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  1. I don't see Marie and I flying down from Seattle for just these ports
  2. I thought we did with 9092 on Radiance back in 2017 but I looked up the picture and there was only chairs
  3. Getting a ship that holds almost 2000 more passengers to Australia/Alaska as soon as possible outweighs taking the time to stop in a couple of Hawaiian ports for just two cruises a year.
  4. Three Hawaii cruises posted so far. What happened to the Hawaii cruises where the ships actually stopped in Hawaii ports? Seem to be doing a lot of drivebys now or West coast cruising.
  5. Had a nice visit yesterday when Bernie stopped by our house.
  6. Even with occasional soot they have their benefits
  7. We have done aft balconies on Radiance and Vison class and have been lucky to never have soot issues.
  8. LOL, I figured it out. Your picture is the last response in the review 😂😀
  9. I assumed there was a way to set up an account for her. But we are not going to bother as we have no plans to sail with Princess or any cruise line anymore.
  10. Yes Princess issued the FCC about two weeks ago. Half to my account and I assume half to my wife's mythical account (she doesn't have an account).
  11. Back in May we disputed charges and were given a temporary credit. This week the bank finalized the credit and closed the dispute so we are good. 😃
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