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  1. Apologies but My computer crashed & I won’t be able to play until it is repaired. Disregard my last photo and pass wild card to whomever wants it.
  2. Any idea of when this might be restored?
  3. This should be easy .... Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place. The person one who first guesses correctly gets to post the next photo! Please, DO NOT POST any PHOTOS unless it is your turn.
  4. Waal river, St. Nicholas Chapel, Nijmegen (Rhine cruise?)
  5. We are booked on an August 2021 Baltic cruise - a lift and shift from 2020 on X's Reflection. We are not confident that this cruise will be a "go". We will cancel if we feel it remains imprudent to safely travel and/or if cruise sponsored shore excursions are mandated in order to go ashore.
  6. Yes, I wonder this as well. I suspect that this is highly unlikely. You could ask your contact at best guides but I don't think that Russia offers any financial support to these local businesses.
  7. We enjoyed a wonderful tasting experience at the Faust Wine Cellar in Budapest. Our sommelier was awesome - we had no idea that Hungary produced quality wines.
  8. Fun factoid: the massive Three Gorges Dam slows the earth's rotation by 0.06 microseconds. Can you feel it? 😉
  9. Another thing that I forgot to mention regarding Russia ... Unless you have a Russian visa, your passport data must be provided to Russian immigration 72 hours prior to your arrival in St Petersburg. This is required in order to participate in one of the visa free shore excursions provided by the ship or a licensed independent local tour company. You cannot book a tour upon arrival in Russia - not even a ship tour - it will be too late & you would be required to stay onboard. So, one must have one’s ducks in a row if planning on hiring an independent company or booking a ship excursion in Russia.
  10. @wowzz Thanks for the reminder but I don’t think you need to worry. I am pretty confident that most of us posting on this particular thread are well aware of the requirements for visa free touring in Russia (with one notable exception) - AFAIK, most of us have previously visited Russia. 😎 For those unaware, I repeat, the information provided by Roger is incorrect. You must book with a company/guide that is licensed by the Russian Federation OR possess a valid Russian visa.You cannot book with just any guide or local that you find online.
  11. Yes, the collection in the Gold Room is, indeed, amazing. Personally, I am not sure that I would include a visit to the Treasury Gallery rooms on a short cruise port visit - they simply take up too much time & there is so much more to see in this fabulous city. That is unless, of course, one has a particular interest in the items on display in one of the treasury galleries or you have previously visited the city and want to add new experiences. For those interested in visiting the treasury gallery in the Hermitage, there are two sections - each section requires a separate admission in addition to your regular Hermitage admission and one can visit only by guided tour. Note: the Gold Room is not to be confused with the Gold Drawing Room (spectacular) in the Hermitage Museum - the drawing room is included in your admission price to the Hermitage Museum. The Treasury Gallery: the Gold Room - features a spectacular collection of gold from ancient Greek masters, Scythian gold (largest worldwide collection), Asian jewelry (China, Iran, India) and outstanding examples of Eastern ceremonial weapons. the Diamond Room - features ancient gold objects discovered during Scythian barrow mound excavations, royal jewelry (Imperial Romanov family) and jewelry from St. Petersburg's private collections, diplomatic gifts presented to Tsars & Imperial Court, ecclesiastical art and Faberge creations. The Diamond Room is very impressive (you will see lots of diamonds and other gems) but if you want to see the largest diamonds and jewels of the Tsars and Tsarinas, they are found in the Diamond Fund in Moscow - not the Hermitage.
  12. I am keeping my big mouth shut and comments/thoughts to myself! 😉
  13. I am sure you know that you can book private tours for just the two of you with the cruise line. Almost any tour is possible through the cruise line if funds are not an issue for you.
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