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  1. sheesh ........ glad I am on a diet!!! Oh well we shall see which Sapphire Princess turns up
  2. Does this mean I needs a new welcome mat for certain peeps who may need a room before or after their cruz??
  3. I suppose I could have just called you on the talking telefone but I am still paying off the bill from last time
  4. I knew that it had to be something special to draw Chezza out from under her hidey rock
  5. Hi all, I understand that there are four main dining rooms onboard Sapphire Princess. Apart from the decor can anyone shed light on the differences (cuisine, service etc). If it helps we have chosen Anytime Dining. Thanks in advance.
  6. I had a look at the website and I think this may be challenging Wobbies World or Piss Weak World for the 'underwhelm factor.' So called 'famous visitors' include Basil Brush, Stuart Little and Bob the F@#king Builder - gimme a break. In fact the last famous person of note visited in 2004 so there's a chance for someone from CC to visit two days in a row to end up in in their Hall of Fame.
  7. Water is for Mrs Elf who has certain needs which I won't enter into here
  8. we did the water maths .... reckon we need about 3 litres per day .......... we re cruising 37 days ....... I cant carry that much onboard because ......... a man's not a camel .....
  9. Heya folks, Princess Cruise Personaliser will not let me buy more than ten Bottled Water Packages for our upcoming cruise. Even if I try to buy packages separately for Mrs Elf and myself it seems the limit is 10 per stateroom per cruise. I cannot see anywhere that a limit applies to that particular 'product'. Has anyone else had similar issues? I may need to ring the ever helpful folks at Customer Service.
  10. thankee to all for responses. I am not sure where Sapphire Princess will depart from so I shall plan to stock up the night before as we have accomm in Soton
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