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  1. How long were you planning to spend in Canberra? There are many interesting things in and around there. Old and new parliament houses, national gallery, war memorial complex, institute of sport (but has had savage $$ cuts). Tidbinbilla deep space station and Honeysuckle Creek are about 40k outside (watch The Dish).
  2. Beautiful Sunday morning here in Melbourne, Oz. Clear ski, no wind, about 22C. Went over for my morning stroll at Newport Lakes. Thought I should post some pictures of the place. It is a former rock quarry that has been converted into a nature space. On 3 sides is housing (orange flashes in the first image), fourth side is picnic and playgrounds. Lots of native species now in the park, including the eastern long neck turtle.
  3. From Eden you could get to Tidal River/Wilson’s Prom for an overnight. About 6 hours. Think about a stop at Mallacoota on the way. Not sure how th re-build is going since the fires.
  4. The govt has so far announced 2 shipments of Pfizer vaccine have been received. 140,000 and 120,000 doses. Today, the first Astra shipment arrived, but they have not said how many doses. The Australian made Astra should be available late March. UPDATE: 300,000 doses of Astra. Vaccinations have started in 1a category — quarantine, nursing home, health, etc. Estimated 1.4 million people in the category. Of the doses which have arrived, something like 50,000 are in storage for second injections. I seem to be in category 1b, with 14 million of my friends. The goo
  5. Please do. I was wondering about food options, which I recall you said was not strong because of space limitations. I ask because a number of times prawns have appeared, and I do not eat any shellfish (nor cucumber, spinach, or gizzards). How do they handle such things?
  6. Over my side of the bay, lots of birds. Also, 2 coasts as we are on a peninsula. Vast numbers of over fed seagulls. Plenty of pelicans, black swans, terns, cormorants and pacific gulls. Common for white faced heron and occasional sooty oystercatcher catchers. Have recently seen black shouldered kites, collared sparrowhawks, and Australian hobbies. Gannets are usually further offshore, but these were just buzzing around the beach.
  7. There was an inquiry. https://www.quarantineinquiry.vic.gov.au
  8. It looks sort of like Jones Beach (or one of many similar) on Long Island.
  9. Quite early on, Lyle had asked about the coast road in order to get some pretty views, and to visit some specific places. He had also talked about some sort of Ballarat to Great Ocean Road. I think that planning was Mel-Ballarat-GOR-Melb.
  10. Qantas has just announced that they have pushed back returning to international travel until 31 October. Also announced $1 billion loss. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-advice/flights/qantas-announces-international-travel-wont-resume-until-october-31-2021/news-story/22934ad891640fd2c25add84a89ab677
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