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  1. I agree with Carolyn, bing them just in case, but you probably won't need them. My husband has problems with the vibration of the engines, not the actual motion. He was a bit worried about river cruising, as he would be stuck on the boat for 8 days, not just a couple of hours like when we have ferries to take. No problem, you wouldn't even know you are moving if it wasn't for seeing the scenery go by. Hopefully you won't have any problems, but why take a chance ruining your cruise if you leave the patches & wrist bands at home?
  2. Oh, I'm sure it's perfectly safe, I've been on TripAdvisor's site for Budapest bothering them about routes etc. Just when you live in a very rurral area where there is no public transit, you tend to be more cautious... I had been thinking of getting passes for the Hop on Hop off buss', but they talked me into using the public transit. We used it in Amsterdam - first time we had ever been on a tram or bus. It's just getting used to being out of our comfort zone...:)
  3. This is the company we are looking at. We won't go for the dinner cruise as I have food allergies, but I'm still a bit worried about taking public transit from the hotel & back. I know it's probably safe, but we don't live in a city, and not used to being out without a car at night.
  4. When we booked our Avalon cruise with a TA, she let them know that we may be interested in their flight. I kept an eye on pricing, and so did she. When I saw the price get to a (fairly) decent level, she checked her "connections" (I was looking directly at the airline), then she called Avalon. They beat every price, and I was able to book my seats & add on my pre & post cruise dates with no charge from Avalon and directly through KLM. We had to pay KLM's charge for booking the seats, but that would have been done anyway. Because I had purchased the cancel at anytime insurance through Avalon, our flights were covered as well. We didn't require transfers to the hotel as the hotel provided transfers itself, and we hadn't booked the hotel through Avalon so probably wouldn't have received them anyway.
  5. I noticed on the 2019 Avalon cruises it wasn't listed under excursions for Budapest. I was thinking that maybe it was one of the extras you found out about when you did your booking and could book additional excursions. Now I'm guessing that they just didn't provide them. It was something we really wished to do, and as we will be having extra days in Budapest, I was planning on going then. Figured if we saw it 2x, no problem, if we missed it....:(
  6. Thanks @Got2Cruise, however we won't be sailing until 2020...I tend to uh...overplan a bit.:)
  7. I noticed it had been dropped from Avalon...thanks for the confirmation. I have been looking at going on a local line for the tour.
  8. As Phil (with the beautiful Granddaughters) says, you know your son best. If it is only the tours you are worried about, then do research on the ports to see what there may be that would interest him. If he loves history & nice architecture, then he would probably be ok on the daily tours. Since you will be in town for a specified time, then if you wish to break off from the organised tour, you can, as long as you know where & when to meet back up to get back on the boat. You can even have him look up the towns visited to see if there is something he would like to see. I believe Ama has bikes to borrow, so you can always take a day to bike around a town as well.
  9. Daisi


    Hi Playtennis. I have had great success contacting them either through facebook or their contact link which pops up when you open their site. You can also call them at 800.268.3636. Of course, this # is off the Canadian site, but they may be able to help you. If you are dealing with a TA, they could contact them for you as well, ours was great for that.
  10. Thanks for the review, I really enjoyed it. Your pictures were great and makes me wish our trip was sooner....:)
  11. Have they found the remaining 2 bodies yet? Thinking of the families involved.
  12. AF-1, as long as you know when to be back for the ship sailing, there is nothing wrong with just getting off the boat and walking around. A lot of included tours are done in the morning, give you a bit of history about where you are and point out the interesting stuff...then you usually have time to wander/ snack / shop. If you don't wish to take the tour, as long as you know how to get back to the ship or meet up with the guide, no problem. Something to keep in mind...sometimes you are dropped off to tour a town and bussed to another one while the ship keep sailing, so you need to make sure you know where to meet to get on that bus! We did this on a couple of tours...just made sure we knew when and where to meet up for the bus or when to be back onboard to sail. The active tours are a new thing a lot of the lines are bringing out...Avalon has bikes you can take and they organised bike tours when we sailed last year...dropped the cyclists off and let them bike down to an area and those not biking would stay onboard and sail. They did this 2x, once when leaving Amsterdam...they took off on the bikes early and rode through the countryside to the meeting place, and another time we went on a tour of a town, and the cyclists biked down towards the next town...and were waiting for us when we arrived.
  13. I never knew TA's charged... we've never paid for them....just enjoyed their benefit's. I do a lot of planning and checking up, so I probably drive them up the wall. The one I used for our Rhine cruise brought in some of her L'Occitane products for me to see if I could handle the scent...I asked my cabin attendant if I would be ok taking home the ones in our room, and he supplied me with another whole set just for her. A small thanks for all the headaches I probably gave her!
  14. One bonus of using a good TA is that they will do all the work for you if anything happens like missed flights, high or low water levels, etc. If you can get extra discounts (ours applied our discount to the final invoice) or on board credits, that's just the icing on the cake.
  15. We enjoyed it so much we are in the midst of planning another cruise with them on the Danube. They were the perfect fit for us. I want to thank you Sleep for this write up, as it helped us decide to go with Avalon...and we had no regrets.
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