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  1. I don't think they have started on the Danube yet, Someone did a "live" daily review of Uniworld's tour in Italy :
  2. Thanks for your replies, but I am wondering about the type of room. I am wondering if they give you a room with a view or just any room. Just curious, as we don't plan to spend much more time in our hotel room than we do in our cabin. We arranged our own hotels last time for the pre & post cruise days so never knew what type of room you got. Airfare is not a problem for us, last time we mentioned at booking that we may be interested in their air, and Avalon contacted our TA when they were booking to give her a quote. Since it beat any we could find, we took it and then I wen
  3. Just a curious question for those who have taken the Avalon extensions. We are doing the Budapest to Prague next May, and are wondering what type of hotel room we will get. I have checked out the available hotels, they look ok, but wondering if we get a room with a view, or just one wherever. Also looking at possibly the Grand France tour (we aren't overly sure about touring next year, and they don't have the Danube cruise up for 2023), the hotel looks like it's a couple of blocks from the Eifel tower, and wondering if they try to get you a room with a view. Thanks all
  4. In Canada, we get free PCR tests, however we only get notified of results if we come up positive. If we need one for travelling (which still really isn't authorised by the Govt. yet), we have to pay for one. Not sure how much they cost. When you arrive at the border (air or land), you have to have one test done within 72 hrs (PCR) and another test upon arrival which will be provided for free.
  5. We booked our air through Avalon last cruise, and will be doing so again for our upcoming one. Not sure if it's different with American airlines, but we wanted KLM (Avalon usually goes Air Canada), in order that we could book our own seats. We could have upgraded to Premium Economy if we chose, as we were paying directly to KLM - $50.00/seat to upgrade, which I figured wasn't that bad as we could get the 2 window seats together. This time, I will be looking at upgrading to Premium as well. For our previous cruise, we didn't pay at booking for our flights, our TA mentioned that
  6. Canadians have another problem with the big ship cruises...we were told to get first vaccines available, and that it would be ok to mix. Because the CDC does not recognise mixing doses, they will not be able to cruise. I think some Europeans are in the same boat (sorry). This has made me worry about the river cruise ships that request vaccinations. If it's ok in some European countries will it be accepted?
  7. To return to Canada, you are not allowed to use the Antigen test. That is probably why Uniworld was offering the more expensive one. Not sure about which test is required for returning Americans.
  8. Check with your cruise line about costs. If you have any OBC, you may be able to use that to help pay for them. I think the person who just finished the Uniworld cruise in Italy was charged about 130 Euros.
  9. Are you able to go in and book your own seats once they ticket the flights? With Avalon, we told them we wanted KLM, and then once ticketed, I went in and booked my seats and had the option to upgrade to premium if desired. That is what I will be doing again for next year.
  10. Thanks to @notamermaidfor creating this thread, and thanks to all who joined in with pictures of places they have traveled to. It's been a great way to pass the time, and (unfortunately?) has added some extra trips onto our bucket list. I guess it's a good thing we retired young, we'll need a lot of time to plan & explore now! Thanks to all.
  11. If it's not a large difference, I'd be tempted to just go with Tauck. Or have your TA book, then she has to do the re-arranging. 🙂
  12. I can't speak for AMA, but I would assume they are like other lines that will have some bicycles onboard for guests, and if there are excursions, they will bring in enough for the tours. We sailed Avalon with 2 bike excursions, and both times they had bikes waiting onshore for the excursions. I have heard other lines do the same. As for cabins, when we sailed during the day, we spent our time up on the top deck or in the front viewing area. You are on a river that isn't overly wide, so you want to see both sides. We chose a cabin at water level and enjoyed watching the swans sw
  13. OK, that's what a lot of us swim in. I grew up swimming in the ocean only because it was there, but later we always swam in lakes, rivers or even quarries if we could get away with it. I always thought that was normal...I think I was in my teens before I swam in a pool, there just weren't to many around as a kid. Thanks for the explanation.
  14. @Canal archivemay I ask what you mean by "wild swimming"? I hear about your heat, we had a massive storm last night (reports of tornados nearby, but only seeing hail damage so far) and have finally cooled down a bit. It also helped with the smoke from the wildfires - even though we are almost on the opposite side of the country, we are getting the smoke & could smell it. Looking forward to finally being able to open the windows for a whole day, it's going up to 27, will feel in the 30's but the sticky humidity will be gone, so the fans will be full force just to get some fresh air.
  15. That is something I'm not sure will be dropped for a while. It's before boarding, so hopefully it won't be to hard to get, although read carefully and make sure you have the correct type - they turn away Canadians or make them quarantine in the hotel if they have the wrong ones. Here is another article with maybe more info. Of course, we are still waiting for the US border to open for us, there is going to be a major uproar here if it doesn't happen at or around the same time. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canada-will-let-fully-vaccinated-american-travellers-into-co
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