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  1. We booked while gratuities were still included. Then sometime last October Celebrity announced that they were taking that away from the perks for Retreat/suite bookings. Since we booked before then for this sailing in December, our gratuities were still included on the sailing. As far as the restaurant wording, I think that's just an effort to generalize things to include both specialty restaurants and the venues that are included for everyone like the MDR and buffet. All restaurant cover charges and upcharge items were included for us. Our first server in Eden did say that the tasting menu wouldn't be included but the regular menu was. I'm not sure if she was saying that in reference to the cover charge or us being in the Villa. We had no interest in the tasting menu so I didn't question her further.
  2. Was just on Celebrity Beyond and when we were first considering upgrading (originally had an Aqua Sky Suite that does split into twins) we were told anything from the Royal Suite on up would not separate due to the design of nightstands built into the wall versus one you can pick up and move in between the twin beds.
  3. Not each night but I've read reports from past cruisers that said they had different menus the first half of the cruise versus the last half. Or it could change one week from the next if you have a longer cruise. In our case, the animation was based on seasons of the year and seasons of life so for each course you could either have the first option for each season that were the dishes matching the animations or you could choose from "The Other Menu" option on the back. For example, for the first course, you could choose the spring pea soup or the crispy lamb and asparagus salad. However, you could then decide you'd rather have the slow roasted duck breast from the other menu instead of the crab farfalle pasta for the second course. Basically an either or situation for each course, just depends on what dish is more to your liking. We ended up sticking with all the animation matching options simply because we liked the food options better.
  4. This was our menu on Beyond last month:
  5. We had some rough nights as well as days at sea. Heard that we left Ft. Lauderdale the day before several ships couldn't get out or in due to the weather. Hope you have smooth sailing the rest of the trip!
  6. 1) I don't think they can look down, at least not on to the plunge pool area as there is a covered awning over that corner of the balcony. 2) Not all of the EVs have the porch area outside of the top level. I also just learned that the porch concept stopped after Beyond so if you book Ascent, this may not even matter. Those that do have it completely visible from anyone walking by. I was personally a little surprised that there wasn't anything preventing someone else from hanging out on your porch like a key carded gate. As far as the balcony space, I'd say that yes all of the six EVs should have the same privacy on the sides and from above. 3) I expected to use the porch area a lot more than I did so booking one with a porch was a big part of our choice. I'd question whether your SO can handle moving around in the small porch area to get inside the top floor of the villa. If you need to be able to move a wheelchair, one without a porch would be better versus needing a cane or walker. I'd have to double check the deck plans but there was one villa as far in from the sun deck as you can go that had the porch sideways so the door to the cabin was a straight walk in from the railing opening. I'd also choose the one we had 15102 again because it was steps away from the doors off the elevator bank and steps from the Retreat Lounge doors. No long hallway to make your way down and Luminae was directly across the hall from our upper floor. You could easily step out from the upper level, go inside to Luminae, or go through Luminae's entrance to the elevator bank to get back to the lounge, the main level of your villa, or anywhere else.
  7. Here is what The Retreat Lounge offered at breakfast time - cold deli meats and cheeses, lox, fruit slices, yogurt parfait, assorted pastries, and warm cinnamon rolls.
  8. I totally agree that one should factor in everything. We originally had an Aqua Sky Suite booked before the change in butler assignments because we figured that was good enough for getting the suite perks and we had booked with a ton of OBC that we had planned to use on specialty dining etc. Then we stayed in an Aqua Sky Suite on Equinox in May and hated the bathtub/shower combo plus we noticed a definite difference in service compared to our last suite experience (RS) on Equinox. Granted that was back in 2017 so a lot of factors could be the issue. We booked the RS then because it was right after Celebrity had pulled the Equinox back to the Caribbean and canceled everyone's European sailings so they were offering some great prices to book the Caribbean sailings. Then it ended up being the Jazz Fest themed cruise that had us docked in New Orleans for three days straight so we had a unique itinerary and a nice cabin. We tried a move up bid for the Iconic Suite for this cruise and got rejected twice. The second higher bid was the max we were willing to bid and they finally told us we were rejected two nights before the cruise. We briefly considered bidding for the Penthouse Suite too but then thought the balcony would be better on the villa. I think for us while we still have the means, a Penthouse Suite would be our go to since it has two bedrooms and bathrooms. Would I sail in the Retreat on Beyond again? Absolutely if the right deal came along. We've tried a lot of new to us cabin types, cruise lines, and itineraries because the right deal came along.
  9. Our formal nights on this 11 day itinerary were night two and night nine, both sea days. For a 10 day cruise, I'd guess they'd be night two and night seven or eight. Usually they plan them for a sea day or a day when the port day ends earlier than the rest.
  10. The experience was pretty good. It was nice to be so close to all of the Retreat spaces. Lounge was good space wise except when they had an event. Service was superb in the lounge though. Pool and nearby lounge chairs were pretty full especially on sea days but the chairs on the lower sun deck were plentiful. Luminae was rarely ever crowded but we did routinely end up dining near the end of service.
  11. Thanks for following along everyone! Been super busy since we got home so I haven't had much time to work on the blog. I wrote up a photo walkthrough and review of the Edge Villa cabin to start off the trip report. Hopefully it helps anyone considering sailing in these cabins. www.dl819cruiser.com
  12. We ate in Le Voyage last week on Beyond while staying in an Edge Villa suite and this was the same answer told to us that evening by the waiter. We only wanted items on the regular menu so we didn't incur any charge during that meal.
  13. I had someone ask about how they handle food allergies and dietary restrictions. There are coded signs on the buffet signs and on dining menus that let you know what dish is ok to eat. Each waiter has also asked us at the start of each meal.
  14. Yes I love using the secret door to the lounge. We’ve used our patio a few times because it’s directly across from Luminae and easy access when we have been using the outside decks.
  15. Craft Social Bar - food costs extra even if you have unlimited specialty dining since it’s considered a bar and not a restaurant.
  16. This was in response to the past passenger who left behind their iPad on the previous cruise.
  17. Probably the steps. It gets taxing if you have any joint issues to constantly go up and down. Have had a couple moments in rough seas when I had to stop and give myself extra time because walking down while the ship is rocking makes you feel like you’re pitching forward. Second least would be the way the upstairs toilet is in its own little room. Not fluffy friendly and the door tends to swing and bang when the ship is rocking.
  18. I talked to Guest Relations Officer Ken and he said the same thing you probably heard yourself about going to chargerback website and creating an account to match with the product.
  19. I usually see someone ask in reviews what sweetener is onboard. I had nothing better to do while waiting for breakfast to arrive so enjoy my sweetener arranging skills.
  20. All of these prices listed are by the glass. Classic beverage package covers drinks up to $10 and Premium beverage package covers up to $17. If you order something over the package limit, you pay the difference plus 20% gratuity on that difference amount.
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