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  1. If you want to sail out of the US this year you better target late July to early October as everything will shut down again when the second wave hits.
  2. We usually book a cabin by location or cabin type. If the only cabins in our preferred area are connecting why should we get penalized just because we just want one cabin?
  3. Thank you for the advice. I called my bank on Saturday and told them what you stated. They are filing a claim on all three charges. They said I should have a provisional credit this Monday.
  4. Just called my bank and disputed all three charges for our May 2 cruise. Was told I should see a provisional refund on Monday. Sorry I am not waiting for Princess to file for bankruptcy and allow them to write off what they owe me.
  5. You may have got the FCC but don't hold your breath on the CC credit.
  6. What did you tell them when you filed the dispute? I have a May 2nd Royal Princess cruise that I filed on March 16th for option 2 (refund). May 5th Princess sends me a letter again offering extra FCC and stating if I still want a refund do nothing till May 31 so they are essentially resetting the clock. My payments were on my debt card on Feb 25th 2019, November 25, 2019 and January 6, 2020. I want to dispute all three as I have no confidence they will ever pay. I strongly feel they will file for bankruptcy and we will all be SOL.
  7. What did you tell Citibank when you went to them to dispute the charges?
  8. First a question What is Pause 1 and Pause 2? Then my venting Our cruise was supposed to be on Royal Princess May 2nd. Our TA submitted the Princess Booking Compensation request receipt requesting option 2 on March 16th. May 5 we received an email from Princess once again requesting that we reconfirm our choice (trying to talk us into the FCC) and told us if they do not hear from us by May 31 they will assume our choice has not change. Thus resetting the clock to two and a half months after our initial request for a refund. Very disingenuous. That last email from Princess makes it obvious they are just stalling until they file for bankruptcy. And the lack of anyone confirming here on CC receiving a monetary refund just confirms that.
  9. fewer than 38 percent requesting refunds Proud to be in the minority
  10. Too bad congress is not trying to do the same for cruise passengers Proposed bill seeks cash refunds for all flights cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns https://komonews.com/news/consumer/proposed-bill-seeks-cash-refunds-for-all-flights-cancelled-due-to-covid-19-concerns?fbclid=IwAR268H3Rx8kFpHraN2yGBDBmM7HkMAjR9K7rVzEIq6mHy7TBKnMmcJh0H-k
  11. See, thoroughly confusing. The first line says they are processing in "departure date order". The very next line says up to 60 days from when they recieve your refund choice. How do they do both? I already passed 60 days from my refund request date but my cruise was not supposed to start until May 2. Reading postings on here there is a lot of people that have not been processed that had earlier cruise start than mine.
  12. I periodically stop in here to be comforted in knowing I am not alone in getting bilked out of money by Princess. Thank you all 👍 😀
  13. I received the same email today. I am sticking with the full refund as I want nothing more to do with Princess. Had I booked with my normal provider (Royal Caribbean) I would have my refund as many of my friends over there have already got their refunds for May cruises. My mistake for wanting to take a Mexican Rivera cruise. 🤬
  14. Speculation, that is what 99% of the information in this board is based on. 😂
  15. They are just holding out until it's confirmed they can't cruise their ships out of the US for the next six month. Once that happens they will file for bankruptcy and we will all be SOL on getting our refunds.
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