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  1. The Johnson &. Johnson Covid-19 vaccine is currently under a stage 3 clinical trials (since late September 2020) with 60,000 people worldwide and it is expected to require only 1 shot. Fingers crossed it works because that would really help eliminate Covid-19 faster than a 2 shot formulas as there would not be the uncertainty of patients having to return for a second injection 2 weeks later. I expect like with the vaccines for measles and polio, that the vaccines for Covid-19 will improve over time and eventually all be 1 injection. And...I suspect we will have to take them yearly like
  2. Stage 2 and 3 clinical trials DO determine if a vaccine is proven to prevent transmission. That's what the efficacy percentages indicate. Moderna is 94.5% effective at preventing transmission, Astra Zeneca's vaccine is 95% effective at preventing transmission, Pfizer/Biontech is 95% effective at preventing transmission. In Phase 2 trials these vaccines were tested on hundreds of people, in Phase 3 trials these vaccines were tested on tens of thousands of people usually 30,000 people or more for Phase 3. So, yes it is known that the vaccines prevent transmission by the results of Stage 3 a
  3. I recommend either a Danube cruise or a Rhine River cruise for your first river cruise. River cruising is not much like your mega ships. in the Caribbean, though. There is no 24x7 buffet and no one hangs out at the pool if the river ship even has one. This is more of a luxury all-inclusive experience with 150 - 200 guests at. most.. All food and most beverages are included as are the tours. You should be aware you will be off the ship most mornings for a tour and often not get back onboard until lunch and then another tour after lunch or time on your own. I think Crystal and Uniworld are
  4. Trick or treating started around 6pm and went to 8:30pm when we ran out of treats and the families lined up on the sidewalk in socially distanced family groups in front of our house to trick or treat throughout the evening. Each family group would let their kids walk up part of our main walk to the table and grab their bags of goodies. Then the next group would go and so forth and so on. Meanwhile, those waiting in line were taking photos of the kids or filming our yard. Our main walk is 8 feet wide, so it accommodated this type of action very well. I was impressed that everyone was very p
  5. When we cruised out of Southampton, we got a private transfer with some other ladies on our cruise and we did an excursion to see Stonehenge on the way to Southampton. That was well worth it and by the time we got to our hotel, it was well past noon, so we had lunch at the hotel, walked around a bit and then our room was ready and we were also ready to shower and sleep.
  6. I live in Texas, in a city North of Dallas. We have been really fortunate that our lockdowns only lasted to May and we have never really had a huge number of cases here in our city - although Dallas is another story completely. All the same, my husband and I have stayed home. His whole company is working from home. I order groceries for delivery. We rarely go anywhere unless we have to and then we wear masks and use lots of hand sanitizer. I spend time by our pool reading and basically have been being careful about being around anyone. My husband and I completed several interesting ho
  7. I recall sharing some unintentionally hilarious reviews and questions from people overly concerned about things such as the passenger who was about to experience her first Med cruise and first time in Europe but was completely stressed out because the ship would not have the flavored coffee creamer she liked onboard.
  8. Barbados is equipped for embarkation of ships and non US waters cruises and there are cruises going from there now on SeaDream, Star Clippers, Windstar and Seabourne. Fort-du-France in Martinique is also embarking MSC, Ponant and Costa cruises roundtrip starting Dec. 5.
  9. One thing you want to check when booking a hotel for July/August in the UK is if the hotel has air conditioning. I know the Holiday Inn near the port of Southampton has AC but not sure about the other hotel you mentioned. Not sure what cruise you are planning. We did the Med from Southampton and got to do the bob on the Bay of Biscaye - it was rough! It's all luck of the draw but I think I'll plan cruises to avoid that area in future! What I want to. say is that London is amazing and I would hate for you to fly all the way over there and not get to spend time there. Please consider spend
  10. Our home has benefitted by us not traveling. We've completed so many great projects and even won Yard of the Month in July and first place in the Halloween decorating contest in our neighborhood. We set up socially distanced trick or treating with us sitting on our front porch 20 feet back from everyone so we could watch the fun. We got to see 600 trick or treaters and their parents who were photographing their kids in our yard and filming our Halloween display! It was a great evening and safe for all. We find fun where we can. There will be a time for traveling again someday, but in the
  11. I would think it will be hard to impossible to enter other countries until a vaccine is available and you have proof of vaccination or you would have to take a test on the spot and wait for results. I saw the new CDC guidelines for cruising where you must test negative immediately before you get on the ship, but I'm not convinced that would be enough for other countries to grant admission. All it would take is one cruise ship having a false negative onboard and the ports would close to all cruise ships again.
  12. I think it likely we will have to be vaccinated and carry proof of vaccination in order to travel on a ship or airplane for that matter. Proof of vaccination may go even further to include public transportation, schools and universities and even to visit someone in a hospital or nursing home. Because of this, I don't think there will be any ports that will reject ships with all-proof of vaccination crew and passengers.
  13. I really miss being on ships. From being on my dad's ships when I was a kid to going on various cruise ships as an adult, I feel like 1/2 of my life is missing. Since dad spent so much of his working life on ships, he learned to look forward to meals where he could relax and enjoy good conversation with friends. At breakfast, he'd be talking about what he was going to have for lunch and at lunch, he'd be thinking ahead to dinner and at dinner he'd talk of the next breakfast. My mother used to roll her eyes at such talk. And in the midst of the quarantine, the old Captain died at age 95,
  14. If you live in the United States, you do not need a travel agent to book any of the mass market cruise lines sailing from the US or even Europe and there is really little to no value added. In fact it can be more expensive to use a travel agent for this. You are far better off booking your cruise through the cruise line's own website. Where you do need a travel agent is when booking specialty cruises such as river cruises because many of those companies don't have a way to book direct with them.
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