnivals website for about 24 hours. Then they took it down.
  4. https://www.carnival.com/legal/covid-19-legal-notices Actually it NOW looks like this direct link has changed from what it was yesterday. What the OP had copied in the initial post used to be at this link but no more.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I don't know why I didn't think of using a spread sheet sooner. I'm going to go ahead and try to do it now. 😀
  6. Am I the only one? I am feeling more and more foolish and can't seem to keep track of Cruises Cancelled and Rebooked. Usually I am really on top of these things. However, I've just gone through a long list of emails trying to figure out which Cruises have been rebooked, whose names they are under, how we rebooked them, etc. As of now I know I still have a Jan 2021 cruise to answer Yes or No to refund or FCC and I just did the online reimbursement form to transfer my April 2021 cruise to my Nov 2021 Cruise. Pretty sure my May 1 Cruise will be cancelled as well so getting ready for that. I'm h
  7. Yes but the cancellation penalties only apply if you cancel your own cruise right? Not if Carnival cancels all the cruises for that month. It just then would transfer over right. At least that is what I saw with the other ones Carnival Cancelled and then I rebooked with FCC. I've never tried to extend my final payment date so I'm nervous about trying that. I'll probably again end up just paying balance on due date.
  8. I have an April 23rd Cruise coming up with the Final Payment due Feb 7th. So far I have only paid a few dollars over the deposit. I'm pretty sure Carnival will cancel at this point so I want to take advantage of the OBC if this happens. I have the exact same cruise booked already in November so I would just transfer to that one. If they both Cruise, Yay! all the better. Anyway I've never tried to extend final payment dates and want to make sure they give me solid verification. Will my Cruise Manager on the Carnival Website reflect the new Payment Date immediately? I'm sure I can probably ask
  9. This was our obstructed bowling alley balcony on the Miracle years ago. https://youtu.be/TbnweqgIDS8 https://youtu.be/nv1T7jzq8D4
  10. Don't know the reason you "shant be living long enough to make another cruise" but praying over you and that you will be back to cruising one day soon. God Bless You...
  11. Might as well join in with the questions. I'm sure it has been answered, but cant seem to find the answer now when I need it. And yes, Carnivals phone lines are obviously down, telling everyone to call back later. For my cancelled cruise I plan to use the FCC and put it toward my cruise I already booked for May 2021. I used Gift Cards for both cruises. My May Cruise is $50.00 cheaper than the FCC amount. Do I just lose that extra $50.00 or what???
  12. Yes, I guess it is...Still feel it's a great deal!!
  13. Just off the Carnival Panorama. For those of you trying to save money or prefer the darkness of an inside cabin you might enjoy these. There are only a few of these on the ship but this cabin has it's own little hallway so very quiet too! The room is configured in a square instead of the hallway you usually walk into. It makes the room appear larger if you ask me but that is probably just my opinion. Made a short video of our Cabin 6340.
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