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  1. I sympathize - we also had a few days of snow & it has been very chilly. My tulips were just getting ready to bloom but the heavy, wet snow crushed them. 🙁
  2. I will check-in when I return this evening. Hopefully someone will identify the photo by that time. 🙂
  3. I am probably way off base but I just had a thought... There is a “Little Venice” in Bamberg - are gondola cruises offered on the Regnitz?
  4. Oh my, just did a quick Google search. Gondola rides are offered all over the world - in the US (NY, Boston, CA, NOLA), Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Netherlands .... the list is endless. I had no clue. Did you catch a ride? Curious to see where your photo was taken.
  5. Tricky photo - fooled me. 😉 Well then ... the only other place that I have ever seen gondola rides offered is in New Orleans (there are probably many other places as well). Have absolutely no idea where your photo was taken. Will await identification from others more knowledgeable than I. 🙂
  6. That vessel appears to be a gondola. Perhaps one of the islands in the Venetian Lagoon? If so, no idea which canal is pictured.
  7. We have an X cruise scheduled for late August (Baltic) - I'm not confident that it will sail. Mandated shore excursions through the ship are a deal breaker for us - will simply book a future cruise or a land visit.
  8. Oh, you are one clever lady!! Had me flummoxed for awhile. No kidding - prominent indeed & definitely not the most noteworthy part of the exterior. Mistress of the understatement. 😂 Came back to this after dinner with an idea & I was right - I have seen this many times.
  9. Hmmm ... this looks so familiar but I can't place it. The heraldry above the portal leads me to believe it is somewhere in Bavaria?
  10. I am NOT challenging @Coral It’s Elisabeth Bridge. 😁
  11. Was this a land visit? January would be too late for an Xmas market cruise wouldn’t it? I thought that you had cropped parts of the monument where you were standing. Won’t be the first time I’ve been wrong. 🤓
  12. Aha, I know where this is and recognize the monument from where you took the photo @Ritabob 🙂 Good job with the cropping but I recognize a church that we visited on the other side of the bridge and there is also a big hint on the bridge deck itself. I love this city & so much miss travel! Thanks for picking up the wildcard BTW.
  13. Main portal - look up & to the left. Local lore has it that this little dachshund saved the life of the architect working on church renovations in the 1920s. Little fellow attempted to bite said architect, architect stepped aside to avoid bite thus avoiding a falling large stone which had come loose. Unfortunately, the little dog was crushed. Supposedly, the architect installed the sculpture as a memorial to the dachshund who had saved his life. Cynical self says: “sounds like a fish story to me”.
  14. Wow - is your granddaughter into ballet? So, what is the name of the city and cathedral? Give us their names & then over to you.
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