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  1. I would think you could get a test at your final port or next to final port before disembarkation and have them text or email your results.
  2. It is not loud, but it will get more motion than cabins in the middle of the ship. This is only a problem if you are in high seas. Should that happen, go to the center of the ship for the day and stay there. If you are in calm waters there will not be much motion. Also, if your cabin is forward facing or below the bridge, you may be required to keep your curtains closed at night for visibility from the bridge.
  3. My husband has a very demanding career and he has worked while on various cruises. What you need to know is that passenger bandwidth is usually severely limited so that transferring or emailing large files from most guest areas is usually completely impossible. The work around for this is to either wait until you are in a port where you can go somewhere such as Starbucks that has free WIFI or an Internet cafe on land or go to the ship's computer center, open your email on one of their machines and attempt to send from there. There is no way Zoom meetings would work on a ship at sea. You need to find out if your cellphone service is supported by the specific cruise line, otherwise you get unbelievably high rates if your phone is on while onboard unless you buy an international roaming package. So you need to figure out if you can work with these limitations. For my husband, he has been able to, although it was odd walking off the ship in Civitavecchia with him on the phone the whole time with a client who had no idea we were on a Med cruise. LOL!
  4. We cruise to identify places we would like to visit on a land based vacation later on. We also enjoy being at sea and the dining onboard and relaxing on our balcony with a good book. I do enjoy meeting new people, but it's not the priority on a cruise, just a nice thing that can happen.
  5. Here is Cruise Critics article on the subject: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=5872
  6. Here is a helpful article which will begin to answer the OP's question. For US ports, both Texas and Florida do not allow the cruise lines (or any other business) to ask for proof of vaccination. Therefore, if you want to sail on a verified fully vaccinated cruise, you need to choose a cruise from a port in another place other than Florida or Texas. This is a rapidly changing situation, but I believe the article linked above provides enough guidance to know what lines to consider. Follow up with each cruise line's website to insure the status remains the same and find out what the exact requirement are on your booking date and continue checking up to your sail date. it is also a good idea to call the cruise line and ask questions in case there has been a change which has not appeared on their website yet. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/cruise-line-covid-vaccine-policy/
  7. I have done a similar itinerary. Choose a cabin near the center of the ship in case you wind up doing the bob near the Bay of Biscaye. We were in wild high seas! Thank goodness I had brought trans derm scops! It only lasted the one day (so we took off our Trans Derm Scops as the Med was smooth) and on the way back was not a problem but on the way to the Med, it was quite the wild ride! Our cabin was port side but I don't think it would have mattered which side we were on for that itinerary.
  8. Crystal River Cruises are AWESOME and the average age aboard out last cruise was 50 - 60 with many younger and a very few older. Most of the people seemed fit and, as a result, tours covered a lot of ground. Food was the best we've had on any cruise, ocean or river. Each day was well planned and really great. I would think, I had experienced the best day on the cruise, only to have an even more amazing day the next day all the way through day 7. I highly recommend Crystal River Cruises. We have also been on Uniworld and it was really great as well. Age-wise most of the clientele were 60 - 80, there were still some in their 40's and 50's and a smattering in their 20's as well as a spry 95 year old. The ship (SS Antoinette) was gorgeous. We had a Junior Suite and it was wonderful. I can recommend then without hesitation as well.
  9. I forgot to mention the 1 bedroom NCL The Haven Courtyard Penthouse - there is a fold out sofa in the living room.
  10. I guess I'm not surprised this is the case considering that no one was tested to see if they had natural immunity before being given the vaccines which I felt should have been done for vaccine prioritization. Oh, well.
  11. NCL has The Haven 2 bedroom villa cabins that have a king in the master, a fold out in the living room and usually two twins (bunks with one folding down or stored) in the 2nd bedroom. 2nd bedroom also has its own bathroom. These cabins are great for 3 adults! Plus you get all The Haven benefits. Celebrity Silhouette ( and her sisters ships) have a family cabin with 2 bedrooms and a living room but only 1 bathroom. These are usually not shown correctly on the website, but if no-one buys them, you can get them at a reduced price 6 weeks or so out from your sailing as they usually rent only to parties of 5 or 6.
  12. I absolutely loved the Hofburg Imperial Apartments and Sisi Museum. Can't recommend that highly enough. She was the Princess Diana of her day.
  13. Walk into town in front of the cathedral (you can go in there to see the casket of the 3 wise men) while facing the front door of the cathedral turn to the right and you will come across a shopping district with the original Eau de Cologne, shops with gigantic pretzels, and other food items and outdoor tables where you can order Kolsch beer. I don't like beer, but I ordered Kolsch beer and it was absolutely great! Everything is close together and easily walkable.
  14. The Gellert baths are gorgeous Art Nouveau. Highly recommend, this is one of the best things to do in Budapest! I also loved the Central Market Hall where I bought a lot of Ajka cut to clear crystal wine goblets, brandy snifters, decanters, etc and chocolates with brandy. So many interesting stores in there with great prices! (Although they don't ship, but I was prepared with an international size roll-aboard.)
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