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  1. You will probably get a better price at the hotel, but you will have to arrange your own transfer to or from Prague. If you are not going to their hotels, they will book you on just the river cruise. Looking at the website, there are 6 different hotels they stay in. The Hilton Old Town Alcron Hotel Cosmopolitan Hotel Prague Art Deco Imperial Intercontinental Praga and Prague Marriott. One other thing to consider, if you wanted the tour of Prague included with the extension, it won't be available if you don't go with their booking.
  2. We are (hopefully) sailing from Budapest to Prague with Avalon next year. There are several lines available if you google for them. You have to look at the ports you will be visiting, and consider what is important. If you have never been on a river cruise, I would suggest reading the "stickies" on the top of the main page to explain what to expect. Things are changing rapidly with what is and what is not offered with river cruising, so they may be a bit outdated, but on the whole, they will be accurate. You say "we" are looking, but you are looking for a single cabin fare? Are you travelling with another couple? What do you expect from a river cruise? Before anyone can make recommendations, we need to know if you are looking for entertainment ( U by Uniworld may be better as it does evening trips to town), all inclusive (Crystal, Ama come to mind there), etc. Everyone on the board generally has one line they prefer to sail with, and almost all lines will sail from Budapest with an add on trip to Prague at the end. If you let us know what you don't like about Viking's terms, then maybe we could also help. Right now, most companies are only offering FCC for cancelled cruises if you are in North America. Some only require 90 day booking, some will give extra discounts for paying in full in advance. Sorry, but we need more info to be more helpful.
  3. Thanks for the review. It looked really interesting, and sounds as if you enjoyed it. Glad to see that the strictures put in place for Covid really don't seem to interfere with the enjoyment of the cruise. Loved the pics, you are a great photographer.
  4. Thanks JP. I am a PEI girl, love seafood - scallops, quahogs, oysters, lobster etc, but fish...I won't tell you what my GGrandmother used to do to us kids so she would have fish for my parents for dinner when we used to live with them. Maybe I'll have to add it back onto our bucket list!
  5. Times can change quickly, there is a lot involved sailing on the rivers - delays at locks being one of the main ones. Most tours will leave around 8:30 in the morning, back in time for lunch onboard the ship, then back out around 1:00 for the afternoon tour and back in time for a quick "refresher" before dinner. If this is your first river cruise, may I suggest reading the pinned articles on the top of the boards. River cruising is like ocean cruising as in you are on a boat, and sailing on water...but other than that, they are like apples & tomatoes...both in the fruit family, both red, but very different. It's always wise to do lots of research to know what you are getting into so you won't be disappointed. There will be changes with Covid, but hopefully the lines are able to keep the experience enjoyable.
  6. Welcome home, can't wait for your review. Although the Douro is one that I would love the scenery & visits, I'm not a fish lover, so probably wouldn't enjoy the food! Life is rough when you are fussy. 🙂 Glad all went well, and that you had a good time.
  7. You are right... sorry, I have been working with my TA and she was reminding me we needed one. We (hopefully) sail May 2021.
  8. The other thing you have to consider is if they do go ahead with sailing, will Americans be allowed into Europe. If you have a TA, you may want them to get asking. You will have to have the visa waiver (ETIAS) and right now, you wouldn't get one. Not sure how long they take, but that is something else to think about. So many things to think about...you and Franski are in the same "boat" so to speak, even though she is from Canada and could possibly be allowed to sail.
  9. Now you get all the fun of sitting back and planning...and waiting! Enjoy I'm sure you will have a great trip.
  10. As far as I know you will be getting the FCC + the bonus for whatever funds you have paid. Since your trip isn't until October, I am assuming that you have only paid the deposit. Not sure how the US bookings go, but right now, Avalon has a free "upgrade" - you choose your cabin and they credit you the increase from the base cabin - and for Canada, airfare for a guaranteed price. We have the guaranteed airfare for our 2021 cruise, and if things go as they say, prices could rise quite a bit, so we could luck out. We had to put a deposit down for it, but if we did choose to do our own, the deposit goes towards the cost of our cruise. They may do another free airfare promo again later on, depending on how the sales go now. You may want to look into seeing how things work out without the free air, the upgrade could cover it. I looked up the costs for the flight Avalon booked for us 2 years ago, and the guaranteed price is lower than what we paid then...and they got us the best deal at that time.
  11. I think Jazz (sorry Jazz, I know I can't speak for you, but this is how I took your comments as) was speaking as a reference to the Americans who don't take Covid seriously...the ones who crowd the beaches, go to parties, clubs etc. I know not all feel the same, I see it on this board as well as with friends from the US who I talk with daily on Face Book. However, watching US news in the mornings there always seems to be a lot of coverage of people who don't seem to care about how serious this can be. Just as there are Canadians who disregard quarantines etc (thinking Ont & Quebec, but I'm sure all provinces have their culprits), there are a lot of Americans who wouldn't do it. I think the main difference is, our disregard of quarantine comes with a hefty fine and possibly jail time....so maybe we tend to respect the request a bit more? When he mentioned the scarlett A, the book was what I thought of.
  12. They have also fined some in the Banff area for not going directly to Alaska. Not only a fine, but also had to quarantine for 14 days, and pay people to get them food etc. I am thinking that as long as the number of people not obeying the quarantine rules stays low, that will be all they do...but if they start pressing the legal charges (which would probably only happen after the same person was caught breaking quarantine a couple of times), that could be interesting. Not sure how future trips across the border would work with that on the record.
  13. Some good news (I guess) to report today, even if it will only be temporary. For the first time since late March, the province of Ontario has 0 deaths from Covid. They have been keeping the cases below 200 for a week or so (had one day where the numbers went over I believe, but other than that, they are generally below). Also, to go along with the cities of Toronto and Kingston, and some other counties, the city of Ottawa and all of Eastern Ontario are making masks mandatory as of Tuesday. Hoping this means we can soon go to Stage 3 and be almost fully open.
  14. I'd be happy just to see my family in Canada. The East Coast provinces are not allowing visitors in, only if you own property or now, if you are from one of the 3 provinces. I am sorry for both of you @gnome12 and @KathyK13 but I really hope our borders remain closed until the virus is more controlled in the States. I see they are now actually charging American tourists who are coming up here and not doing the quarantine. They better watch out, if they get to many, they could end up doing jail time, and that would interfere with them coming up to their summer homes.
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