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  1. can anyone tell me what the difference between Breezy Bay at Chill Island and just Chill Island. For our cruise both are offered for beach bed rentals Thanks
  2. Hi Marie is doing well, thanks for asking. All our Hawaii trips are land trips now. We were supposed to spend a week in Waikiki last month but we cancelled due to the Delta variant. We currently have a week in Maui scheduled for the end of October for our anniversary.
  3. Chris I just found this as I don't go on CC very often. Thank you so much for posting all the pictures. We are not going to cruise until April next year when we do a Barbados to Galveston transition cruise on Grandeur
  4. affecting ships weighing over 25,000 tons, with lengths of over 180 meters https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/venice-cruise-ship-ban-government/index.html
  5. Welcome back. Serenade is here too. https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/seattle/ovation-of-the-sea-arrive-seattle/281-6015760f-793f-41b1-be7d-ede7a491cbf7?fbclid=IwAR2i0BVdLFxEiYjJweptXB0B0D-vLGoQnbXGpNRJEciPK5lrLhUYYIZLhmg
  6. i canceled two cruises, with refundable deposits the first week of May and have not heard anything. Should I invest a couple hours in a phone call? These are bookings for next year that I canceled
  7. I would not mind a change to Ovation. We did a B2B in Asia on Ovation and really enjoyed the ship
  8. We have booked one of the 7 day Navigator cruises for March 2022 and thinking of doing another
  9. I am more concerned with you nasty folk who don't know how to wash their hands and spread noro around
  10. OK I guess I screwed up. I have not been looking at cruises for a long time but on a whim I booked several about a week ago. I checked the refundable box on each as I tend to bookings a lot. I have since cancelled them both, not even thinking that I am going to get caught up in all this crap that has been going on for the past year. Sounds like I can kiss that money goodbye for the next 2-4 months?
  11. You don't need our opinion, we are not medical experts. If you want to go then go for it and have a great time. Take plenty of pictures of your son that you can show him once he is grown. 😀
  12. Too bad you can't fish out the windows any more. https://www.edgewaterhotel.com/seattle-hotel-history/
  13. Hi We will be taking a seven day cruise out of San Pedro (Royal Caribbean). In the past we used Super Shuttle but it looks like that is not an option anymore. Any suggestions? thanks
  14. It is over $5700 for a GS on my March 25th cruise. I will stick with my $1800 balcony 😀
  15. Because there is always that slim chance the football won't get yanked away. 😁 Or maybe I am just a glutton for punishment
  16. Booked the March 25th seven night Mexican Riviera cruise on Navigator. Still not believing it will actually happen as they have been so adamant about not cruising out of Southern California. Right now I feel like Charlie Brown getting ready to kick the football Lucy is holding
  17. Had this video too Balcony and wake video - Rhapsody of the Seas September 2014.mp4
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