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  1. Agree, agree, agree. They are making it unnecessarily confusing for us.
  2. We used mydaytrip. They were wonderful. They took us from our hotel in Amsterdam to the pier in Rotterdam but they specialize in making stops along the way.
  3. Total for 4 of us was $600, payable day of tour. Ship tour to Tierra del Fuego, which was not nearly as comprehensive as ours, was $249 per person.
  4. We just returned this morning from our cruise. We also used San Antonio Tours and they were wonderful. We kept in contact during the cruise with WhatsAp. We were picked up about 8:45 and dropped off at the airport at 5:15. After our drop off they continued to town to drop off the two other couples at their hotels. Had a fabulous day ending at a winery for a relaxing finale.
  5. We used Chileshoretours in Puerto Montt. They were TERRIFIC. We got a group,of 8 together from our roll call. Our guide was fantastic and we had the best day. FULL day and we did so much including going up to the snow line of the volcano. We ended the day spending time in Puerto Vera which is a lovely resort town. Had late lunch there at a local outdoor market. Ouldnt have had a better day.
  6. We boarded in Buenos Aires 3 weeks ago First got home this morning. We were on Azamara Quest which is a small ship. Unfortunately for us, there was a huge Norwegian ship also boarding. He king in at the other terminal and getting transferred isn’t the problem. The problem is getting ON the ship because there are so few customs agents for all the passengers. We had to wait over an hour. I would definitely Italy suggest coming as late as you are co for table with because you will have no problem.
  7. We just returned from a 15 day cruise on Azamara Quest. In Ushuaia we used Alma Calma Tours. We hooked up with another couple on our roll call so there were 4 of us. It was AWESOME. Nicholas, the owner is an amazing, delightful, knowledgeable and passionate young man. He picked us up right at the port and we were with him for 6 hours. We hiked Tierra del Fuego in 4 difference spots…all less than a mile. He taught us so much about the specific areas and the history. Towards the end we stopped for a picnic! He brought hot drinks, including mate that you will learn about, and delicious pastries. We sat on tree stumps overlooking a gorgeous lake and had such a relaxing break. I HIGHLY recommend him. Perfect day.
  8. Is the driver taking you to the different sites? Will he explain what you’re seeing? We hiked in 4 different places and learned so much about the native population and the history. I wouldn’t do a ship tour, but think about a private tour with a few others from your roll call.
  9. We used Alma Carma tours. 4 of us had the best day in Tierra del Cuego with Nicholas. He is so knowledgeable and so nice. He will customize your tour and do whatever you’d like. We did 6 hours with him. We did light hiking all around and had the best time. We saw everything! Why do it yourself?
  10. Thanks for all your replies. Sounds like a great night.
  11. What exactly is an AzAmazing Eve ing. On the excursion page for our Quest South America sailing in January it now list an AzAmazing evening in Montevideo at 7:00. What is it? Do we have to sign up? Drinks? Food? Please let me know. Thanks.
  12. Yup. All confused but it’s SO early we’ll just wait a bit and see. 😱
  13. Thank you all for your answers.
  14. Has anyone ever tendered directly into Nice rather than Villefrance? Celebrity just changed the itinerary/time for this port on our cruise and it now just says Nice instead of Villefrance. I’m thinking they just changed the time and we will still tender into Villefrance but was wondering if anyone actually did tender to Nice. Thanks.
  15. Love getting all this info.
  16. So does this mean that dining is just open seating and you come when you choose? We always do “ anytime dining” so that is what we’re used to doing. Thanks.
  17. Hi - First timer on Azamara. Can you seasoned cruisers tell me when the evening’s entertainment generally is so we can book appropriate dining times. We have over 35 cruises on Celebrity, but never on this size ship. We assume there’s only one show nightly and don’t want to be heading into the dining room during showtime. Thanks.
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    La Spezia

    Worked like a charm. Thanks.
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    La Spezia

    Thank you so much. My bad. I should have searched first. Just read through a bunch of pages and nothing came up.
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