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  1. I have all menu's & daily sheets from the Rhine cruise if you are interested in a sample....just let me know. We are looking at booking the Danube with the extensions for Budapest & Prague. I looked at other lines, but either they missed stops we wanted to see, or the rooms didn't look as nice. We didn't spend a lot of time in the room, as you only see one part of the river, but it sure was nice being able to lean over the large french balcony railing or lay on the bed & watch the scenery.
  2. AK1004, you said you were also interested in Avalon. We did the Avalon Romantic Rhine in May 2018. We started in Amsterdam because my husband is from the Netherlands and we had been throwing around going down to see his family. The advantage we had going in early May over June was Keukenhof. We hit it (an optional tour with Avalon) on the 2nd last day and it was fantastic. Our weather was good, mostly in the lower to mid 20's, which was great for all the walking you are doing in the old parts to the towns... I can imagine they are major sun traps later on in the year. We didn't do the Zurich excursion, however my S-i-L who sailed on Avalon towards the end of June did and they loved it. Check out the stickies on the top of the page so you know what is involved with river cruising, it's not like ocean cruising so you want to be prepared. For those of us who love it, it's very addictive.
  3. Yes, no problem bringing alcohol or food on board. We didn't, but there may be a corking fee. You can get "topped up" at lunch or dinner no problem either, so we really only had one extra beer that we paid for. They also had a happy hour just before dinner, when you are at the briefing for the next day. Roz, we loved Avalon, not a "fussy" line, very casual (not dressy, but they did request no jeans for dinner) but still a 5 star experience. The crew on our cruise were very friendly and always greeted you with smiles. The captain and hotel manager were there when ever we went out on tour or returned. One thing I really liked was we could budget our excursions out ahead of time...we pre-booked, but I already knew what to expect for pricing, as they were listed on the website. Really helps to compare. As YoungDub says, they are connected with Globus / Cosmos / Monograms, so you may even be able to tack one of their tours on if you wish. We found the food good, and it was great to be able to try new stuff knowing if we didn't care for it, they would bring us something different. They always had a good selection of regional food on both the lunch buffet and the dinner menu.
  4. Thanks for the follow up notamermaid. I hope it was the lady's body, at least the family will be able to bury her and know for sure she has passed. A friend of ours spouse disappeared on the water (they only found his boat initially) and I know what hse went through for the 8 months until they finally located the body. Although we were all pretty sure he was dead, no on wanted to admit it to her as she kept praying for a miracle.
  5. Thanks... guess we'll mark it down as one to go back to on another trip. I'll be eagerly awaiting your review, please let us know when you post it if you don't make a posting on the boards.
  6. Just curious Tarheeler, did you have any time in Passau or did the boat leave as soon as you got back? We are wanting to go to CK, but it would be nice to be able to see maybe a bit of Passau as well. Thanks.
  7. We only had carry on's and a backpack each, so never really thought much about luggage. If you are travelling with larger cases, there are areas in the front of the carriages where you can leave the cases. If you look on youtube, you may see some videos showing the inside of the trains..
  8. We booked our tickets through the Deiutsche Bahn site : https://www.bahn.de/p/view/index.shtml We took the train back along the river from Basel to Amsterdam...took a day but a nice relaxing way to end our cruise. We had first class seats, but the 2nd class cabins looked just as nice. You won't be all day on the train, so I don't think it will matter much...there is lots of leg room for the average adult. The Colonge Central Station is right near the Cathedral, so not far from where most boats dock. If you have to leave your bags there, you are easily able to wander around until time to go to the boat. Please report on your cruise, as it's been said, not many reviews for that line, and it will be interesting to see what it is like.
  9. We arrived well before embarkation on our Avalon cruise, and they not only invited us to enjoy the lounge, but told us to help ourselves to the lunch that was being served and gave us a beer. I'm sure your cruise line will be able to put your bags somewhere out of the way for you so you can go explore.
  10. Have a great trip, looking forward for your review.
  11. Wow... English (thanks Google) translation : October 4, 2019 - 2:49 pm Divers look for the 25-year-old woman What happened on the river cruise ship "Rhine Princess" in Bonn? On Thursday night, a man (42) screams for help. He works on the ship and wants to see his young colleague (25) plunge into the Rhine and disappear in the floods. Police and firepower race with many helpers to the accident site at the Kennedy Bridge in Bonn. Even a helicopter is looking for the woman - despite darkness. Police arrest colleagues of the woman - he is also her friend! The 25-year-old also remains missing on Friday. The water of the Rhine is 16 degrees Celcius cold. There is little more hope for the ship's employees. Above all, the police are now asking one question: What happened on board? An accident? Or even a killing offense? The Bonn police explicitly consider a murder possible, press spokesman Robert Scholten told RTL. The 42-year-old, who has called for help, is currently interrogated by the police. He is said to have quarreled with the 25-year-olds before she went overboard. RTL research has shown that the two are a loving couple. The Bonn police does not rule out that the man killed his girlfriend during the dispute! Shipping company boss shocked RTL reaches the boss of the shipping company of the "Rhine Princess" in Switzerland. Willem de Zeeuw: "It hurts that this happened." Work together with the police. Surveillance cameras that could show exactly what happened on board did not exist on the Rhine Princess. His ship was given permission to continue the journey. However, two people are missing: the 25-year-old, presumed victim and his friend, who is also heard on Friday afternoon by the police.
  12. Parsley Cruises, you may wish to read the "stickies" at the top of the forum to learn about river cruising. On the river cruises, you don't need anything other than your room# to purchase drinks etc. As there is under 200 people on most ships, the crew get to recognise you very quickly, so don't have to confirm who you are. They only need to know if you are on board or not! Depending on the river you choose to travel, you can skip the included tours and just wander around the towns (or run if preferred), however the tours are usually done in smaller groups and by informative guides, so are often quite interesting, unless you already know about the town. There will be a few places where you can't dock right in town, but usually you are fairly close, if not right in the scenic area. Dining is done usually all at one seating, and you will get a couple of choices for appetiser, main & desert, as well as the "always on menu" selection. Lunch & breakfast are buffet with menus to order extra. Coffee & tea are available at all times at the coffee stations. You have open seating, so can sit where ever you wish, and usually with fellow guests, so you get to meet a lot of new friends. One main thing that causes a lot of people to complain about is when the ships are rafted during time in port - you are tied along another ship so your view is not quite what you expect. However, if you aren't on board, you don't really notice! Most sailing is done at night, unless there is a specific scenic area ( on the Rhine, that's the middle Rhine with all the Castles, on the Danube, it's the Wachau Valley) but otherwise, you are usually out touring. Hope you do try River Cruising, it's not for everyone, but for those who love it...it's highly addictive!
  13. So glad to hear all is well. Sorry for those who had injuries, but hopefully they will be ok. I was just checking on the Budapest accident, looks like it is still having a lot of investigation going on as to what happened.
  14. Last year on our Rhine cruise with Avalon, we took a cab from the hotel we were staying in to the ship. When we arrived, there were some crew outside (not waiting, as we arrived quite early), and they just offered to bring our bags in. I guess it depends on how good of a crew you get, as our room attendant knew our name (even introduced us to some of the other staff when we were out on tour and they were on our bus to go into town.) The Captain & Hotel Manager were there to send us off on tours, and greeted us when we returned. The food was different every lunch & dinner (lunch was a buffet, but geared to a regional menu as was dinner), and it only took 2 days for the Chef & wait staff to know I couldn't eat some foods ( the Chef because of a casual mention once during the breakfast buffet - he then warned me if there was something out that I should avoid without having to ask), and we really appreciated being able to try anything with the option of ordering something different if it wasn't to our liking. We also took optional afternoon tours when they were available, so found our days busy...most evenings after catching up on news from home, it was lights out so we could be well rested for the next day.
  15. Can't speak for Crystal, but usually you have lunch between morning and afternoon excursions. I know one of the days on our Avalon cruise one morning group was a little late getting back, but there was still time for them to grab a lunch and head out again in the afternoon. I think most morning tours were back to the boat by 11:30 at the latest, and afternoon ones started around 1:00.
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