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  1. Can we do it the day of? I have no idea what time I'll want to eat on day 3 of my cruise right now, but I'm sure I'll have a better idea that afternoon.
  2. I'm really confused, and I'm brand new to Royal Caribbean, so bear with me. But I thought the entire point of My Time Dining was so you could just show up whenever, rather than having a set time. I'm sailing on August 30th and I've selected My Time Dining, because I don't have the faintest idea when we're going to want to eat. I figured we'd show up sometime between 5:30-6:30ish. Am I missing something? Otherwise, if we wanted to have a scheduled dinner time, wouldn't we have selected Traditional? This is what I see on my planner, with the exception of the reservations I did make for Bistro/Wonderland. Is this something I need to have filled out? Should I be concerned? Edit: To clarify, I'm talking specifically about the main dining room, not specialty dining.
  3. I love the peek behind the scenes! Thank you for posting, and I'll be watching your vlogs. 🙂 Here's something I'd love to know directly from a crew member. What about gifts from passengers? I've seen much debate on these forums about what is appreciated, in addition to extra tips! Yes, we all know that nothing can beat cash. But sometimes we just really want to give something a bit more tangible, even if it's just food or some kind of treat from a port. But we also understand the limited space crew members have in their cabin. What sort of things make crew members smile, aside from tips?
  4. I'm currently packing for my Alaska cruise on Ovation, and now I'm wondering if I'm preparing to overdress. I have all dressy slacks and dressy blouses like I'd wear to work in an office, nothing much in the way of casual. I cruise Princess a few months ago and that might be an older demographic than RCI. Am I right? Maybe I'd do better to put in some more casual blouses and nice jeans.
  5. Well you've all convinced me to bring my own. I don't mind using lower end shampoo, but not if it leaves you feeling sticky. Yuck!
  6. Thanks. I'm not looking for expensive product to bring, I use Suave or White Rain. I'm just trying to keep my bags light. 😉 I cruised Princess a few months ago and while everyone swore that the shampoo/conditioner they had on the ship was unusable, I thought it was just fine.
  7. It matters if it's a shampoo/conditioner combo because you can't use conditioner as a body wash. It leaves a bit of a film and doesn't get you that clean. So if it's 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, then I'll need to bring body wash. If it's just shampoo/body wash combo then I probably won't bring anything because when it comes to conditioner, I can take it or leave it.
  8. I'm packing for my cruise on Ovation and trying to save space by not bringing body wash or conditioner if they already have it in the (interior) cabin bathrooms. I've searched the forum but I'm seeing mixed information. Some people say the dispenser in the shower is a 2 in 1 Shampoo/conditioner. Other people are saying it's a combination of shampoo and body wash. Does anyone know what it actually is?
  9. I've become very enamored with the idea of trying a solo cruise, and plan on using one of these 3 or 4 day cruises to test it out. Since I just want to see what it's like to travel solo and roam the ship for a few days, without the itinerary being of any importance, I'll be sailing out of Long Beach (I'm in Las Vegas) and probably taking Inspiration or Imagination to Ensenada and back. I'm an early to bed/early to rise type of person so I'll probably miss most of the drunken parties, as long as they stay down in the club/bars/pool deck. And any drunken parties during the day will just be part of my people watching entertainment. Especially if security does have to get involved. 😉
  10. My god, Seattle is a beautiful city.
  11. I don't know- my first RCI cruise will be in a few weeks, so I haven't seen the ships in person yet. But when I sailed on Princess in April, the buffet seating was open, there were no doors to close. The buffet lines were gated off when the buffet was closed, but nothing was stopping anyone from using the seating. I figured most cruise ships would be the same.
  12. The buffet after hours/when it's closed seems an ideal time to play board games there, to me. You'd have the large windows, it would be nice and quiet without lots of people around to be a distraction. You would not be taking up a table when people are trying to eat. There would be loads of room for you to all spread out and drag chairs around some nearby tables. (If there wasn't one large enough for all of you.) I can't imagine any of the cruise or buffet staff would care if you used some tables after hours for board games.
  13. I don't see the point of locking luggage. Who are all these random people you think have access to your bags? The only people who are handling them are either airport employees or porters, and if they wanted to steal from luggage, they could just steal the entire bag and it would just be chalked up as 'lost'. Or they can open the TSA lock anyway. I find it extremely unlikely. There's a far bigger chance of someone walking off with your bag at the airport baggage carousel where you have mobs of people standing around hundreds of suitcases going by on the carousel, and I haven't seen security checking bag tickets before people exit the airport in years. It's grab and go. I'm far more concerned with someone walking off with my entire suitcase than I am worried about some luggage handler stealing my socks and undies.
  14. Will they honor a BOGO promotion if it's just one person traveling? I've never traveled solo yet but hope to do so in the next year. But I assumed that particular promo would be invalid if you're booking for just one on the reservation. I'm not sure why.
  15. I'm thinking of booking sometime in the winter on Carnival Imagination or Inspiration, out of LA. They have really good prices right now for December and January.. but the problem is, I'm very interested in the water slides. What happens with the slides in the winter? Is the water heated? (I know on another cruise line to Alaska, they have a FloRider that's apparently open even going through Alaska, and the water is heated so warm that steam is coming off of it.) Or do they just close the slides and pools down in the winter? Are there any indoor pools?
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