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  1. kennicott

    NO CNN

    Well, on the three lines we frequent, for almost 700 sailing days now, the old unwritten rule is no politics, religion or the laundry room discussion, (the latter is a joke). So, we rarely experience bombastic political language blatted about for all to endure, maybe on just one or two cruises over all this time, that was the case. If that were not our experience, we wouldn't be cruising. However, I do find it strange that you suggest: "I do certainly expect that my fellow cruisers who do not wish to speak politics while cruising to be polite. Not everyone finds it stressful, irritating, or uncouth." In other words, for those who do not wish to speak politics, now play nice and endure the harsh and loud vitriolic rhetoric of those who do. You seem to disregard the loudmouths who wish to speak politics, are they exempt from your nicey-nicey expectations?
  2. kennicott

    NO CNN

    Well, like em or not, here is a good example of why there still exists integrity at CNN--- https://www.aol.com/article/news/2019/02/17/cnn-and-msnbc-to-air-anti-nazi-ad-fox-news-rejected/23671511/
  3. kennicott

    NO CNN

    Like in the old days----"Which do you prefer, a Buick or a Lincoln?" Answer---"I don't drive, I hate driving".
  4. kennicott

    NO CNN

    A recent critic of your post here suggested that this is a "public forum" therefore one may say what he/she wants. True, a public forum it is, however, one should understand the difference between "Thread" and "Forum" before making said utterances. "A forum is an online site created for the purpose of allowing discussion, it is an overall category that contains one or more “Threads” or sub-topics . ... Forum users can interact by posting questions, answers, and other comments related to a given topic. A thread is a grouping of posts or sub topics set-up as a conversation among users."
  5. kennicott

    NO CNN

    I certainly agree with that opinion. Occurs not only with this TV viewing subject but many others as well. Since Carnival generally offers relatively shorter cruises and we don't book anymore for less than three weeks it is unlikely we will be using their services. However, if there is such an opportunity, this limited TV news would be enough to taint the deal. We love sea days and after many days sailing it is nice to be able to catch up on the action back home. We did enjoy CNN back when most lines had only CNN and FOX for choices. Now, we detest FOX, nor do we read National Enquirer, but I know a lot of cruisers do like FOX, so I don't argue when that is one of the selections. What appears strange to me is that Carnival has a relatively young demographic (25-54 years) but no consideration is given to the new title holder there, MSNBC--- https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/27/msnbc-fox-cable-ratings-number-one-1075872?fbclid=IwAR2oSEOIJevP-g-BylhqSdPoZDusj-K8dMGymiV3MKl1faOkgny7kqgktwo On Princess and Regent we get both MSNBC, BBC and FOX, that way I am satisfied.
  6. kennicott

    Can you bring soda or water on board?

    As most others have already indicated,on Princess anyway----- No problem with bringing all the soda and water you want to on board.For pre-cruise orders only you can order a 12 bottle (500 ml) case for $6.90. If you don't pre-order through your Cruise Personalizer or find that you needed more than a case, you can get it from cabin service. Down side to that is it costs $2.00 per bottle. Found that one out the hard way. What happened on our last Princess cruise though, for a month, we decided to preorder two 12 bottle cases. Got on board, found the two cases okay but after a few days our room steward had us awash in water. What I neglected to read, was that our cabin received up to three free bottles a day. You see, we had my wife's sister with us so we got our first full suite ever. And that was part of the package. Our room steward had them credit us for the cases.
  7. kennicott

    Can you bring soda or water on board?

    That is interesting, I've never read such language in any of the cruise contracts on the three lines we frequent. If they have it, appears to me it would be sort of misleading, since they encourage you to put their duty free liquor in your checked baggage at the end of the cruise, they often even have crew assigned to help you do that at the gangway. I believe most disembarking guests are destined to catch airline flights, if so, the furthest you are going to get with normal bottles of booze in hand carries is prior to security at the airport where all your good stuff is going into the junk bin. Airlines have no problem with legal liquids in checked luggage as long as you pack it correctly. When we do carry wine in our non-hand carry luggage, both going on and off the vessel, we place it in special made leak proof bubble rap containers.
  8. kennicott

    Can you bring soda or water on board?

    They do prefer you hand carry your wine on board but we have found that is not a hard and fast rule and can prove to be a real pain since it takes up so much room in your hand carries. So we leave it in our luggage or in the original wine case. When I bring extra I am prepared to pay the $15.00 per, but they have never given us any grief. Never charged us either. They state in a number of different places that------- "At embarkation, all luggage is subject to scanning and any contraband, including alcohol in excess of the allowed amount, will be removed and discarded. You may be required to attend an inspection if your luggage is locked."---That language appears to recognize that alcohol can be brought on board in checked luggage as long as it is an "allowed amount". But then they say:-------Guests agree not to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind on board for consumption except one bottle of wine or champagne per person of drinking age (no larger than 750 ml) per voyage only in his/her carry-on luggage.----This language indicates that the only alcohol allowed on board is one bottle of wine or champagne per person and must be in carry-on luggage. But then they say:----"Additional wine or champagne bottles are welcome, but will incur a $15 corkage fee each, irrespective of where they are intended to be consumed. Liquor, spirits or beers are not permitted." So, there you have it, very unclear. Having spent so much time cruising with Princess I have to go with my experiences based upon their on-board practices. As I mention most of the time we don't carry on our wine but leave it in our checked luggage. They have even opened our checked luggage before and found our wine which was more than the free allowance. They left a nice note. "You are in full compliance with our liquor policy, thank you." So, in summary, to be on the safe side, bring your wine on board in carry-on luggage.
  9. kennicott

    Float Plane - Ketchikan?

    Got a soft spot in my heart for fixed wing flights sees, particularly on floats, as that was what I used to do when I had meaningful means of support. Rotor wing is even better but don't tell my old colleagues I said that. I wouldn't want to venture a guess anymore as to which outfit is the best in Southeast. Even though most of my flying was on the coast of south central Alaska and I got down there often on business before I retired I certainly wasn't doing flightsees or even taking them. If I was in that market right now the first I would ask is Budget Queen. "BQ"
  10. kennicott

    2:00am arrival in Anchorage, no hotel?

    You didn't mention how old you are or if you can sleep well on aircraft. If I was still 31 years old I might take cltcruizer's advice but since I'm over 2.5 times that age, I would look closely at capriccio's advice. We don't sleep well on airplanes, even in business class. A long time ago we quit booking cruises where we arrived the day of or shortly after. Matter of fact, nowadays we don't book unless we can get a hotel room two nights prior. Our last cruise is a good example, we flew from Anchorage to Venus where we got on the ship. I had a number of hotel choices, some were in downtown Venice and $$$$. We chose one on the mainland, it was reasonable, in the country and quiet. Got in about 4:00 PM, started cutting zzzzzzs right away. By the third day we transferred to the ship about 2:00PM, but not to sail, we had that night on the ship as well as an entire day the ship, the port was close to the city of Venice and we didn't sail until about 6:00 PM, the fourth night. We really enjoyed our excursions the last day since we were fresh. Better yet I would jack up my arrival in Anchorage by 24 hours. Probably cost and time limitations prevent that for you though, that would have been the case when I was 31.
  11. I'll say, he has been there a long time, that is for certain. Seems like every time I look he is on another board of directors somewhere. I know that he has been on the Saltchuck board for years. He recently sold his home of ten years in Seattle for 5.5 million and bought another for 9 million. If I recall, Jan Schwarz just was just put on the MGM Resorts board, plus she has been elevated to Group President by Kruse where she heads up Princess and Carnival Australia. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mgm-resorts-international-expands-board-of-directors-300614126.html https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=700702&privcapId=258823 http://www.seatrade-*****/news/news-headlines/jan-swartz-now-group-president-of-princess-cruises-and-carnival-australia.html https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/news/2017/09/01/stein-kruse-linda-mansion-for-sale-clyde-hill.html
  12. kennicott

    Alaska - Fairbanks or Anchorage?

    I have a copy of the 2018 Princess Tours "Alaska" brochure. The Tundra Wilderness Tour It is on page 22, "Tour EE"
  13. kennicott

    Is Princess Stockholder OBC Refundable?

    "This benefit is not transferable, no combinable with any other shipboard offer and cannot be used for casino credits/charges and gratuities charged to your onboard account. Only one onboard credit per shareholder-occupied stateroom."
  14. kennicott

    Alaska - Fairbanks or Anchorage?

    Great shot.---I'm glad you got a good view during your tour on the north side of the Alaska Range. What you are looking at is the North Peak or North Summit as well as most of the South Summit that is partially obscured with clouds at the very top. The North Peak was long thought to be the highest point, however it was later discovered that the South Peak was 20,310 feet while the North was 19,470. In this shot you can see the mountain climber's famous Wickersham Wall and the Pioneer Ridge leading up along its east side, Wickersham Wall comprises most of the North Face of Denali. We only had one opportunity to drive all the way into Wonder Lake, which is directly north of the North Peak, unfortunately the peak was obscured with clouds that day and Wonder Lake had so many mosquitoes around no one wanted to wait there until the clouds cleared.
  15. For those unaware, Princess headquarters are in Seattle. Next time there visit the new super Holland America Group headquarters overlooking Elliott Bay. https://officesnapshots.com/2018/07/24/holland-america-group-headquarters-seattle/ "To bring Holland America Group’s brands—Holland America, Princess, and Seabourn—into closer alignment and increase operational efficiencies, the company sought to consolidate operations within a single facility." In case you might have missed out, back in 2013 Carnival Corp announced that effective December 1, 2013, "Stein Kruse, who was then president and CEO of Holland America Line, was being appointed CEO of the Holland America Group, adding Princess Cruises and Holland America Princess Alaska land operations to his current responsibilities of Holland America Line and Seabourn. Kruse reports to Carnival Corporation & plc President and CEO Arnold Donald. In his expanded role, effective December 1, Kruse also will replace Micky Arison as chairman of the board of MANCO, the UK-based entity which oversees operations of Carnival Australia including P&O Cruises, the number one cruise line in the Australian market.The newly created Holland America Group operates 41 cruise ships with over 36,000 employees worldwide who annually deliver 25 million passenger cruise days." At the time Analysts believed the reason Carnival Corp took this action was due to the cutthroat competition in Alaska between Princess and HAL and in Australia between those two and P&O. They wanted to get them all more on the same page, profit motive you know.