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  1. Royal Princess has standard propulsion (props) whereas the others have azipods which make it easier to maneuver at slow speed when windy. This article explains it. https://wtop.com/travel/2019/04/alaska-marine-pilots-concerned-about-royal-princess-megaship/
  2. That is so funny as we say the exact same thing on the Royal Caribbean board. 🤣
  3. We brought up the topic just to annoy you. Mission accomplished Sent from my Galaxy S10+ using Tapatalk
  4. We are on Ovation for the September 20th cruising to Hawaii and a week ago over 100 people were registered for the M&M, now it's at 23. I have seen this complaint in the past where the list has reset to zero, you would think by now Royal would have fixed it by now. That is if they really cared. 🙄
  5. Just a suggestion for your luau. if you don't want to look too road weary for the luau you can bring along an outfit to change into. Across the street from Old Lahaina Luau is a small mall that has public bathrooms where you can change. 😁
  6. Yes, that place is way too big to be open just for a ship's excursion. Plan something else. Sorry
  7. You will arrive at #1 and the taxis line up at the #2 There are usually a few taxis lined up at Whaler Village
  8. If you are sailing for Hawaii are you aware there is a big difference in port visits as Ovation does not stop at Kauai or Hilo.
  9. 2017 we used Uber three times during our visit. Two of the three drivers were military dependents not that familiar with the area so they got lost (evidently the Maps app doesn't work well in the Waikiki area). One of them drove in circles around the Iolani Palace for 20 minutes trying to figure out which entrance they could enter. That being said I would still use the service due to cost and service. 😀
  10. We have done this at various times and it has varied from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the timing for the shuttle. The shuttles themselves can be trying at times. They are not particularly large and you will find entire families riding on them thus making the wait even longer.
  11. Just a note on the car rentals. Most of the locations are up by Kapalua Airport and close at 5 pm. If you decide to return the car after that you can take a taxi or Uber back to Lahaina
  12. Sorry Bob, no SeaTac airport stops till the end of the trip. We drive up to meet the ship in Vancouver.
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