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  1. In regards to your son's anxiety, his feelings are his own and shouldn't be downplayed by others. I might just suggest that since the cruise isn't until June, that he sees how he feels by February and at that point he can cancel if still uneasy. Whatever his decision is, it should be respected.
  2. Watching the New York Harbor webcam earlier, the radio chatter between the Coast Guard and Escape indicated that Escape will be docking at Pier 88 tonight at midnight.
  3. Yes Mike that is exactly what mine said also, but I just (mis)interpreted the not FDA approved statement, as a no-go for the proctored test.
  4. Thank you for the info Mike. It is great information for our September cruise. My only question is, did you and your wife schedule the appointments for the same time? I had been wondering if I could use the free test kits the government sent, but reading the fine print on the box, it states that it is not FDA approved. Something to be aware of. Again, thank you for the info. Eric
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