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  1. But 3-4x as many cases as when the country was in full panic and shutdown.
  2. Website says 6-13 nights for $100 $250 for 14+ nights
  3. single guests paying 200% of single supplement qualify. Question is- recently they had the deal where the single rate was at of slightly above the double occupancy rate. Will these cabins qualify?
  4. My RT non-stop Dec flight on Southwest from O'Hare to FLL is $98 RT, and cheaper yet bought on points. Hanging on to it, flying in a day early as usual.
  5. Ships sail where it is warm in winter so yes the slides are open. Speaking from experience.
  6. Well, you don't say what time you arrive in port but either way 11:05 is plenty of time. Relax.
  7. This is the answer but many cruises do not go there so many responses will be Cozumel, but Cozumel is very good. Either is great.
  8. There is a website that shows what ships are in port on certain days. Not sure if it is 100% with all the changes lately, buy CocoCay shows Oasis and Odyssey on the one day Allure could port there with the current schedule. One ship shows for Nassau on same day. Puerto Rico could be an option (stopping at St. Thomas the next day), but I think it would arrive in the afternoon there. Of course they could add a sea day and slow the ship down.
  9. Thank you for the valuable information there. I couldn't say if Allure would also go to Nassau. I would hope CocoCay or Puerto Rico or whatever. They might be trying to figure that out if ports are somewhat full right now during that time. I guess I could always move to a different cruise, but would be fine with just cruising period at this point. Have back to back Jewel in January-February and would expect an island or two to switch but don't really care- have 4x points coming from the promo (single cabin at double occupancy price) and will be D+ after that cruise. Just hope it goes off!
  10. The Feb 13 Oasis cruise on the RCL site shows DR but a third party shows Nassau which of course is correct. How odd but just an observation. Is is possible the port if still open but some stops are cancelled due to lack of capacity? I have not been there so I do not know the set up. In other words, are some ships still calling there at an old pier? I called Royal and they do not see any changes yet. So either they do not have a substitute yet, or they will call there on certain cruises.
  11. Wow, even worse than I thought. So Allure is definitely out in December. CoCoCay would be acceptable for me but not Nassau. Thanks
  12. Anyone seeing this- was posted on Celebrity board. Was about to book Allure Dec 11 to go to this port. Anyone get notice from Royal and specifically the Allure with a port change? Already had flights booked... (Southwest points so no worries)
  13. I agree, if they require it then it should be available. We have drive-up testing all over here which is great, convenient and fast! No appt. needed. I just hope it is still around in mid-January before my cruise. Concerned they might shut down for whatever reason. esp. considering it can get below zero F here that time of year.
  14. Well, seeing Royal sent an "explanation" I guess that answers the question but was surprised no one asked on here until now why they changed the itinerary. That is the main issue. It is a big change. But of course I agree they will not give a proper explanation. If the cruising experience was like the booking/corporate experience they would go under.
  15. Was going to ask the same, only took 14 posts for the obvious question. Edit: Sadly, see the new post and sorry they do not give a reason. Just booked a back to back and told the agent I expect some itinerary changes but with double points and single supplement on this ship not existing (the remaining one I found) I really don't care. Crazy times.
  16. At what point does RCL and the other cruise lines have so much debt because of this that they file BK? The current path will not work long term.
  17. Are there any cruises left with this deal? I saw a few with GTY rooms. I should have booked even though no one else I cruise with wanted to go. Low rate, quadruple points.
  18. Delta is spreading right through the vaccine. That is why it is required (mask/test). The science is there now. Just like the flu- get your shot every year because of a new variant. Cancelling is the way. Everyone should unless they live near port but Royal seems to be cancelling their own cruises anyway.
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