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  1. I guess if a ship sails out of Wollongong, it should have Aunty Jack as the godmother.
  2. Down for my morning walk. Sunny, but the wind is strong and cold. Lots of gannets around, but a bit far out for my lens. Anyway, here are 2, with a crested tern in the background.
  3. A couple of shots of long-billed corellas. About 6 of them were on the park by the beach, just chomping on whatever they could dig out of the dirt. I was about 1 metre from them and they did not seem to care. Wild birds.
  4. Here is another photo from yesterday. As far as i can work out, this creature has the very abstract name of a blue-billed duck. Who would have though up such a thing? Apparently endangered in my state of Victoria.
  5. After winning the premiership last year, a bit disappointing to go out early.
  6. Yes, spring officially starts here on 1 September. As with spring, yesterday was beautiful, warm, sunny, gentle breeze. Just woke up, rainy, windy, cooler. Spring is a lovely time of year, mostly.
  7. A couple of very different birds. Tiny little superb fairy wren (male). A quite a bit larger royal spoonbill having a grooming session and something really really little (without a macro lens). Probably not really a bird
  8. The holiday observance shows as 27th next year — 26th is a Sunday and we always have to have days off. Seems Norwegian seems slow.
  9. You could look at this type of machine My Passport Wireless Pro from WD external drive with so card slot. No need to connect through a computer.
  10. Some white cheeked honeyeaters.
  11. Now these things are a challenge to get in frame, not to worry about focus.
  12. The Eagles/Geelong game Friday is 7.50pm here. Around 3.50am your time Friday. Brisbane/GWS Saturday at 7.25pm Melbourne time, 3.25am yours.
  13. The scores in the game were close until half time, but GWS the demon acted the scoreboard as well as the play. I am, of course, supporting the West Coast Eagles. Easily removed Possum’s Essendon on Thursday night. NExt game against Geelong on Friday.
  14. The Kookaburra stove looks like the one my grandmother had. Nice.
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