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  1. Not Ruby Princess, but Jetstar and/or NSW Health seem to have dropped the ball on this one. I wonder if the commissioner will take notice. Passengers on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney last night disembarked without being screened by NSW Health officials, in a major breach of the state's coronavirus protocols. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-08/nsw-coronavirus-breach-as-passengers-from-melbourne-not-screened/12433286
  2. Indoor pools have far less airflow than the great outdoors. There is considerable concern about the aerosol spread of the virus, which has a greater potential indoors. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-06/aerosol-transmission-of-covid-19/12425852
  3. This will be a true indicator that the pandemic has moved along.
  4. Melbourne Gin Company Gin is my favourite. Although my daughter gave me a bottle of Saphire Blue she got coming through duty free. Very pleasant over the summer. Mr Gut was supposed to buy me some Tassie gin when he was down that way. Not a sausage.
  5. OH&S -- onions underneath. Taste better that way, too.
  6. Sunday afternoon in Melbourne was grey, glarey, drizzly, cold. Nasty light conditions. At least i am not in one of the areas that has gone back into lock down. No cruise ships, of course, so some little remote control things buzzing around
  7. Who is going to volunteer to take Lyle to a Bunnings sausage sizzle when he finally makes it to Oz?
  8. The first time I went to England ended up in the West Country. At the local pub, they made their own scrumpy. Said it wasn’t mature enough until there were at least 2 dead rats floating on top.
  9. Has Annastacia had any comment on Beryl’s decision to close the border? Anyway, our Coles is very short on fruit and veg, and milk. Positive test at the main distribution centre. Luckily I thought ahead and still have 4,357 rolls from earlier this year. 🤡😷
  10. Have you tried one of those thunderstorm anxiety coats for the dog? Seem to work for some with fireworks.
  11. The Grand Prix is always hailed as bringing financial benefits. Except there is no full disclosure of costs and benefits. Everything is commercial in confidence and/or exempt from freedom of information. One piece of information that slipped out is that attendance can be highly over-reported. It seemed everyone working onsite had to scan in and became part of the official crowd. some of the impacts relate to the closing of large areas of community sporting fields for 3 months for the set up and takedown. Plus repair of subsequent damage to the grounds. Noise remains a significant issue. Local schools close, impacts on business etc. On the map below, I live in Williamstown. The track runs around Albert Park Lake, shown on the right. Nothing but open water in between. I can assure you, the one day of practice this year was well and truly heard, and not appreciated.
  12. We chased that out of Melbourne in March Brought in a plague to get rid of it, we did.
  13. Twinkies are incredibly artificial. When I lived in the US, they would say Twinkies were “food” that could survive a nuclear war or the apocalypse. The centre is white gooey stuff. Not recognisable as a foodstuff.
  14. Another Australian delicacy has just turned 90. Freddo Frog.
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