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  1. I absolutely adore Rome and usually find the food excellent. Interesting mention of Da Enzo (in the article referenced above) - we visited two years ago & found the food & service barely passable. Take a look at their reviews on TripAdvisor. I understand why the patrons are mostly international clientele (lured into visiting due to posts on social media) as, IMHO, no self-respecting Roman would deign to dine at this overpriced/overrated establishment.
  2. Yes, there are long queues but we have experienced no problems as we have always made reservations. 🙂
  3. Both Figlmuller branches are in very close proximity to each other ( about a 2 minute walk). The Backerstrasse location is the one that sells the wiener schnitzel (veal).
  4. Agree - there is much to see and do in Stockholm. If one has only a short port stop then one must make choices based on their personal preferences. There are cruises that offer an overnight is Stockholm and, even better, there are cruises that begin or end in Stockholm so that one can arrive pre or post cruise, spend several days and truly enjoy this fabulous city.
  5. Why not book a cruise that starts or ends in Stockholm? That way, you could spend some time in Stockholm pre or post cruise.
  6. Check post #56 above. If you can already view signatures, click on expand signature and you will see my email address link in RED.
  7. I'd forgotten about the Grand Maket, a HO scale model of Russia. We visited with friends about 4 years ago and although we found it somewhat interesting, it really wasn't our "cup of tea". I imagine it would be great for children as there are many working/moving parts to the maquette. Below is a youtube video of the Grand Maket: The Museum of Soviet Arcades:
  8. I have wondered the same thing - especially due to the fact that here in the US we have more Covid 19 cases than anyone/anywhere. Will some European borders be closed to US/North American visitors?
  9. The following site is a wealth of information: https://europeforvisitors.com/venice/venice-hotels.htm
  10. Would that be Skansen? Lovely to visit - located on Djurgarden.
  11. Apologies - was conflating your and Magnolia's posts.
  12. This was true prior to the fall of the Soviet Union - I did not realize that this was still the practice in 2001. Anyway, thank you for your clarification.
  13. I agree - that is precisely what we said after our first visit. All of our subsequent visits have been 2-3 weeks in duration (there are other fantastic places to visit in Russia - examples include Moscow & Novgorod). Enjoy!
  14. We visit Russia on a yearly basis (since 2011) - this year will be our first miss due to the situation with Covid 19. There is an ATM is the cruise port and it is perfectly safe to use the ATM or one of the ATMs at a bank - this is how we obtain any rubles that we may need. We often hear stories about reputed credit card fraud in Russia. We use our credit cards in Russia for almost everything and have never had an issue with credit card fraud in Russia (or any other destination in Europe) - our issues with credit card fraud have all occurred within the USA (most recently with an online purchase). The ruble is the national currency of Russia & USD are not widely accepted except in tourist areas where you will not obtain a good conversion rate. IMHO, it is best to use plastic (Visa or MC) - preferably a card that carries no foreign transaction fee. If you are purchasing an expensive keepsake (amber jewelry, imperial porcelain, etc.), it may be wise to use your credit card as you have a method of disputing the charge should an issue occur with your purchase. We were able to use USD in tourist shops in 2011, nine years ago. I don't quite understand exactly what you mean when you state that it was "forbidden" 9 years ago but "Russians now are allowed to use USD". As mentioned above, the souvenirs vendors in the tourist shops/kiosks will accept USD (as well as rubles, euros, GPB, & credit cards). Cruise passengers booked on private tours usually need no rubles as stated above. Should you require a few rubles (say, at the post office or another venue where ONLY rubles are accepted), your private guide should be able to assist you in acquiring them with a minimum of fuss.
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